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All PoundLand Deals, Discounts & Sales for September 2018

Junebug (2 Disc) DVD ONLY £1 @ Poundland
Found 5th Mar 2009Found 5th Mar 2009
This is £5 on Play.com, so seems pretty good. This was in the Lincoln store, hopefully nationwide?
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Hot. Still available from the Newcastle-under-Lyme store, amidst the ninja films, softcore porn and disney ripoffs. I was about to post it mysef in fact!


How cheap can people get by voting down a movie for £1. I'm guessing it's because they don't know the film (might want to put Amy Adams in the title) and you'd be surprised how many don't know IMDb exists...


This has lost some heat, why why whyyyyy? This site is backwards.


Brilliant acting from Amy Adams - her breakout movie:thumbsup:

Powerade instore at Poundland at 4 for £1
Found 5th Mar 2009Found 5th Mar 2009
4 bottles of Powerade for £1. 25p each - superb!
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Awesome, may grab some of these


Great deal, picked up 3 packs of 4 today......only one type left through..but still hot........


So cheap.........................................


Went and picked some more up today and they said it is nationwide and not just exclusive to ours.


Thankyou this site will save me alot of money

7 packs chewits £1 @ poundland
Found 5th Mar 2009Found 5th Mar 2009
7 packs of chewits a quid
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These bring back some memories....hot!


i've been buying this for £1 for over 5yrs :o heat added anyways


Blackcurrent all the way. Never tried the Vanilla Ice Cream ones.


Yeah, I've gotta agree, they are usually around the 60p mark for 5 in ASDA, so this isn't the best deal.


Vimto BonBons ? They're fantastic :w00t:

Sim Card Packs - Vodaphone / Orange / T-Mobile £1 instore at Poundland / or Free Ordering from Networks Online
Found 3rd Mar 2009Found 3rd Mar 2009
Saw all of the above sim card packs today - No idea if they contain any credit but they usually do. No O2 from what I could see but seems good value - Know there have been various… Read more
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Hot if: 1) You want SIM straight away 2) Out of stock online (like they are from Vodafone at the moment)


How much for the DVDs?!? Heheh!


Alternative Free sim info for those wishing to order direct from the networks (some via Quidco for cashback) ]T-Mobile - 2 Free Sims Or Via quidco ]Here ]O2 Free sims - Up to 4 or via quidco ]Here ]Orange Free Sims - Up to 4 ]Vodaphone Free Sim


Fair enough - Knew you could get them for free but like I said may interest someone that needs one off the shelf. Half expected a string of cold votes but I've applied for free sims in the past and they've never arrived - could be less hassle for those wanting one without the wait.


all u have to do is text a number and u can get up 2 4 free sim cards with good deals on.....COLD !

HP Beans 4 Tin Pack for £1 Poundland
Found 3rd Mar 2009Found 3rd Mar 2009
As it says in the description. 4 tins of Beans for £1
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renfield street becomes union street then jamaica street as you carry on. union street is extremely short. ;-) directly above was a slight exageration


But the poundland stores in Glasgow are located in Union Street, Trongate & the Forge Shopping Centre :thinking: http://www.poundland.com/latlong/259178/665739.aspx


renfield st Glasgow ;-)


Which poundland store do you live above? Where are you now? Perhaps we can save you some money here on HUKD :thumbsup:


I live in a flat directly above a poundland :thumbsup: get some on the way home ;-)

Paperback Deeper (Tunnels) by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams just £1 at poundland.
Found 2nd Mar 2009Found 2nd Mar 2009
I spotted this in Salisbury Poundland. It is the sequel to the popular childrens book Tunnels. It's for the 11+ age group. As a recent book with very good reviews I dont know w… Read more

I know you can pick up cheap books anywhere but as I say, this isn't your usual 'classic cars' or 'The big book of spaceships'!:)


got a book for my dad from there. although it's rrp was £18.99!

Sony 1GB Micro M2 Memory Card - £1 at Poundland!
LocalLocalFound 1st Mar 2009Found 1st Mar 2009
Saw these yesterday and was very surprised because of how good this deal was, so I quickly bagged myself one. An amazing deal in my eyes.

careful ppl on here will just accuse you of photoshopping the receipt :w00t::w00t:


If I can find another one then I shall purchase one next Saturday when I'm in work next and scan the receipt in.


