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Light up wine bottles £1 @ poundland
LocalLocalFound 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Thought these look nice when there lit up down the Xmas isle pound land st Johns Liverpool take 3 watch battery's inside the cork
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Got one in the Liscard store. I intend to put the lights inside an empty Bombay Sapphire Gin bottle instead. In fact, I think I'll get a few more as only £1 :) Good find, OP!


one in precint i couldnt find any but as you said the other one had loads :)


Glass corks are plastic


Are they made of glass or are they plastic like the lightbulb-shaped solar lights?


Will do the one in the precinct seems.to be the best one ;)

Digestive thins (milk choc cappucchino or dark choc) 50p at poundland
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Digestive thins (milk choc cappucchino or dark choc) 50p at poundland
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Caroline is fake news (lol) Just putting the deal straight 😬


(shock) (shock) do not make comments like that on Caroline post.she is the queen of pound land.that is blasphemy (annoyed)


Not milk chocolate it’s Dark and Cappuccino only at 50p


thanks caroline <3

97g Maltesers buttons pouch £1 at poundland & B&M
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
97g Malteasers buttons pouch £1 at poundland & B&M currently £1.50 in tesco & £1.82 in morrisons
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These are really delicious and worth £1, I’d happily even pay the £1.50 as they really are far superior to most other chocolates imo.


These any good? Been put off by the tiny portions!


Already did and it didn't last 10 minutes so never again


£1 at Asda but I wouldn’t pay that for a pouch weighing 93g, it’s robbery

Ardell lashes poundland instore - £1
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Several types of ardell lashes at poundland. Normally much more, includes the adhesive
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Heat Op!!!


True I guess as I use mascara but my eyelashes are sort of sparse and are really straight. I use an eyelash curler but it does not last. I have tried waterproof mascara too but I hate trying to remove it. I think I might get eyelash extensions tbh.


That's why I use these cluster ones. Can't put strip ones on to save my life ha


Ikr! I have watched soooo many YouTube tutorials and I can never get the hang of it. I can do pretty much everything else when it comes to makeup but I fail when it comes to applying eyelashes. :(


Same as me. I’ve got two boxes in my drawers right now that I regret buying. I don’t know how other people put them on so easily. I blame the shape of my eyes!

Batiste root consealers (light brown, medium brown, dark brown, light blonde & blonde) £1 each at poundland
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Batiste root consealers (light brown, medium brown, dark brown, light blonde & blonde) £1 each at poundland currently on £7.99 each at boots & 3 for 2
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None in my nearest store ☹


For generations women have regularly been judged and told they aren't quite up to scratch by society when they didn't have the time or extortionate amount of money it costs to go get their hair coloured, their eyebrows perfected, their body hair removed, their nails buffed, their clothes updated etc etc. All you have to do is look at most men's beauty regime's compared with what women are expected to do to look "acceptable", and anybody can see that it's pretty unjust! Also, yes, please do not get started on your disdain for girls with fat bottoms, it's not really necessary. I don't think the problem is that girls don't spend time looking in the mirror, I think it's more the fact that no matter whether somebody spends 2 seconds or 2 hours trying to make themselves look or feel better with cosmetics/products, somebody will generally always have something negative to say about it which is really sad. This is especially true for women. Either the look they have chosen isn't "right" or doesn't look good, they spend "too much" time or money so they are vain, they spend "too little" time so they are lazy.. it's endless. If everybody was more thoughtful of others before making rude or unnecessary comments, the world would be a much more pleasant place (y)


For generations we have had women masquerading as blondes with either black, brunette or even ginger roots. Latest fashion seems to be massive slug looking eyebrows which look totally ridiculous, don't girls look in the mirror before they go out these days? Don't get me started on fat bottomed girls either....


At this price ladies, you’ve no excuse to neglect yourselves. :{


It amazes me why people still go to Boots to get robbed, you can buy these products much cheaper in Semi-Chem or Savers, even e-bay are cheaper, but not as cheap s this deal. Heat Added (y)

100g Bournville dark choc orange £1 at poundland
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Bournville dark choc orange £1 at poundland
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bournville dark chocolate is my favourite chocolate. I also love orange chocolate so this makes my mouth water.


Oh woow only 36%..hmm that's bad from such a big company ...I buy some dark Chicolate when I go home bargains...100g for ,80p I think it's something like 75%


I guess it's like moving from lager to craft beer. Takes time to adjust to the flavours! But yeah. Just tried it. It's amazing and actually it says it only contains 36% cocoa. I expected it to be higher.


