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All Poundland Deals, Discounts & Sales for June 2019

Complete Instant Barbeque - Only £1 little pound at Poundland
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Complete Instant Barbeque - Only £1 little pound at Pound Land
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Why stupid?


So do 99% of things in life.


Stupid comment (confused)


more than a pound, tho I got mine for 20p in December


Yes but these disposable BBQs create extra waste

Toy Story colouring and sticker books £1 Poundland
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th JunLocalLocal
As above huyton Liverpool
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79p for the colouring book in Home Bargains atm


thanks, my kids will enjoy these

Nivea Body Shaving Gel & Lotion £1 Poundland
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th JunLocalLocal
As above poundland huyton Liverpool
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This is definitely better than the face stuff for body grooming. It's thicker and stays on. Great price


It’s probably no different to face shaving gel and lotion, just repackaged. But it’s still s good deal as I rarely see Nivea shaving products in Poundland. Good find op


Is this ok on your nutsack? Asking for a friend (embarrassed)


body shaving?


I was going to post this as a Deal when I found it last week (Argyle Street, Glasgow), but thought I'd get "metrosexual" type comments, so didn't bother!

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Peter Davison, 'Is There Life Outside The Box? An Actor Despairs' Hardback, £1 In Store @ Argyle Street, Glasgow, Poundland
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th JunLocalLocal
As the foreword is written by David Tennant, and there's a Tardis on the cover (as well as the title hinting at some Dr Who connection), I'm guessing this will be of interest to so… Read more
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But, you're ignoring the fact that the entire thing is a rape allegory. It's built on female vulnerability. That's why the main character is female in the first place. The examples you're giving are certainly refreshing in female characters of the time, but they work because they're kicking against perceived "normality", (a predominately male crew in the case of Alien) Ripley playing against that is pretty much the only way you can go narratively. She certainly became iconic, but it served a purpose early on in the life of the series. She's kicking against preconception and it's that preconception that's the crux of the entire problem. perceived "strength" that comes from that is predominately superficial by nature. In fact, it could be argued that it's much heavier-handed in terms of equality than what we're seeing now. Sci-fi and fantasy does well with female characters because the worlds are so male-centric. the natural extrapolation of today's society is going to be that way for a long time to come I think. Even if it's just to lambaste patriarchal clumsiness. I tried Pandorum back when it came out, wasn't hugely keen on it from what I remember, but I'll give it another try.


I think you mean Tweaky! No i cant agree in the early Alien she took control when the men were failing to do the job. When the Alpha Male leader dies in the tunnels that is when she takes over! She is the only one who also had the intelligence to see not to let them bring a contaminated person into the ship. So no she was the strongest and most logical of all the crew right from the off! And of course she grew her character in further episodes! Her vulnerability hmmm i think you will find that Lambert was the vulnerable one and the one who "flapped" the most and that is not really what makes the film work it is the pure terror of a creature you cannot kill with acid for blood that could kill you if you attempted to kill it and that had intelligence rather than you average monster scifi movie up until which were just mindless killers then combined with the fact they had no real weapons to defend themselves in a dark and cramped environment - that is what makes even the video games as good as the movie - ask any gamer. If Ripley aint good enough for you then watch Pandorum and see Anje Traum at work - great much underrated scifi and shame the sequel is not being released! Or how about the girl in the new series CODE 37 : Sex Crimes there are lots of strong women on the teev! Still it is good to debate if you are a big scifi horror movie fan like me!


Ripley isn't a great example, particularly early on, her vulnerability is what makes the first film work. That perception for the viewer doesn't exist without a "because she's a woman" caveat. The triumphant subversion of that in the sequel, and the end of Alien, doesn't work without it. That isn't strength, it's tenacity... Beyond those two she was pitched as a "badass" for sure, but how well that worked is debatable. While I do know what Buck Rodgers is, I'm perhaps a little too young to really remember any of it outside of twinkie.


Very true every one the same drivel! Just watched Captain Marvel whatsherface the best bit in it was when Samuel J called the cat a Mother f***r in a PG movie as well lol At least we now know how Nick Fury lost his eye although not sure it was in the comic book? I have to agree no-one can match Linda Carter. But then you had Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers In The 25th Century and Princess Ardala. There were quite a few strong women back then so this nonsense about women not being powerful enough when you had probably the most powerful character in any scifi movie as a woman in Ripley just shows these third wave feminists have not got a clue! Then you have the brilliant Anje Traum another great Ripley character from Pandorum and my personal favourite or how about my fave fave Eva Habermann as LEXX I could go on and on...and i do dont i but yeah there are loads of great female characters to choose from so all this hullaballoo is just destroying tv and cinema - Have you seen the new Twilight zone - replaced Rod Serling witha black guy and filled it with the lgbt, blm brigade just like Discovery and its just as pony and trap!


