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Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk 397g - £1 @ Poundland
Found 10th Nov 2008Found 10th Nov 2008
Been to poundland today and seen these cans for £1 each. Usually they sell for 1.20+ at tescos etc. They also have choc flavour ones at the same price. There could be caramel varie… Read more

Yes!!! it worked caramel came out better then the one they sell ready made for £1.99.


Banoffee pie is lush!! Making my mouth water just thinking about it! :p


Yep. love it. mmm.. Caramel shortcake with choc sprinkles.:thumbsup:


Be careful though, if you leave it can explode as well. might be worth buying caramel one instead and save on gas bill too :)


Simmer the can unopend for about two hours.

Cold Sore Cream (similar to Zovirax) £1 @ PoundLand
Found 9th Nov 2008Found 9th Nov 2008
Instore Only (No Picture - sorry) - Contains aciclovir which is the same as Zovirax as per this link http://www.patient.co.uk/showdoc/30003238/s - tho much cheaper

Been fighting with cold sores for years now, none of the creams, Tlc, toothpaste, whatever else treatment worked for me. However, the Compeed 'stickers' are brilliant, my one penny is on them! :thumbsup:


Maybe Fujioka is a "Christian Scientist"? S/he seems to be getting mixed up with vaccinations, which are indeed derived from the disease you are trying to stop, in order to stimulate the immune system to generate antibodies for the disease, which will cause the disease to be attacked as soon as an infection starts. As far as I know, this stuff doesn't work in the same way at all.


I love the way some people make idle statements like they are fact - you obviously dont know what your talking about.:whistling:


Not really. You're rubbing in a chemical that interferes with the virus' replication enzyme. That way it doesn't spread as much and it's easier for your immune system to destroy. Probably why acyclovir is apparently only really useful at the start of an outbreak.


do tell! i'm all ears. i always get breakouts at the most inopportune times and would greatly appreciate a better cure that this!

Flight 93 - £1 @ Poundland
Found 8th Nov 2008Found 8th Nov 2008
Next best is £2.96 at uWish. NOT to be confused with Paul Greengrass' "United 93". By the time United Flight 93 leaves Newark Airport, three planes have already been hijacked and … Read more
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Anyone flown on Flight 50/50 departing from Gate 13.....:whistling:


I'm aware. Also - I probably didn't like it because it's a film about disgraceful sc*mmy terrorists, and just the fact it was slow, pointless and makes me annoyed that terrorists aren't caught and hanged, drawn and quartered.


Oh yeh, sorry, I just noticed it's actually "FLIGHT 93" just saw "93" and a plane on the DVD cover and put 2 + 2 together to get 7 :P Never seen this, will prob be worse than United 93.


United 93 was quite good, you really felt for those passengers. The Nic cage "World Trade Center" DVD is defo one to avoid though...


united 93 was better, but for a quid, its not bad to try out.

XXX (Xtreme Edition) 2002 DVD with Vin Diesel - £1 @ Poundland
Found 7th Nov 2008Found 7th Nov 2008
In Colchester store on a mian diskplay, looked a bargain so brought one would make Excellent stocking fillers and a bargain at a quid, also has the Xtreme Edition sleave (woo Hoo)… Read more
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I should know, of course, I used to work there. ;)


:santa:great deal thanks:):santa:


Thanks - never seen this site before. Very interesting!


Check out [url]www.dvdcompare.net[/url] for info :thumbsup:


cant go wrong for a nug

Driving Test Success : Theory & Hazard Perception (PC / CD) - just £1 @ Poundland !
Found 6th Nov 2008Found 6th Nov 2008
Posted this a while ago and this is still around @ Poundland. They now also have a separate disc for Hazard Perception test. All-in-one pack to prepare you for both parts of the … Read more

Gonna buy this for my dear hubby! He's had a licence for over 12 years - but I can still drive better than him! Can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when he opens this!


Thanks! Hopefully I m not the worst driver on the road :) The CD was really helpful, especially the one with the professional version. I also had the perception mock test which tells me what the DVLA were expecting in the test! Ray


i just passed my driving test a few weeks ago and used this and I think its great, I got 50/50 on my theory which I never would had got without using this and for £1 that's excellent value I paid £7 for mine.