What might happen if you don't?


Wooow really? I mean now...if I eat chocolate...it has to be dark chocolate...it's amazing

PEP&CO Poundland Women's Jersey Shorts £2
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Women's Jersey Shorts scanning at £2 at tills. Bought some in Waterlooville store marked down reduced to £2. Bought some the next day in Leigh Park and Havant stores marked at £… Read more
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My local will sell out of Size 22 very fast


Voted hot. I love their prices .

They’re back......Fry’s orange creams 3 for £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 9th SepFound 9th Sep
The best fry’s creams are back, orange <3 3 for £1 @ Poundland
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I legitimately lost all hope when they discontinued these. I was actually searching old sweet shop sites that look abandoned for a pack of 3 for £20 to get to checkout and then be told they are out of stock.


Those white chocolate Malteser-alikes look interesting as well: http://www.poundland.co.uk/food-and-drink/chocolate/boxed-chocolate/white-chocolate-malt-balls-130g


Quality Street originally contained a Gooseberry Cream.


When did expressing an opinion suddenly mean you are a troll? Far too easily banded about expression.


Classic, love 'em.

Selection of Blu Ray Films Inc 3D Titles Just £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Lots of good Blu Rays films in Poundland for just £1 Including special editions that come with digital downloads as well as good 3D documentaries. You cannot even rent films at t… Read more

It is store specific that said every store i have been in too (all south west areas) have them. If your passing worth a look


Are any of these blu rays in and around London? my local Poundland only has stale looking dry roasted peanuts.


A few more titles spotted today.


Plenty of material isn’t available on any medium except for DVD especially older TV shows which aren’t even on streaming sites. Considering that Tesco etc give shelf space to optical media it’s safe to say that people still buy them. There must have been ten of millions of optical disk players at one point and those don’t disappear overnight because streaming has taken off. People in the countryside for example don’t have the bandwidth to stream HD video anyway. And some people prefer the quality of Blu-ray due to higher bit rates, better audio formats and the extras. I don’t own a TV tuner so watch mainly streaming TV but there is stuff that is not available online so I still buy the odd disc.


You obviously havent tried 4K discs then...

Santa please stop here door mat - £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Just picked up this lovely out mat for outside the front door. Cant grumble for £1. Found in my local Poundland - prestatyn
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Do these work? He stopped coming to our a few years back. :/


Put one either end of your street and no one will get any presents (devil) (devil) (devil)


"Cant grumble for a pound" Yes you can and if you don't some one on this site certainly will.


Lol far to early for Christmas stuff.


Nooooooo, no Christmas stuff yet. :S

Giant gummy spider & snake Poundland - £1
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Just seen in my local and thought they where a bargain at £1 some if the other large gummy sweets are really expensive

Yes they where 150g


I was picturing those giant ones you see on iwoot ... Which is absurd I know. Will have a look instore tho. Thanks


I guess it depends what you are comparing them too. I’ve seen them in store and think they are good value for £1 I think they are about 150g


They don't look "giant"

Closing down sale 50% off everything at intu potteries poundland
Refreshed 12th SepRefreshed 12th SepLocalLocal
Noticed that they are closing the indoor poundland in hanley intu potteries so they have a 50% sale on everything in store
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It's closing on 22nd September. I went in this afternoon ad bought 6 items which cost £2 for all of them. Not sure why, but they seem to have reduced everything even further.


I don't think it's closing due to the prices something to do with the lease agreement,.is it still open I went in last Saturday and it was almost empty just had a bit of junk left that's all or the items which are not for a pound like them shopping trolley things at £5 still not worth it


Shame, I've often found stuff in the little Poundland, which was sold out or unavailable in the big one. Having said this, it comes as no surprise, because it's so close to the big one. I'm guessing the lease on the small one expired and Poundland saw no financial sense in renewing it.



The deal for the little Poundland in the Potteries has already been posted.

Man down, rampart, hummingbird blu ray £1 each
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Man down, rampart, hummingbird blu ray £1 each @Poundland Also seen instore the tourist, spiderman
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Zombieland is the stand out movie there for me


Saw this lot in Deal’s Poundland yesterday, granted theres some are turkeys but also some good ones too. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Annie(remake), Jack and Jill, RIPD3D, Mortdecai, Step Up 2 The Streets, Kick-Ass 1&amp;2, Sharknado 2 Extended Cut, The Ides Of March, Pixels, Twilight New Moon, St Vincent, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Attack The Block, Belle, Bye Bye Man, The Space Between Us, Dumb and Dumber To, August: Osage Country, The Smurfs 2, Damages The Complete First Season, The Unborn, Zombieland, The Interceptor, Tower Heist, Hotel Transylvania 2, Runner Runner, The Hunger Games, North V South, Despicable Me 2, Far From The Madding Crowd, Larry Crowne, Rupture, Mc Busted’s Most Excellent Adventure.