I agree, fans don't like it when an origin story or aspects intrinsic to a character (something as basic as gender!) are messed around with. A female Doctor would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. Would I want Wonder Woman to become Wonder Man? I wouldn't like it (though, to muddy the waters, there was an, unconnected, Wonder Man character from Marvel). When I was growing up there were few powerful female fictional role models to look up to (yeah, there was Jaime Sommers/The Bionic Woman but Wonder Woman was much more exciting). Wonder Woman has morphed into a very different character to the one imagined by William Moulton Marston - which all started because of the Comics Code and adults' horror about it potentially corrupting our children back then.

Nestle Frosted Shreddies 500g - £1 at Poundland
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunLocalLocal
Poundland currently have various cereals for £1 - £2. I grabbed a box of Nestle Frosted Shreddies 500g for £1.

Depends on what stock gets sent to what store by head office. Manchester poundland's "yes went to a 5/6 to check" haven't had these in for ages. Last bought a year + ago as this is only cereal my hubby would eat! They had choco ones but hubby didn't like that


Always this price, always sold by Poundland.


yes (y) they dont always have them tho


Exceptional price, recently had the choc ones also


Permanent price?

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Milka and Oreo 4pack for 50p in Poundland
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunLocalLocal
Looks like a bargain, 50p for 4 bars
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I like it when there where doing the star bars, there where nice


I'm not bothered about the date. They were till £1 last week and ate two packs already.... (y)


same. i saw some Milka strawberry bar things in the Leigh store the other day which had that days date on it. didnt mind anyway as it would still be fine and cheap enough to try. was nice. very sweet though


It's chocolate. It won't last long anyway and even if it did it's just a best before date, which really should be ignored.


Very sweet but short dated in mine.

Jessie Pavelka The Programme £1 at Poundland
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
For a leaner, stronger, healthier you. Workout fitness book.

Bargain. I got this a couple of years ago in The Works. It's a low carb diet and workout regime. It will work if you stick to it, the difficulty is the giving up emotional eating and just eating healthy stuff. His series, Fat: the Fight of my Life (aka Obese: A Year to Save My Life iirc)is on one of the satellite channels at the moment. Some of the stories are very moving and inspirational as very, very heavy Brits go on a diet and lose crazy amounts like 10st in a year. Edit: His show is on weekdays 1.30pm on the Real Lives channel (Virgin 160). They are showing them all from episode 1 starting next Monday.

Flipping Good! Pancakes from around the world. Recipe book £1 @ Poundland
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
Pancakes from around the world from £6-13 online £1@ Poundland

Sadly my 3 nearest stores have an ever diminishing pile of books that are never replenished. I saw even today btw.

Tom's Daily Plan £1 @poundland
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Recipe and workout book. Even If you don't like him it's worth it for the recipes and workout section alone. Decent enough coffee table book too.

He's worked hard for his success, more than can be said for so many other 'celebrities'...





Shame there's no 'dislike vote'


You're a sad excuse for a man.

Poundland Warrington, Dolmio Sauce Pouches, 10p Each
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
They have a basket of these at the door and there was heaps. Didn't get a decent look, but I think they were chicken and mushroom They're short dated, but it's fine to eat cupboa… Read more
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pouches of cat food?


They were 25p yesterday so it might well be that they'll start handing them out for free too, over the weekend when it's busy. Half the stuff in my cupboard is massively reduced, short dated food and drink from the likes of Approved Food!


Wow. I meant to pay a visit to my local today but got sidetracked. This is a great price, dates mean nothing in reality. Just a way of getting big retailers to shift stock. Be fine for many months after the printed Best Before.

Poundland Warrington, Free Large Pink 2019 Calendar/Clipboard
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
Guy handing these out at the self checkout - looks to be Christmas stock they're dying to get rid of! Pretty cute and girly - has cardboard pages, a month per one. Clipboard is s… Read more
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@splender yep, that's the one! I still have a stash of their 25p stuff from the sales in Jan/Feb - Ebaying a few at a time and also still have a ton of candy canes from there!

The Real Shaving Company - £1 @ Poundland
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
Real shaving company shaving cream Amazon £5.99 Face Scrub £3.99 Instore Poundland Kingston Upon Thames.
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Here's a few RSC items from Argyle Street, Glasgow, tonight - so you can see what's out there.


Some like this brand, some don't - there's a few other Mens' grooming options for a similar price :) The Shave Doctor for 90p at Poundstretcher G'day Mate for 99p from Savers Oh, and there's also Menage (Copper PCA) products, which had a £14-22 RRP (depending on product), which I've seen in Watt Brothers (Scottish department store) for 99p but saw the Menage Hand Cream for 90p too in Poundstretcher, so there may be more out there.