I didn't use a dsk to pass mine, i just used 2pass.co.uk - sorted.


Congrats on passing eSimple. I Just passed my theory on Tuesday, the newer Sept 2008 disk I used helped alot, especially the hazard perception videos, I had a book that helped more with the questions. This DVD is quite old by the looks of it, the cover is red, the one I have is Black and the one before that was blue, so I'd imagine its 2006's, which means it's of some use but not upto scratch for anyone serious about learning for the current test.

Help I'm A Fish (DVD)  / Transformers : The Movie (DVD) - £1 each @ Poundland !
Found 6th Nov 2008Found 6th Nov 2008
Spotted at Poundland in Barking. Ideal stocking fillers.. Tesco also have (had) Transformers : The Movie for £1 in-store, if thats an option for anyone. Help I'm A Fish (DVD) :- … Read more

help Im a fish is a classic. any child 3-7 would enjoy...and for a £1 bargin...even if its a stocking filler for a rainy non productive day.


That is the problem when a deal is posted using last year's movie picture and description.


excellent film!!! nemoy, wells and the gang! not forgetting grimlock and the dino bots! unforgetable kids film in my view! sound track will kick your ****! with the Stan Bush greats like "touch" and "dare"


why not? when it has a title like "Transformers : The Movie" ?! :roll: The OP may wish to add "animated" to the title..... :whistling:


Looks like the transformers one is the horrible budget version - yuck. If you like the film then for your own sake buy the Reconstructed or 20th anniversary versions. You'll thank me :) Good prices. Warm from me.

Franz Ferdinand album and Embrace album only £1! @ Poundland
Found 1st Nov 2008Found 1st Nov 2008
Just got the second Franz Ferdinand album and out of nothing album by Embrace for only a £1 in poundland!! They didnt have many others worth buying but cant go wrong for a £1! sor… Read more
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This is Embrace. Wooly Jumper Rock. Having a taste in music is irrelevant. My Dad would probably like them.


thank you:)


The Embrace album is class and cheapest elsewhere for the bonus tracked album is 10.99.


I hate poundland. Good deal if you like those bands..... personally I went off of Embrace after their first album back in 90's. Franz Fredinand have never really lived up to their initial potential. My personal opinion of course!


I bought them both from Redditch Poundland yesterday also. I have voted it hot!!

Compeed Cold Sore Patch - £1 at Poundland
Found 1st Nov 2008Found 1st Nov 2008
I bought 12 this week they have the text in S, N and DK languages but with English stickers on top they are around £5-£6 at Boots etc

These things are only supposed to be effective when applied during the tingling stage.


I got a couple of these in chatham poundland today as my son has a coldsore that we have tried everything on so got to be worth a go.


Well that's a bit an extreme case I suppose! I got cold sores after lending a mate my lipsalve years ago :oops: I suppose you could always try the glass of orange juice a day (Vitamin C) method to help avoid colds etc if your system has been compromised with the drip?


I used to get them regularly about once a year or so but ever since I got viral meninigitis about 10 years ago and had anti-viral medicine (Aciclovir I think) fed on a drip they seem to have almost stopped. You could say that some good came from having meningitis but on the other hand the anti-viral drip did also wipe out my natural defences against colds and stuff, so I got quite a few cold infections for quite a while.


I'm assuming you get cold sores too? Have you found anything that actually stops them?

PHILIPS USB 2.0 extension cable with illuminated Connectors ** £1 INSTORE ONLY **
Found 31st Oct 2008Found 31st Oct 2008
USB 2.0 cable extension retractable type 1 metre with illuminated connectors. I know there are some "shoddy" retractables about that have limited compatability but this is pretty g… Read more
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sweet i like lights!


thanks for the post, getting one of these :)


nice! Bang on to carry around with me laptop.


How long is the cable please ?


you may also get the same in printer usb connector version too however its annoying that its illuminated! still voting hot though

Medium Rubiks Cube £1 @ Poundland !!
LocalLocalFound 31st Oct 2008Found 31st Oct 2008
Unsure if its original but its a decent size for £1
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Ethan or nadds, can you go to Ideas and buy a load and sell em on eBay to us bargain hunters? I don't wanna sound like a cheapass but I don't want a ****** fall-apart cube for £1 or spend £10 on official ones if somewhere a better one is being sold for £3!