Seriously? I usually get around to watching them within a few months, if not weeks. Then again I watch films regularly, don't do much TV other than that, which might be the main reason. Granted though, the odd one can still be in its cellophane two years later.


Man Down is a decent movie


What branch. As these are normally branch specific

BIC Intensity fineliners for £1 at Poundland
LocalLocalFound 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Seen these at higher prices elsewhere but I think they are the cheapest at £1 in Poundland. Found in Coventry city centre

Same price in Wilko. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/bic-intensity-felt-pen-4pk/p/0452613


Great price. Bought these earlier today in Stratford &#x1F603;

Multipack of x10 fun size fudge (dated 07 october 18) only 50p at poundland
LocalLocalFound 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Multipack of x10 fun size fudge (dated 07 october 18) only 50p at poundland + (only x2 syns each on slimming world)
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(shock) someones already packed it.....


I'm not sure if I'm ready for the answer to this question, but here we go: Why is it 'fun size' :/ :o (cheeky)

The Bourne Supremacy Blu Ray £1 (surprisingly) @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Spotted this at Bristol Galleries Poundland. Marked up as 'replay' but a) looked brand new and sealed, b) was with lots of other Blu Rays with the same label which I know to be new… Read more
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It's MusicMagpie that supply £land.


I once saw a blu Ray that still had a sticker on the front that said blockbuster ex rental £1.00 ,as it was unsealed I had a look inside and found a leaflet that said thank you for buying from magpie! So it's gone from blockbuster to magpie to poundland ! So how many times has it been viewed?


I've had a dozen or so Replay ones I have binned as they were minging. But I have bought several hundred from Poundland that have been fine :)


It’s hit and miss. Some are labelled replay and are brand new with the original seal and uv code inside. Only one I got that was in a dreadful condition was Due Date. Some replay stickers are under the cellophane - they are still in mint condition (y) probably watched once.


I've never had a problem with the 'used' dvds/Blu-ray in £land. I suspect those labels are just for show because due to some licensing restrictions they are not supposed to sell new dvds.

Fairy Original All in One dishwasher tablets £7 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Fairy dishwasher tablets. Simple as that really.
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Trying to avoid ones that come in a plastic wrap - the Aldi ones do don't they?


Thats dependent on the dishwasher.


Sorry admin/mods, turns out Poundland didnt update their shelf edging. Its actually 7 quid. Damned annoying and very illegal.


Aldi ones are much better and cheaper. Try them if you havent already


For some reason I didnt put that its at Poundland!!!

Complete school uniform for less than £10 @ poundland PEP&CO stores
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
After discussing the topic of parents claiming they couldn't afford to buy school uniform for their children I spotted this article. https://metro.co.uk/2018/07/31/poundland-lau… Read more
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You do know people, and locations change. Yes you plan to afford a child but on the other hand. You telling me you have a crystal ball and predict everything? As yes I have 3 kids, yes uniform is expensive. Yet I didn’t know when the first one was born, I would move house. Also the schools rules can change on uniform within a year and I have seen this. There is no excel sheet and manual on being a parent. You can do your best. The way you describe children is like they are just an expenditure. The post and rant I think is correct. Just think your all high and mighty comments are a bit off. Some people fall on hard times. Not because they did not budget. Just they received a tougher time. Then there is the plebs.


Hundreds of £'s wow that is expensive... To kit our child out in high school uniform from what I'm told by our sister in law who's kids are currently in high school. Would cost us max £200. Which considering when I was last in high-school 25 years ago the cost was approx £120 I'd say the cost nowadays is reasonable. We went into parenthoid with our eyes wide open about costs and future costs and about how our lives would change and we except that.


To be fair when you have a child you don’t imagine having to pay hundreds of pounds for school uniform each year. You presume you’ll be able to pick it up for a reasonable price because you have no experience of it.


This is a good deal for parents who need it with primary school aged children, which is who the deal is aimed towards, I believe, as I think they only go up to age 12. Most of the above comments relate to secondary school, and they make me dread my daughter aging! :o


Disagree, think it's a good deal, depending on the durability. School uniforms don't generally need the logo, some do, some don't; my son's doesn't as with many others hence why the shops do this.