I just happened to buy this yesterday without knowing it was expensive elsewhere. It is good but feels like slime on the skin - I did have the thought that there must be bad chemicals in it for that reason. Takes a bit more water to get it off the skin. Well worth a quid though.


Chock full of chemical nasties. (might explain why its cheap, shame it comes from creightons in Peterborough & they produce some nice hand soaps etc.


real men use the blood of a slain enemy

Celebrate Fathers day at Poundland - lots of gifts just 1 of your british pounds
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
cards, soft toys, rubber ducks, mugs, beer glasses, novelty pens, novelty soap, foam fingers, car signs, aprons, deodorant, nasty aftershave, razors, gardening stuff, all sorts of… Read more

If your dads only worth a gift for a £1 from Poundland best to just take him for a walk in your local park as a day out.


it was meant as a joke - title to be read in a Stavros voice but to please all I will change the title


Or Welsh and Northern Irish.....it should read British 🇬🇧 Pedantic? Yes, however irrespective of my being Welsh whenever anything’s relating to the country as a whole, I always refer to it as the UK.


Not accepted in London then


How many Scottish pounds?

Nestle Mint Whips 3 Pack by Nestle 50p @ Poundland
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Found by the till. Check your local stores also available in caramel.



No nut, no charecter,no way. :{


Would love to know why they ditched the walnut. Did some idiot choke on it or are they so expensive that 1/2 a walnut would make them posh choccy


Tiny and rubbish now cold


Walnut is the worst bit in the original ones

Mcvities Chocolate Hobnobs 431g Jumbo pack £1 @ Poundland
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd JunLocalLocal
The best biscuit for a brew. Dunk me again!

Good luck trying to eat less than half a pack in one sitting. I failed miserably and the remainder called me as I was heading to bed and I responded shamefully happily (annoyed)

Poundland Nottingham - Reversible Sequin Storage Box - £1
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd JunLocalLocal
In-store only. Pop up storage boxes with reversible sequins on the front. 20cm each in pink/rose gold or black/silver. I purchased these from Poundland Lower Parliament St Nottin… Read more
Poundland - Cadburys dairy milk new flavours - Simply The zest / the Raspberry Shortcake £1
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd JunLocalLocal
Not exactly a deal but but heads up in poundland new flavours £1
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Tried the orange zest. Initially, it was a bit confusing thanks to some crispy bits and nothing zesty; thought I got the Oreo version by mistake. Slightly zesty aftertaste, quite pleasant. But overall, don't bother.


new flavours or failed flavours that the big supermarkets rejected. how much more pretend chocolate do we need?


4x41g pack of Galaxy Smooth is better value for £1.


Should be 2 bars for £1 in Poundland. 110g and 122.5g just isn't great value imo.


Everything is becoming "factory" food. I wonder what else UK will concede to the US to be get a trade deal.

Heinz tomato ketchup 1.35kg £2 at Poundland
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd JunLocalLocal
Heinz tomato ketchup 1.35kg for £2 @ Poundland
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"Heinz tomato ketchup". AKA cheap silver cleaner. "Place your silver piece into the ketchup, making sure its totally submerged. Let the silver sit in the ketchup for 5-10 minutes. Remove silver piece from the bowl, rinse with warm water and buff dry with a rag., "Also cleans brass and stainless steel or add washing soda and cleans rust. Now do you still want to eat it? Yep I do :D !


That is always the price in Poundland, been seeing this for a year now !!!Cheers for Posting


Have voted hot, however this size bottle is regularly on sale for £2 at my local Asda all the time


Check the sell by date


This is in Poundland

Baby Dove My Baby's Story  Memory Gift Set £2 Instore @ Poundland
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd JunLocalLocal
There was loads left in the East Grinstead branch, they were originally £5 but now down to £2. A complete range of caring Baby Dove products presented in a thoughtful keepsake box… Read more
Bells Healthcare Allergy Relief 10mg Film coated 30 tablets cetirizine hydrochloride £1 @ Poundland
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Allergy Relief 10mg Film coated 30 tablets citirizine hydrochloride Similar product in boots ~6£.
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Thanks, just stopped all meds, saved me going back to my specialist .


I tried using these to save some money but they didn't work for me at all. Completely anecdotal, obviously, but just be careful.


[citation needed]


I'm sure these are something like 89p in Aldi.


I think defining it as “high risk” is a bit silly. I’m not convinced the respective authority agencies would approve any medicines which are “high risk” to be sold in a convenience store.

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