Not as far as I know, it's a chain up here in the West Midlands, I don't know if it's anywhere else. I bought mine from the Wolverhampton branch.


I bought a cheap cube and yes it falls apart when used. My best completion time is 1 min 50 seconds. A sticking cube makes it very difficult to solve. Amazon does the 'Original Rubik's Cube' (~£10) which isn't quite as good as the one I bought nearly 30 years ago, but it is smooth and has a booklet on how to solve it and a cute little stand to put it on. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0006G3B68


Is that online?


Don't know if the ones from the 80s were better constructed or not, but I have my original and it still works 20 years later :-D

Wind Up Mobile Phone Charger - £1 @ Poundland !
Found 29th Oct 2008Found 29th Oct 2008
Ideal for emergency backup power. Similar one ebay conmen sell for £5+ * 2 minutes of winding gives you upto 8 minutes of talk time. * Includes adaptors for both new and old styl… Read more

This was posted ages ago - https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2315315#post2315315 It's great to keep handy for emergency use (it is an emergency charger after all). More reliable than finding a dud battery in your emergency charger just when you need it most. I just haven't figured out how this post gets a hotter heat than the previous post (that's still valid) and yet was posted months ago!


I got one of these for use with my Nokia N95. After around 15 minutes of winding, there isn't enough charge to even start it up. Good entertainment for my Mrs though - she thought it was hilarious to watch! :x


Bought exactly the same device from gadgetshop.com for £5.50 over a year ago. Total junk. Suggest a very good alternative. You can get AA battery powered mobile chargers (bought one from dealextreme.com which uses 2 AA batteries and that works very nicely....also Tesco are selling instore that uses a single AA battery) Voted cold.


Are you pulling me wind legs off? Is this some sort of iron Geoffrey?


"* 2 minutes of winding gives you [COLOR=Red]upto[/COLOR] 8 minutes of talk time." Say no more!

Belkin 9.2m/30ft hi-speed modem cable RJ11 *£1* @ £land
Found 28th Oct 2008Found 28th Oct 2008
as above lifetime warranty
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I think you are missing the point - it's a 25' cable and if someone wants a 25' cable then this is the cheapest place to buy it. Whether it's the best solution to a problem is pretty irrelevant..... It's a bit like the offer of a free Mercedes with an Aston Martin - absolutely nobody that visits this site is going to buy a AM (ok maybe 1) so in reality it is a pointless and useless deal to 99.9999999999999% of the population but it is at 2500 heat and the 25' modem cable is useful to more people and it's cold. Bewildering ....


You'd do much better to buy a 3ft phone cable and have a 30ft ethernet cable. Sure it'd me more expensive but it'd be the better and faster solution. You argument is somewhat akin to saying "And you can buy a chocolate teapot cheaper where?" It's not the people who know this will do nothing that i'm worried about, it's the people who don't know who will buy it thinking it will be better than their regular cable which it won't be.


And you can buy a 25 foot modem cable cheaper where? I don't think anyone who knows anything about computers would expext this cable to make their broadband connection faster.


Voted cold purely because this will make precisely no difference to the speed you get from your modem.



Halloween items at Poundland for only £1 each!
Found 24th Oct 2008Found 24th Oct 2008
Best sellers include a small flying witch, a variety of masks and capes, children's weapons, witch hats and broomsticks, make-up sets, party bowls and napkins etc and household dec… Read more

Maybe 50p after halloween:p


that is so true :)


Have some heat from me, Poundland is great but they should change its name to £5Land, You can never just spend £1 when you go into it.:thumbsup:


They had loads in last year as well. What with gardening, batteries and loads of other stuff, there's always a bargain to be found in Poundland :)


I have had loads of wicked bits from poundland for Halloween! Bless ya! We are having a massive Halloween party at the pub I work at and Poundland has saved us a fortune!