Slippers/ flip flops for 50p @ poundland
LocalLocalFound 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Great for the price, I bought 2 :)

Use to walk in the garden which is paved


you grow flip flops? in the garden!!


Good price, need couple for the garden.


Cheap. I thought I've got a cheap pair from Decathlon, £1.60 but this beats the price. Needed these for 1 holiday only to have them by the pool. Did the job, still in good condition but uncomfortable, so I will suggest spend a bit more if you want them for longer use or walking longer distances. Voted hot!


Thanks..I shall buy and keep them in the loft until next summer because I live in Scotland he ha he

Nescafe Gold Blend Instant Coffee 100g ONLY £2 well dated to  Nov 2019 (£3.85 in most supermarkets) @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Freeze-dried soluble coffee with finely ground roasted coffee. Found these today in Poundland well dated to Nov 2019 Features: Discover a premium coffee experience with N… Read more
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Atleast this is pure coffee, not the chemical flavour enhancers , thickeners , cancer causing emulsifiers and preservatives plus sugar instead of coffee, Nestle normally sells as coffee these days in flashy packets in every pound shop. Those who buy those Nestle ready mix sachets have no clue they are buying chemical slow poison not coffee.


Super deal! Thanks for sharing.


If you have a poundstretcher near you, then they always seem to have a good range of nice instant coffee, at the moment there selling kenco 200 gram jars in either rich or smooth for £3.79 a jar.


Which instant coffee is the best? Quite like azera but it is pricey


After watching so many episodes of Fake Britain, I find myself wondering about this at that price.

Belt Buddie For car seatbelts prams bags etc Dolphin Giraffe Monkey & many others ONLY £1 (over £7 on Amazon) @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Quality soft, cute and cuddly lemur soft toy by Dowman Soft Touch, measuring 22cm. With Velcro strap to attach to car seat belts, push chairs, high chairs, school bags etc. Include… Read more
Fairy 433ml £1 Poundland
LocalLocalFound 2nd SepFound 2nd Sep
In store
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Tesco usually has bigger ones same non ionic % 2for £2 but I added heat as it's still good value

WD40 100ml @Poundland - £1
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
100ml spray with straw at Poundland. WD-40 100ml Aerosol WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture and lubricates just a… Read more
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I think personally this is a better deal https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/wd-40-smartstraw-multi-use-product-300ml-132643083-p


Cheaper alternative to KY jelly and brilliant brake disc cleaner.


For the real man.


Been in Poundland donkey's years ago - I know because I have a WD40 can bought from there, under my sink and a bit ancient :p


This was £1 before Jesus got nailed too a cross. :{

Large glass Wish jar £1 at poundland
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Wish jar £1 at poundland reduced from £2
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Whatever did we do with our fantastic memories before wish jars came out (annoyed)


Life's biggest and most important moments in a jar? Right, ok.


Is there a genie in it?


Wish Jars make for fantastic keepsakes and time capsules of some of life’s biggest and most important moments, giving you memories and thoughts to look back on for years to come and to share with friends and family alike. There is no better memento for a wedding day, a christening or a big birthday celebration – let your guests capture their thoughts and well wishes for you to create memories that will last the test of time.

Michelin Auto Expert Cleaning Waterless Wash & Wax, 1 Litre, £5 in Union Street, Glasgow Poundland
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Not sure if this is a good price for this, but worth knowing about if it's what you're looking for. Union Street, Glasgow :)
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Ok for use on a older car But for anything else spend a bit extra and go for autoglym or meguiars.


Best one in my opinion and experience was the one that ideal world used to sell...Showroom shine ..results are great and easy to use...Williams one doesn't seem to be as good and almost feels like a watered down version of showroom shine ...heat added for this deal


They have had this in Borehamwood and St Albans for a month or so. I dont think people realize what it is or what its used for. They are always pushing this on the shopping Channel Ideal World but there its branded Williams Waterless Wash. Who washes their cars themselves anyway these days?


Forgot that I bought more bits from Trongate, Glasgow: House Of Holland Mental Monsters 24 Nails &amp; Glue, £1 L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl 102 Pure Espresso (was also a Grey colour available) £1 Maybelline Color Show Intense Velvet Lip Crayon 130 Love My Pink, £1 Lychee &amp; White Willow Fragranced Micellar Water Bath &amp; Shower, 500ml, £1 (says Mirabelle Ltd on the back) Receipt:

Poundland Bodyguard CD at 50p instore
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
For the ppl that still use cd's sometimes and like this movie. Found this CD today at poundland Cambridge at £1 when I went to till was 50p. :)

Ah, ok!