Exactly. If it was genuine then apologies. But there are people that 'bother' - they post deals that absolutely nobody else can confirm. They get ridiculously hot, then get expired. Rep. Heat. Increased voting power.


how do you get rewarded ?:whistling::whistling:


I don't understand the lie comments either. Some people are upset that a limited-availability deal has got so "hot" and indeed it can be annoying not to be able to take advantage of such offers - but what's the alternative? Should he keep schtum, or is he expected to somehow check the availability across the country before posting here? All he did was post a bargain find.....which is kinda how this site works. Sometimes there are deals with old stick being reduced (Oral B rechargeable toothbrushes for £5) but it's just the luck of the draw if your local store has one.

USB Memory Card Reader Only £1 @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 28th Feb 2009Found 28th Feb 2009
It is a keyring sized memory card reader. Its supports SD and MMC memory cards. I thought it was quite handy if you have a computer that does not have a built in memory card reade… Read more
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*Drama Queen Alert*


I bought several a few months ago and they were all USB 2 - it says so on the back, moulded into the plastic. :)


Bought some of these ages ago, identical looking device has been in poundland for a few years. The two I bought 2 years ago are almost identical to the one I bought a 6 months back apart from the fact that they now work with SDHC cards which wasn't mentioned on the packaging. There is also one of a different design in poundland which is also SDHC compatible.


If you search 'Poundland' on google poundland.com comes up first as a genuine site, but it is marked as potentially harmful by google and it wont let you click through to it. I think the site is either fake or has been hacked.


i edited the post again yesterday to just remove a link all together like my original post because as i originaly thought what is the point of a link if the product is instore only? I also re-edited the image file to that posted earlier in the post as it is extreamly similar if not the same product. But be careful the image may cause your computer to spontaneously explode. :giggle:

Dryer balls x 2 obviously £1 @ Poundland, i paid £10 in woolies for mine
Found 27th Feb 2009Found 27th Feb 2009
I popped into poundland the other day and they have the dryer balls identical to the JML ones and i paid £10 for mine, absolute bargain, i had to metion this as ive just seen an ad… Read more

The link was copied and pasted from the poundland website


talc is cheaper


When I clicked on that link Avast warned me about a malicious site so beware!


Do these actually work? They are for tumble driers and all the hype says your stuff will dry quicker. So, does anybody who has these noticed any difference? Do you set your tumble drier to a lower time setting? I can understand the principle of these, but has anyone changed their settings after purchasing some of these? And yes, my balls are normally dry to begin with. Wouldn't want them any drier really.


i could do with dryer balls to be honest

Jordans Organic Flakes and Berries cereal - 325g £1 at Poundland
LocalLocalFound 26th Feb 2009Found 26th Feb 2009
Very tasty, lots of strawberries and blueberries. Sept expiry date. MMMmmmmmm !!!! "Organic Flakes & Berries Organic multigrain flakes with freeze dried strawberries and b… Read more
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heat added-this is my fav cereal- there giving away 50g samples on their website


Got 6 boxes! Thanks! (left 1 on the shelves - mustn't be too greedy :) ) (No nuts, but 'may contain nuts' so not suitable re nut allergies.) If can get past tipping it in the bowl and scoffing it, will try making flapjacks. :)


I have to agree with you about the sugar and salt. In its defence though, it's not excessively sweetened, certainly not as much as other premium brands.


This cereal contains added sugar and salt!!!! Why spoil a great product??? I eat Jordan's cereal everyday but only the Natural one as it contains no added salt and sugar. Wish they would sort this out across the entire range.(haven't voted either way)


Make flapjack with these = YUM

walkers do us a flavour 6 pack both flavoured multi packs £1...each @ Poundland
Found 26th Feb 2009Found 26th Feb 2009
walkers do us a flavour 6 pack both varietys are now in pound land. Thinks its nationwide as advertising on poster in window! Hope this hasn't been posted already did look 1st . En… Read more

2 for £2 in Tesco and sainsbury's and 99p in the latest lidl leaflet so no cheaper than anywhere else!


All day Breakfast tastes like rotten eggs and as for the Fish & Chips eughhh.. haven't voted either way but steer clear!! MINGING!!


Get to home bargains then all 15pgrab bag size as well


However NOT for the squirrel ;) Reminds me of the Terry Pratchett scenario where the 7 horseman of the apocolypse are having a snack - one of them passes around a "pig suprise sandwich". It transpires its actually just a normal bacon sandwich. "wheres the suprise there" says one of them...... "well it suprised the PIG" is the response - CLASSIC!!!! sorry couldnt resist - Ill get me coat !


the squirrel one is really good!