Chopper DVD £1 In Poundland
Found 24th Oct 2008Found 24th Oct 2008
An extraordinary movie about an extraordinary man, the highly acclaimed and award winning Chopper is the boldest and grittiest Australian film in decades. Brimming with dangerous … Read more

aye aye aye aye ayyyye!


Good film!


Watched it more than once. Always has that 'wince' factor when the violence kicks off. Eric Bana is superb and I read the first Chopper book after seeing this as well. I think the director has since made The Assassination of Jesse James.


A visit to Poundland is now high on the agenda with the amount of decent DVDs in there lately Voted hot


Great find... definitely worth the £1!

Found 23rd Oct 2008Found 23rd Oct 2008
some nice colours- got to have a good dig through to find a nice selection but well worth it for the price. some are 5 day nail colour- which to be honest they do last 4 days with … Read more

Got some delighted with them thank you.


great find ,good stocking fillers voted hot


Some good stuff in at moment.. Dont overlook the vital radiance make up its Revlon,had some good mascaras. Loads of Rimmel eyeshadows ans some Sally hanson and NYC nail polish.


Great price thanx heat and rep added


Thanks:oops: just have :)

Found 22nd Oct 2008Found 22nd Oct 2008
was in poundland today and saw they had various charles worthington shampoos: they are american ones so dont look familiar, they are a professional formula and i think they smell … Read more

DEF NOT FAKE!!!! Lots of stock in norwich red and white bottles not the current products on display in boots etc.


I saw these today in the Norwich store and was going to post on here!! Bargain have some heat!


Can't find any reports that confirm what you're saying. In fact, the only thing of any relevance that Google brings up is this thread.


Link? I would be amazed if this is true, poundland have quite strict quality control and are quite fussy about who they buy from, thats not to say it couldn't happen, but unlikely.


Well said! :thumbsup::)

Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better (CD) - £1 @ Poundland!
Found 21st Oct 2008Found 21st Oct 2008
Just picked up this album for one hundred pence at Poundland in the Manchester Arndale - not sure if it's nationwide, of course! Contains thirteen tracks: The Fallen Do You Want T… Read more
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My local Poundland got these in today . They also had Embraces' album "This New Day" and Chers album "living proof" which is £11.99 at play.com :w00t:


Expect these will fly off the shelves at this price. Very hot.


Well there were a good 30 or 40 on the shelf in Manchester this evening (its the Poundland near Zavvi & the sports shop) so good luck bargain hunters!


HOT as hell one of my favourite albums ever by one of my favourite bands, still prefer their first album though I never had this on CD just Download so will keep a beady eye out and let people know if it's a nation wide deal/ Fareham as that is my local branch :)


Great album. The first band I saw live!

Sony Pro-Duo 4in1 Card Reader £1!   **INSTORE ONLY**
Found 21st Oct 2008Found 21st Oct 2008
...... by sandisk USB 2.0 5yr gtee! Read/write: Memory stick Mem stick duo Mem stick pro Mem stick pro duo Rrp marked @ £30 Also available instore 256mb sandisk mmc card + adaptor… Read more
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I so want one of these - especially at this price - but none to be found in my local store, but hey - that's just the way it is with Poundland. :-D


I called into my local store at Gateshead - but no luck, no stock. I think Poundland seem to be a bit unreliable like this - stock not always available in all of their stores, depending on whether it's a regular thing or not. I'll just have to keep popping in to see if they turn up. Nice find if it's in your local store...heat added.


Fab find, heat added :-) xx


'm2' compatible?


It might be useful to add 'Poundland' and 'instore only' in the title and in the post. Good deal, no Poundlands around here though.

Brylcreem Easywash Wax
Found 20th Oct 2008Found 20th Oct 2008
I picked up the easywash wax there were others which I cant fully remember. Seems like good value considering these cost up to about £3 each. Hope this is of some use to someone T… Read more

What you need then is a haircut.


I want a short back and sides do you think this will give me the look?


I used to use this brand the ROCK HARD WAX, i had to melt it with my spotlights before i could use it but it was the only wax that actually worked and kept my hair spiked, ive tried several others but they all "collapse" for some reason TESCO and SAINSBURYS have stopped nearly all Brylcreen range which is a shame. Good deal to me if they have it but im not keeping my hopes up. (now i use Shockwaves "MATT CLAY or STICKY GLUE" when its on offer 2 for £3 in TESCO/SAINSBURYS or nowadays (inflation no doubt) its 2 for £4 not as good as the brylcreem but only brand easily available)




I dont like their waxes, nightmare to use and wont wash out easily. Their styling creme is the best.