But, who's Hugh? ;)


What's Whitney Houston's favourite type of coordination? HAAAAAND EEEEEEYE (Heat for the price :D )


CD with all the songs of the bodyguard


Cd?? I think you must mean DVD, young man. :/ (lol)

Light up message board instore a Poundland for £2
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Found this in Poundland Newcastle today the light up message boards reduced from £5 to just £2
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Because they make fun alternative birthday and get well soon cards. As to the cupboard filling, as I use them as gifts, not permanent personal acquisitions, the cupboards filled are not mine. Et voila! :D




Heat just for the 3 pack of drifters


Drifter. Good choice of chocolate


Can someone answer a simple question about these things please: Why? PS I already have plenty of tat filling my cupboards, garage and shed so the only purpose I can think of has already been fulfilled.

White Chocolate Malt Balls (White Maltesers dupe) £1 at Poundland
LocalLocalFound 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Who remembers White Maltesers? They're long gone, BUT Poundland now have 'White Chocolate Malt Balls' - little balls of malt coated in yummy white chocolate. I bought some instor… Read more
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Really .... the shop u bought them from, must be selling 10 years out of date stuff. Be careful mate


You saw white chocolate malteasers this decade? Where?!? Why didn't you light the beacon?


Agree, found them to be very gritty :p


I checked Yes they used to sell White Chocolate Maltesers but some reason stopped selling them, guess they just want one flavour "milk chocolate" very unique.. (annoyed)


Malt balls lol.....didn't they do white maltesers for a while?...in selection boxes or something or did I imagine them lol

Sanctuary Spa £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 30th AugFound 30th Aug
would be great to put in a gift hamper
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Saw them in Birmingham (Corporation Street) yesterday. Small though.


I saw these in the Maidstone store today, so they definitely have them!


They do sell it, I got one at my local Store yesterday. Like all things in the Poundland, not all stores have them!


I went in this morning and they said “haven’t ever had any of those. You can only get that from boots. Have you seen it on our web site.” I said no. Well if it’s not there, we don’t sell it. Where did you see it and do you have a receipt maybe? The reason I ask is my mrs loves it, I told her, didn’t get any, now she’s got my balls in a jar next to the bed!!


Something from Poundland that's actually a quid lol bargain

UniBond Anti-Mould Re-New Sealant £2 - Poundland Grenwich peninsula
LocalLocalFound 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Unibond anti mould resealant. Goes on top of the your old sealant. £5 in asda and £5.99 b&m Wonder if I should bother as other deals I see get deleted.
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thanks op only need a very small amount so at this price great for me! Keep posting as it is appreciated by us bargain hunters!


Dow Corning is the one to get if you want quality.


I'm pointing out the price not the quality. But then if it is crappy at £8 still crappy at £2


Voted hot


Some really crappy reviews

Poundland - Scented Potpourri 50p
LocalLocalFound 29th AugFound 29th Aug
Poundland have these on offer for 50p for 120g if I remember correctly. Quite a few different scents - nice to have around the house!

Pencil shavings sprayed with Brut.


On account of me being in prison for murder


How come you didn't win joke of the year... You're really good at one-liners.


My favourite is cod liver oil, I like the smell of being on a fishing boat out to sea in summer...


I prefer unscented...

M&M Peanut & Hazelnut mix 'Sackette' (pouch) - 300g for £1 @ Poundland - LIMITED EDITION
Found 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Picked a couple up today. This was on the shelf next to the crunchy caramel, 109g @ £1. So I thought this was much better value.

Thanks OP! Been checking back weekly for the last few months hoping they would get these back in. The hazelnut is my favourite M&amp;M's.. closely followed by the almond.


I can live with that.... (lol) Love the title Change haba


Yes, that's the expiry date on mine too... but to be honest, it's chocolate wrapped around a candy shell - I think all that sugar would have preserved it for a long time? I still eat chocolate that I have from early 2017!


Note, this is short dated stock (23/09/18). Just the excuse I need to wolf them down!


Just been to another branch and they were also at the end of the aisle advertising at £1 each. I was sooooooo tempted to buy another couple sackettes, but there were only 3 left and I thought I should leave them for others (my excuse for cutting down on sweets).