BBC Sarah Jane Adventures (Doctor Who) Sonic Lipstick/UV pad toy sets @ Poundland
Found 26th Feb 2009Found 26th Feb 2009
Sonic Lipstick and wrist watch set Alien communicator and reporters UV pen and pad set. Both with light and sound FX. 5 years plus. Both....£1!!! Great for any little (or not so… Read more

Nice spot. Had the communicator in Tesco reduced to £2 ages ago, though the rrp is something daft like £7. Great for £1 but they are not worth anywhere near the full price.


Alien communicator set with UV pad and pen... They also had the set above and this one in 'the 99p shop'!!!

Dulux Feature Wall Paint 1.25l in Wise Sage £1.00 @ Poundland
Found 25th Feb 2009Found 25th Feb 2009
Was in my local poundland today and saw this Feature Wall paint for just £1 a tin. I know similar has been posted but that was for Satinwood Gloss and this is Matt Emultion. It wa… Read more

If you’re looking to create a unique handmade feature wall then take a peek at [url]www.AlhambraDesigns.com[/url]


you're welcome :) I actually really like the wise sage.


Thanks for the link above. I really like the colour. Here it is.........


]http://www.propertydecorating.co.uk/lounge.htm wise sage :) Feature Fire Breast Wall


Its definitely WISE SAGE on my tin and actually is a nicer shade of green to the one posted above. Glad it helps someone. Wish I had bought more than one tin now!

A4 Superior Photo Paper. 18 sheets. £1 @ Poundland!
Found 23rd Feb 2009Found 23rd Feb 2009
Perfect shots superior photo paper. 18 sheets a4 (297 x 210mm) 200gsm Gloss finsh Universally compatible for all inkjet printers. They had loads in y local poundland (boston). Ab… Read more

Bought some 6x4 today - very impressed with the print quality


I bought the 5x7 and A4 sizes. The 5x7's look really good. Sometimes the streaks depend on the type of ink in your printer. I've had perfect prints everytime. It does take awhile for the ink to dry tho. Still a hot deal in these current economic times. :)


I had some and the Ink didnt dry :x


got some of this for a project really good quality for the money a few cracks here and there but great really voted hot


Mine all came out really well. I was really impressed when i used them. The odd few came out a lil streaky but most were perfect. My boyfriend got the smaller pack for his kodak photo printer, he was saying the ones he usually uses for it are about £6 so a nice saving really.

24 Shot Disposable Camera Only £1 at PoundLand
Found 23rd Feb 2009Found 23rd Feb 2009
As title , good for a day out where you want to take a few snaps! Not bad for a quid.
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:-( Gutted


I agree with you on that one - I took some great photos from the top of a rollercoaster using a cheap disposable camera none of which came out at all (obviously did not want to risk it with my digital camera).


They are ideal for having in the car incase you have a bump.


I wouldnt trust these things, imagine if you had taken a load of photos that were really special then they were just totally ruined when they were developed. Much better using a digital as you can view the pic after taking, also work out much cheaper in the long run 2 buy a digital one


These have been around in poundland for a long time (at least a couple of years) and ones with built in flash have also been available.

Fairy Washing Up Liquid 1litre bottle (original & lemon) - 3 for £1 @ poundland
Found 23rd Feb 2009Found 23rd Feb 2009
i think this is an awesome price!!!!! cheers Luke

He didnt buy any, his Mum did apparently.:whistling: I think the poster above was spot on with 3 cheapo bottles for a squid. I am willing to bet my POUND that this was NEVER a deal and NO ONE got it. However, it got 700+.... not a good advert for this site I am afraid.:x


OOPS sorry .... see post is now expired !"! LOL


How on earth do these, what are clearly FAKE posts get so much heat :roll: The only fairy liquid in my poundland was £1 for ONE BOTTLE of 450ml :whistling: Maybe the OP can post o pic of the till receipt or of the 'alleged' product on the shelf :)


Went in pound land today and they have 3 litres of FAKE fairy washing up liquid for a pound.


Cold from me. But once again the "impulse" brigade got the heat up to 700+! And only one beneficiary. Wowsers!:thinking: Just count up all those lost minutes, fuel, phonebills, shoe leather, energy, bandwidth....etc.! :whistling:

Postman Pat - Little Learners : ABC And 123 DVD only £1 in PoundWorld
Found 21st Feb 2009Found 21st Feb 2009
Next cheapest is £4.88, so a great bargain DVD for the little learner Set in the familiar surroundings of Greendale, Postman Pat and his trusty companion Jess, the black and white… Read more

Why cold all have a sudden has someone found it for 1p somewhere? Please, explain. If you don't like Postman Pat then don't vote. It is aimed at toddlers who want to learn to count and learn the alphabet. Perhaps that's what you are scared of!??!?!