Brushed Brass Dimmable Downlight only £1
Found 20th Oct 2008Found 20th Oct 2008
I don't Believe it! Works off Mains Voltage and dimmable (unlike many spotlights using a transformer) The finish is Very nice Brushed Brass (does not look cheap & nasty like so… Read more
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Fine for the kitchen (and bathroom Zone 3 see enclosed leaflet)


I'll have to have a look at these, been looking for something similar for the kitchen?


erm it's just a fancy light socket?!?! Made by RING one of the uk's longest established lighting companies see: http://www.ring.ltd.uk/ btw you eejit do you know how much stuff sold in eu is from china?


And best of all, it will burn your house down when you are out! * Well .. what do you want for a pound? (* mere speculation, but I suspect the item is probably produced in the same Chinese factory that put lead in paint for kiddies toys and chemicals in silica gell that causes caustic skin reactions for leather sofas)

Grab Mat £1 @ Poundland- Great idea for the car!
LocalLocalFound 20th Oct 2008Found 20th Oct 2008
So simple youll wonder how you ever managed without it! The Grab Mat from JML is a welcome addition to any car. It will stop your belongings from sliding around the dashboard. The … Read more

HOT! could do with one of these, hate having my phone in my pocket whilst driving, can also set it down on that, flip the screen up and use my satnav widescreen finally. The suction thing is useless when its raining too as its getting old now, so this'll be a great replacement.


I got one of these as a random pressie last Christmas - quite good, saves my cd cases, sunglasses and other random rubbish from rolling around.


Buy one for your toddler and cut out the cost of expensive child car seats


Got a couple of these free at a show last year. They work *very* well (and I drive round corners too fast). Excellent for sunglasses, SatNav, mobile etc.


My Dad bought one of these and it nicely melted in the sun and left a horrid mess trickling into the air vent on his dash.... I'm glad I've not used the one he bought me for my car!

Do you want to...
Found 19th Oct 2008Found 19th Oct 2008
...build a snowman
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Did not find this in PoundLand yesterday, but 3m is still available! Good price, hot.


I've yet to come across a router that does not auto-sense. Most of them do, at least in home networking sector, which is relevant to us more than anything.


A patch cable is straight thru - male-male with all wires going to the same pin on both ends. A crossover cable is male-male with pins 1/3 2/6 swapped at one end. EDIT : Wiring Diagram HERE Belkin are just trying to confuse everyone, putting "patch" on the packaging (or an idiot in marketting who needs a clue).


It says "Cat5e Crossover Cable. For PC to PC connection" on the packaging - see https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3238467&postcount=2.


Is this a patch cable or a cross over ? if it is male to male is that not a patch cable and if it were a crossover it would be turned around male eg to connect pc to pc, ? can anyone tell me please thanks.:thinking:

Hyundai batteries AA & AAA 15 pack £1 super heavy duty
Found 19th Oct 2008Found 19th Oct 2008
15 packs of both AA & AAA Hyundai batteries, bargain, Stock up for xmas (plenty in Middlesbrough store)
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Same with the C batteries, Not good


Don't buy these - they LEAK. Warning - this is real, I bought these and have ruined my mouse. The batteries leaked, and also in a torch. They are very bad, do not buy.


must be using different paint down here!


I always find Poundland batteries last and are good value but they need to be alkalines. You don't specify whether the Hyundai are alkalines.


I got the aaa ones for my sons roary the racing car track and we were replacing them at least once a day (couple of hours total play). However the ones that qd do for £1 for four - aa - have lasted for ages in my gameboy so I'd recommend those. (The high power blue pack)

Belkin CAT5e Crossover Patch Cable (RJ-45) --- only £1 !!!
Found 19th Oct 2008Found 19th Oct 2008
Belkin CAT5e Crossover Patch Cable (RJ-45) - 3 metres Found this cable instore at Poundland and is a bargain compared to places like PC World ! Used for : - Connecting one PC to… Read more

lol it used to be stationery - it's now PC gear :-D


Good price, but its traditional to pinch these from your office


None in my local store again, why is it poundland deals are hardly ever in my local store which is a alrge store?