Heinz 3 pack sauces 225g-250g only £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Picked these up today, great buy all dated Apr/Jul 2019, Three pack World Cup edition from Germany I think? comes with a free poster but redundant now the World Cup is finished, as… Read more

nice find


Barcode was on the back of pack and scanned as 3 pack sauces on self scan screen (sorry didn't take receipt!) curry mango is OK tastes a bit like McDonald's sweet curry sauce(highfive)


It do! Perhaps it's the weakest of the lot.


Could be the case that they was supposed to split the pack to sell individual, i fell lucky on creme eggs, they had the 4 packs and was supposed to be selling them loose after splitting the pack at 3 for £1 instead they sold the 4 packs at 3 for £1 so 12 eggs in total for a quid, just happened to be in the store as they was putting them out.


Chilli, BBQ ok but "Curry Mango" sounds a bit odd.

Knowing me knowing you (yule) Dvd £1 Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Knowing me knowing you and yule £1 Poundland Crayford
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Do you want some?(mad)


"No you c*nt." (as spoken in South African accent to Piet Morant from Dante's of Reading at Apache Communications)




Deres more to poundland dan diss


What's da big oydea?

Notice Board with clips - £2 from Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
I bought this in Poundland today to put above my daughters desk. It's a nice notice board, good size with a little cork board area, pegs for photos or notes and two clips at the s… Read more

The quality is really not bad at all :)


I disagree. For the price , I really can't complain.


Oo these will do for a babyshower im organising sure they'll last 2hrs :) :)


I saw it today for £1. In real life it looks really bad quality. Like it’s about to fall apart.


You're welcome! Looks really good for the price! :)

Shopkins Blind tub - 2 shopkins inside. £1 at Poundland - Stocking filler!
LocalLocalFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Spotted these for £1 in Poundland. Great little stocking filler! Shopkins Series 6 Chef Club blind tub. £1 For 2 shopkins. Age 5+ In-store only.

My mistake! (lol)



Surely you mean 'visually impaired' tub?


stockings should only be filled with feet this time of year! or a head if you are a thug


They just work well plus you can get high on the fumes whilst writing lol


What us it about these Sharpies? What makes them any better or sought after than other marker pens?


picked one up in WHSmith for 50p on Saturday but still a good deal(angel)


I just bought 12 for £6 from a deal posted on HUKD recently.


Asda also doing two pack for £1.50. Sorry... cold

Lego dimensions fantastic beasts fun pack Poundland £5
LocalLocalFound 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Lego dimensions fantastic beasts fun pack Poundland £5
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Only have the wizard of oz pack at the Ealing store (we bought is as the kids had just seen Wicked)


Royal quays North Shields 15 or so on the shelf


Benny, Bad Cop and Hermione available in York Monks Cross store (previously had Wonder Woman and Back to the future also)


I went into Sainsburys yesterday as they been selling them for a fiver for the last few months, and was none left. Staff said they was contacted to send them all back to supplier :( . So Places like this may start getting more variety in the packs they sell


I've seen a few different ones in the 2 shops near me, Bart simpson Wonder woman Benny Fantastic beasts Someone else posted a ninjago Zane fun pack last week, the stores must just get random stock.

Seven Seas CardioMAX Heart Support, High Strength Omega-3, 30 One-A-Day Capsules, £1 In Store @ Poundland
Refreshed 3rd SepRefreshed 3rd SepLocalLocal
I know there's a few Seven Seas items on HUKD currently from Poundland, but can't see these listed. Didn't buy a pack, though! This was in the Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow store ab… Read more
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Yep, it does! The same goes for products like probiotics, they've often lost a massive percentage of their potency before it even changes hands to the consumer. I bring it up because budget retailers like pound shops or B&amp;M and Home Bargains usually acquire their stock long after manufacture because it's been leftover stock from other distributors or retailers, and other means to that effect of being second hand, plus the storage conditions these products are subject to along the line is usually sub-par to say the least.


I am no expert in fish oil (I try to take Flaxseed Oil as some fish oils bring me out in a rash) but by your logic, that would apply to all retailers, not just Poundland?


Fish oil has a tendency to go rancid long before it's "best before" date!


Didn't buy these, but the Multibionta 50+ (60 Tablets) I bought say BBE February 2019.


I'm willing to bet that if fish oil tablets have made their way to Poundland, they've probably already gone rancid by the sheer amount of time since manufacture and storage conditions. I'd be surprised if there's any active ingredients left at all.

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