Michael Palin - Himalaya (Hardcover Book) only £1 in PoundLand
Found 21st Feb 2009Found 21st Feb 2009
"If you've seen the TV programme and thought it wasn't worth reading the book, think again. Michael Palin has a deft eye for his surroundings and a succinct narrative style which i… Read more
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Picked up one in Cardiff today, bargain!


Thanks. I loved the programme . Hope my local Poundland still has the book in stock.


not sure why my original was expired? but it's 2 months old so no probs with a new post :thumbsup: this is a cracking price for a very good book. :)


This is still on the go as "shaany" got it yesterday, she got two!!!!



Hannibal Rising (Hardcover Book) by Thomas Harris only £1 in PoundLand
Found 21st Feb 2009Found 21st Feb 2009
Thomas Harris remains both the progenitor of the modern serial killer novel and its greatest exponent. Red Dragon was the first appearance of the murderous Hannibal Lecter, and wi… Read more
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Quite naughty of Amazon - those quotes relate to praise for the previous books in this series.


From Amazon website


This book is certainly worth a quid of anyones money. Not as good as the other three but it does elaborate on certain themes in Hannibal, which imo is the best of the books by quite a long way. I'd say this is due to the exploration of Hannibal Lecter as a character, which is why the film adaption of Hannibal was thoroughly average. Back on topic though I'd recommend that you read this as the fourth book because of the ties it has with Hannibal.


Yes I was... oops.:oops:


what makes you think they did? most reviewers thought this book was poor.

Mr. Men - Little Learners - The Great Alphabet Hunt DVD only £1 in PoundWorld
Found 21st Feb 2009Found 21st Feb 2009
Great fun and educational at the same time DVD for just £1. Next cheapest is £5.49 The Great Alphabet Hunt: Mr Clever and all his friends form Mister Land are going on an adventur… Read more

This a fantastic DVD - my daughter learned her alphabet from this DVD before she started school. The song is one of those really annoying tunes that sticks in your head though.


You're right:p I should have put TenPoundWorld as the title then it would be a bargain:w00t:


Maybe I've missed something but how can this be cold? Thinking on it, maybe it's because in Poundworld, most things would be a pound! :oops:

Spot - Where's Spot? [25th Anniversary Edition] [DVD with 4 Interactive Games] only £1 in PoundLand (Jane Horrocks )
Found 21st Feb 2009Found 21st Feb 2009
Great saving here as the next cheapest is £7.42 Spot and his friends enjoy more surprises and adventures in this adorable animated compilation. Each five-minute episode is a compl… Read more

Picked one up this morning. Many thanks.


I've not been able to find any of the dvd's shown on here at our local store, as it's just a little one :(


gotta love poundland


yet again hot deal

Original Heinz Rusks in Poundland Southend and maybe Stratford
Found 19th Feb 2009Found 19th Feb 2009
Hi I went to my local poundland today and picked up loads of these. Don't go off until October 2010 so planty of time to "give them to your child!" (eat them yourself) Definitely… Read more

Also just started on offer at TESCO ( 18 in pack ) £1.00 including - Farleys Rusks 4 Month Original 18 SAVE 76p Was £1.76 Now £1.00 - valid from 11/02/2009 until 10/03/2009 Farleys Rusks 4 Month Reduced Sugar Original 18 SAVE 76p Was £1.76 Now £1.00 - valid from 11/02/2009 until 10/03/2009 Soft Rusks 175g SAVE 50p Was £1.50 Now £1.00 - valid from 16/02/2009 until 22/03/2009 Farleys Rusks 4 Month Reduced Sugar Gluten Free 18 SAVE 85p Was £1.85 Now £1.00 - valid from 11/02/2009 until 10/03/2009


He's right..always used to buy them from there for when my nieces were round


You can get a double pack of these in ASDA for £1.00!

250 Address Labels on a roll £1 @ Poundland
Found 18th Feb 2009Found 18th Feb 2009
Premier 250 self adhesive, white, address labels on a roll. Size 36 x 89mm Blank (The image here is of a different brand as I couldn't find a pic.)
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The Tesco rolls are 220 and they're 90mm x 35mm. For printing you're better off with A4 sheets of one of the Avery clones - in fact Staples have a ]BOGOF on this size, .1280 labels for £10 + del You can then use the free Avery software.