XBoxguru is right. Most network hardware from the last few years supports auto switching.


Most routers support auto-switching - what's the model number?

Shadow of the Vampire - £1 @ Poundand
Found 18th Oct 2008Found 18th Oct 2008
Next best is £4.99 at CD-WOW! or £5 at Zavvi. Somewhere in Eastern Europe 1922... Filming of F.W. Murnau's classic vampire movie, Nosferatu, is being disrupted not only by funding… Read more
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.....buts its a quid.....for people that havent seen it.....


If you want to see it in it's proper aspect ratio of 2.35:1 & with DTS you'll have to get either the R1 or R3 versions though. ]http://www.dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=1059


In Soviet Russia, DVD watches you!


Very, very good film.


Well worth a buck

Lemsip MAX All in One Lemon £1
Found 17th Oct 2008Found 17th Oct 2008
As the title says. And just in time for that time of year! Be kind leave feedback. This is for a pack of 4 sachets which is 25p per sachet. Currently in boots for 10x sachets @ £… Read more
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Have you all seen the new advice for kids - would love to say told you so, but won't do that, below me. Advice applies to adults as well but it is only that the drug companies will sue them big time if they say so!! By the way the latest advice is that all these don't work, may be bad for them, and should not be used. These are no good, stay away and save yourself a fortune.


Thanks for your message; I thought I had let the side down; I did not look at the comments that follow the entry so did not see the request there. Then I saw these Messages, and it was the first time I had a message and did not know what to do - you may have deduced this from my ramblings!! I will now look at my messages more frequently. My cold is better now by the way - waiting for the 'warm' weather at the w/e, which all the bugs love and the mighty cold and flu symptoms will return next week - mark my words by the end of next week, there will be a lot of Lemsip sold!!


Nothing pesonal, and no offence intended. Just throwing a humourous spin on the irony of the situation! Two months is a long time to suffer a cold. PS. Thanx 4 the links they will be useful to keep tabs on some meds.


Ouch! Was the reply not worth it to be forgiven? Anyway if you feel that way, then there is little I can do - and by the way, the cold bit was a bit of a....., oh hell, I can't be bothered, if my delay caused you to have numerous colds adn you had to spend yoru £ then I am sorry. If you want to continue with the branded Lemsip, Nurofen, Panadol, go ahead. I was only trying to help. Hope there is soemone out there who is appreciative; I have included good sources (offered my help with info) and would include more information in th efuture, like the NICE guidelines, ]www.nice.org (National Institute of Clnical Excellence), the site to search for research papers published in medical journals (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez), databases that give excellent medical information (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/databases/) and so on...... Sorry to have offended you so much so tha yopu had to shout in 50pt font size - I hear you. If there is anyone out there on my side, please let me know and also what you think of such 'shouting'. PG but if this is the level of response, I may as well as not bother.


[/SIZE] LMFAO! Two months to reply, all because of a cold that lasted two months and was so severe you were unable to type!? WTF! [SIZE="6"]Guess YOU should have spent a £ and got rid of that cold sooner! :prop::w00t::giggle::shock: [/SIZE] [CENTER][SIZE="7"]ULTRA FAIL![/SIZE][/CENTER]

house of 1000 corpses 1 pound
Found 17th Oct 2008Found 17th Oct 2008
cex gives 2 pounds for this dvd
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x2 :thumbsup:


i also got cheerleader massacre what was killjoy like


If you have a rotten testicle fora brain then this movie is for you!!! Worth a pound just to use the case for another DVD, to use the inlay for roaches and the DVD as a coaster.




Poundland (Cwmbran/Newport) had loads of "Splatterhouse" type films like this esp for Halloween. Best title I saw was "Nutbag"......(I thought that was something you kept your nuts in!!!!) Also saw Killjoy...Cheerleader Massacre etc....