What setting would you have to feed your printer to ensure perfect, central printing?


whoooosh! :thumbsup: for most people on here i think


Surely any Poundland deals don't need to stipulate the price do they.... Just a thought. And by their very nature, can they even discount the single product at all? Warm


Good find. Voted hot.

Easter Eggs £1 each or 4 for £3 at Poundland
Found 17th Feb 2009Found 17th Feb 2009
different selection off easter eggs: milky way, maltesers, Barbie, Thomas the tank engine, simpsons... 58grams each NOT the standard size eggs - MAIA
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Sorry I voted this hot as they are NOT 200grams mate. They are a pathetic 58grams Rubbish price. The big supermarkets are doing way better deals than this! :x


Yep, only 58g. Nowhere near 200g!!


these are the smaller size egg's , i'd rather pay £4 for four of the medium size egss


What!? Poundland are venturing out to different prices!?


been in there today...no easter eggs to be seen? hmm maybe not nationwide??

1.5KG Whitworths sugar.£1 @ poundland
Found 16th Feb 2009Found 16th Feb 2009
The sugar is a massive 1.5kg bag, which is 50% bigger than the standard pack size and costs just £1, that works out at just 67p per kilo - amazing value!
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Yep, just you. That's like saying "WOW, I just purchased a PS3 from Poundland, but I wont put it on HUKD as it cost £1 so its not a deal as that is the price that Poundland sell all their items for!".... "They walk among us...."! :whistling:


Good offer. Bought one at the weekend from Wolves store.




" In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women " :-D


Poundstretcher even

Ian Rankin - The Flood (Hardcover Book) RRP£17.99 only £1 instore @ PoundLand
Found 16th Feb 2009Found 16th Feb 2009
£15 on Amazon. Is it a comforting or precarious feeling, being the UK's number one best-selling male crime writer? Only Ian Rankin could answer that, but it's clear that the author… Read more

This is obviously a bargain price for a pretty decent book. I think Mr Rankin may well top himself if he knew his book was beeing flogged off for a quid in Poundland though!

The 39 Steps (Alfred Hitchcock) DVD only £1 in PoundLand
Found 16th Feb 2009Found 16th Feb 2009
The story of an innocent man who struggles to prove his innocence. Robert Donat gets more than he bargained for when he brings home a mysterious woman who confesses to be a British… Read more
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Great film, one of my all time favs. :thumbsup:


quality film. they just dont make em like thye used too do they..!


Goodbye Mr Chips makes me cry every time Great English actor :thumbsup:


Hehe. I didn't realise it was so long. :whistling: :lazy:


Blimey ederton. A member since Sep 2006 and that's your first post. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me:thumbsup:

Listerine 500 ML Bottle only £1 @ Poundland
Found 15th Feb 2009Found 15th Feb 2009
Listerine 500 ML Bottle only £1 cost £4.50 at boots. Bargain must have. Only in stores i think. couldnt find on the website. Include all flavours

Way to give bad advice. Overuse of Corsodyl which contains chlorhexidine stains your teeth and is NOT recommended for general use by dentists.


Totally agreed mate I've had my own rants about it before. As you say supermarkets contantly have offers on all the time, I've never known a time when supermarkets didn't have any offers on, it's just that they vary them around every few weeks. OK if somebody finds something a bit special in a supermarket then by all means post it but there's absolutely no need for this contant spamming of "2L bottles of Diet Coke for £1" or "half price boxes of Bran Flakes" or whatever as all they are is bog standard grocery offers NOT Hot Deals. This forum should be about deals that are hard to find, hence the reason for coming here in the first place and sharing our "hot" deals with each other, not stuff that can be easily found on Tesco's are Asda's website at the click of a button. There used to be a time when all supermarket deals were kept together in a single thread (one for each shop). Why can't we go back to that again or at least have some kind of filter trhat keeps them out of the main section?


what you on about ?? Like what?


It's not just that, but some seriously good deals are slipping by with big minus temperatures. Buy cheap, buy twice.


Jeez, what has happened to this website ? Do we really need every petty Poundshop / Morrissons £1 "Special offers" posted on here ? Do we really need to know that Frosties are 40p cheaper this week ? We know that all the supermarkets have week-in, week-out offers, we know Poundland has a varying array of £1 offers like this one. This used to be such a useful website. Perhaps it should diversify into a "PikeyUKDeals" website, for deals like this one...?