40 Ball Point Pens For A Pound
Found 15th Oct 2008Found 15th Oct 2008
Was In There Today And Saw That They Have 40 Blue or Black Ball Point Pens In Poundland. This Seemed Like A Good Price To Me And Is A Country Wide Offer As I Saw Them In A Multitud… Read more
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thank you for the feedback MunkiMadz I can definitly see where you're coming from though I have no problems with them, leaving them everywhere in the house so I always have one to play use if I have to write something down quickly.


Original post should state that even though it's 40pens, they still don't last as long as a pen for 20p from a stationers. The pens in poundland are almost as bad as those little things in argos - I'm talking from experience, I think slicing my finger and writting in blood would be easier - and cheaper! lol I haven't voted either way, no doubt some will find this useful, pens by the phone etc.


What's craptorfags? I've never heard of it also why vote cold without suggesting an alternative - this is a pretty good deal.


Only kidding Muse man, keep the bargains coming:thumbsup:


I thought it was Craptorfags at first:whistling:

120 Tetley Tea Bags for ....you guessed it ....£1
Found 15th Oct 2008Found 15th Oct 2008
found packets of 80 with 50% free in the pound shop. Figgured it was a hot deal
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they are round but not one cup size


Cheap price, i'll look out for the asda deal too


Tetley is on offer for a reason. Bland and tasteless tea. If you want a good brew, drink Yorkshire Gold. You get what you pay for with Tea. Try it, you'll see!


Wouldn't agree that Tetley tea is really really bland. Yorkshire tea has a better flavour and is stronger. I'm using the One Cup Tetley bags at the moment in a 1 pint mug. No problem in getting a decent brew out of them with the mug 3/4 full. ;-) Voted Hot


Yea and is it just me, or have teabags gone up loads in price just lately ? Or maybe we are drinking more lol

WD40 150mls only £1 @ Poundworld
Found 15th Oct 2008Found 15th Oct 2008
Been to my local Poundworld today and picked up a 150mls can of WD40 with the squirty tube attatched thought this was a good price, sure I will be corrected if not.

:)Gaffer tape do temporary repair nicely, Wd40 keep thing going smoothly, they both win in there own category. I could not imagin with out both of them.


:w00t: lol


A wise man once said: 'you will only ever need 2 tools in life: WD40 and gaffer tape If something doesn't move but it should, use the WD40 If something moves but it shouldn't, use the tape' :thumbsup:


:)I am a big fan of wd40, I regularly use it for every things even the car bodywork,it works & protect, my best deal is from my local tesco direct in augst, £3.78 BOGOF for 450ml can, so work out at £1.89 each, guess how many I bought? ( six)


i have to disagree, surely if the wd40 let loose a little bit then gaffer tape would loose all its sticky potential, therefore being usless, so wd40 wins the battle for me

Cadbury's Christmas selection boxes 50p @ Poundworld
Found 14th Oct 2008Found 14th Oct 2008
Spotted the small selection boxes on a BOGOF deal meaning that you can stock up for Christmas at 50p per box
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well i was going to phone them in advance but there doesnt seem to be any in scotland!!!!


I can just imagine walking into the place and picking up 6 boxes then taking them to the till and then saying ill be back in a second, and then leaving with 110 boxes. Something tells me they wouldnt even have this much in stock.


Not at my Poundworld they're not. 4 for £3 at mine, which isn't a good a deal as they retail at most places for about 75p


most £ shops dont have websites...dont knwo why i think it would be a great way of generating revenue.


same question - and is there any branches in scotland?? if only england would someone be willing to get me 110 boxes for an orphanage in lebanon. I would pay via paypal and organise a courier to collect them!!! i would really appreciate this if someone was willing to do it..

Dummy CCTV camera with LED Push on/off ONLY £1 Fleabay approx £15!
Found 9th Oct 2008Found 9th Oct 2008
Dome type dummy cctv camera takes two AA batteries Easy Install. If your a real tecchie you could use the housing for a real cctv camera I asked x Amount of people if they thought … Read more
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unless they hukders :-Ds


That will have the burglars fooled


Bought one not long ago, i think there bril. well worth a quid.


Cant find it. Can anyone put a link to the item.


This has been posted a few times...I bought one must say they are very good!!!!!:thumbsup:

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