The Great Ziegfeld - £1 @ Poundland
Found 14th Feb 2009Found 14th Feb 2009
Next best is £4.89 at SendIt. Won 3 Oscars, including Best Picture, back in 1936 - 169 minutes of classic B&W musical for a pound! Flo Zeigfeld's midway attraction isn't drawi… Read more
Get dealGet deal



Hot. Of course.


hot deal try and get some on monday if any lft lol


Bargain - heat added. I love these PoundLand deals :)

Extras - The Illustrated Scripts - Series 1 & 2 - Paperback normally £14.99 - just £1 in PoundLand
Found 14th Feb 2009Found 14th Feb 2009
Still quite a lot of these in Wigan and other stores around the country. I appreciate that it has been posted before...months ago in fact and all credit to the OP....but that deal… Read more



Great ! whether this is a re-post or not I've never seen this before but I have now, Thanks to Fozzza H&R , and as for the grilling your getting is that really necessary? surely the heat this post is getting sais something Dunno what oh Bad Vibe is going on about, time is a healer and there must be loads of newbies who would say the same.


personaly I quite enjoy the mockery making of rules by all the re-posters out there - I salute you!


Sigma... I'm rapidly losing the will to live on this one... but to state again, fozzza bumped the old thread before reposting this. So the thread was top of the list anyway, and for a time, right next to the new thread. Not saying that breaks the rule, or renders it obsolete, but surely common sense would say do one thing or the other. For me, within the rules or not, this just a pointless thread. Anyway, giving up now.


Found the ]guidance rule for everyone's information : Hope that helps

Dulux Satinwood Paint - 1 litre - Various Colours - PoundLand
Found 13th Feb 2009Found 13th Feb 2009
Dulux Satinwood Paint - 1 litre - Various Colours - £1 per tin Lots of pastels and creams, plus "hints" of white. Excellent buy for a small project.
Get dealGet deal

Wolverhampton Mander Centre had them on Monday.


dudley defo got them


ooooh Birmingham. Any chance u can list the Birmingham stores?


Birmingham has 2 or 3 poundlands thats have had them in for a while but hot from me


Also at Durham for the last few weeks

Spot Goes To The Farm DVD with 2 interactive games £1 in Poundland
Found 13th Feb 2009Found 13th Feb 2009
Join Spot & His friends in their adventures at the farm, and enjoy many more adorable episodes in this animated compilation. He's one of the world's favourite animated characte… Read more

have some heat


Also had 3 different Mona the Vampire DVD's.


Spot Rulez :D


oooh will look out for this, the little one loves Spot since we got her the book set from The Book People - thanks!


I picked this up on Tuesday, and my daughter loves it. Worth it for a quid!

Sylvanian Families (Bernard Cribbins) DVD only £1 @ PoundLand
Found 13th Feb 2009Found 13th Feb 2009
Features four cracking episodes. The Lucky Mascot: When Birch Timbertop goes exploring for flints and arrow heads he finds something that causes excitement at Sylvanian School. T… Read more

Grabbed one from local Poundland yesterday, thanks andy :)


You changed your avatar before I finished posting the last post:whistling:


Hey Fozzza's comp is working. Thawing up there yet matey?


Congratulations on the world's smallest avatar - streets of rage perhaps...lol. Heat added for the op....:thumbsup:


Keep checking. Stock is a bit wierd in PoundLand. Other folk have posted stuff before and it might not appear for a week or two in my local.

Retractable iPod transfer cable £1 @ Poundland
Found 12th Feb 2009Found 12th Feb 2009
As title says easy storage cable to replace current cable or maybe need a new one and for a pound can't go wrong really.
Get dealGet deal

bought one in instore as it was then over 18 months ago and still going strong.:thumbsup:


I've heated this up as it's a good deal. Anyone know if you can get a cheap cable to charge up an i-touch if you don't have access to a computer/laptop?


Nice one, only warning I'd say is don't expect em to last long as my last one from Poundland surived just over a year. However at £1 not much to lose really :-)


yes they do ;)


Anyone know if this works with an iPhone 3G?

12pk of oxo cubes BOGOF £1 @ POUNDLAND
Found 12th Feb 2009Found 12th Feb 2009
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I work there and I am almost sure that the packs on the delivery come in a pack of 12 and the offer is BOGOF on the individual small boxes rather than the whole trays.


This deal is "Different Gravy".


Cool, what's the expiry date?


Quite nice dissolved in hot water, like a Bovril type drink.

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