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Shockwaves One Night Wonder Wax only £1 at Poundland! 75ml tub
Found 20th Apr 2008Found 20th Apr 2008
Shockwaves One Night Wonder Wax only £1 at Poundland! 75ml tub
I used to buy these for £2.68 at Sainsbury's and thought it was a good price! AMAZING PRICE! Also other hair care products for great prices like 2 x Brylcreem styling gel tubs for … Read more
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sorry all had to laugh, "£1 at poundland"... I forgot one day and asked how much something was... yep I'm serious Anyway, we use Extrovert Cream in our shop, which is in the same design tub as this one but bigger. which is absolutely brilliant, really sticky and washes out great. My boss buys it by the bucketload from poundland. Wax is fine as long as it's water based which is easier to wash out. This is petroleum based. Also if you have a 99p shop it's worth looking out for Schwarpzkopf Screaming Clean shampoo, it really is superb for getting hair super squeaky clean and smells lovely, well I like it. x


Not vbery good at all I have some, Shockwaves Texturising Gum is a lot better.


I use fudge hair shaper with the caramel scent, holds my hair in shape all day and washes out after 1 rinse. As for this shock waves i bought some a couple of weeks ago in the Southamptoon store, i found that it didn't really hold well after applying as i have short spikey hair, it seemed to drop the shape i wanted at the back while fudge holds it in place after applying, found it also easy to wash out.


Sorry had to post To OP: I will check my local Poundland worth a punt at £1 I use lots of different stuff can't seem to settle on one, I do like the Fudge Putty stuff though we will see how this performs over the weekend. Have some heat + rep.... :thumbsup:


FINALLY! This has reached the front. I think it's because i posted it late.

Found 20th Apr 2008Found 20th Apr 2008
Was in my local poundland today. I found this cream which is being sold on eBay for £3 for only a pound! It says that it clears spots within 3 days. Also, another type but not ult… Read more
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ahhh good old poundland, Downfall is foreign language but Hot all the same:-D


pound land is good for stuff like this. you got to go weekly to see what bargins you can get !


Thanks for this managed to get some today.


I would also like to say there is some research out there that links roaccutane with depression and suicide


you do realise that, roaccutane is only used in extreme cases? :whistling: i'd rather swallow uranium than go through another 4 months on the ro' :w00t:

Kids hobby dough set only £1 @ poundland
Found 20th Apr 2008Found 20th Apr 2008
Kids hobby dough set only £1 @ poundland
Just saw this on the webiste now. Will pop into my local poundland and pick up a couple for the kids.
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This seems very cheap, but my dough was all dry so went straight into the bin; the nutcracker type squeeze machine broke in 24 hours with my 4 year old. I bought another one; it broke again. Some of these sets have little moulds for making animals, which work very well.


I totally agree.... chuffin nightmare


The cooked one lasts much longer too!


do you make the cooked version? thats the best with a little food colouring in and a little pepermint essence :thumbsup:


I make the homemade play dough and its great. Well worth making and smells lovely too:)

Vimto Cans 4 For £1
Found 20th Apr 2008Found 20th Apr 2008
Vimto Cans 4 For £1
Vimto or any 330ml cans 4 for £1
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why do people bitch about deals they know about but dont post :roll:


exactly, why bother posting? everyone should know this by now...


Nothing new. These have been 4 for £1 in poundland for literally years!


Its a bit like marmite some love some hate , me I cant stand it :x - but still hot :thumbsup:


Also Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Fanta, and a few more.

walkers crisps 14 pack assorted - £1
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
walkers crisps 14 pack assorted - £1
Hopefully this will do better than the disasterous Louis Hamilton thread a week ago LOL 14 pack assorted multipack of walkers crisps at Poundland, for ..errr... guess how much?

quantity not quality , a bag a day does no harm , kids need a certian amount of fat in there diets, mine eat crisps and chocolate but they excersie and eat in moderation.:w00t:




I dont think the odd bag of crisps every now and then is going to kill you.:)




Everything is unhealthy these days... even the stuff that you grow in your own garden.

Ludo board game only £1 @ poundland
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
Ludo board game only £1 @ poundland
Saw this in my local poundland today so picked one up. Its a fairly big size and not one of them mini games.
200 Sheets of Plain printing/Photocopy paper 80 GSM at Poundland £1
LocalLocalFound 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
200 Sheets of Plain printing/Photocopy paper 80 GSM at Poundland £1 200 sheets of copy papar for a Pound buy it for the kids or use it yourself either way for £1
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Tesco Value A4 paper is £1.73 for a ream of 500 sheets.


Equivalent to £2.50 per ream.. Tesco and Asda sell a ream for a similar price ( often less). I guess this could be the reason for people voting cold. Not voted either way myself , as its a good deal for people that don't use much paper.


as always can anyone voting cold please leave a comment as to why otherwise it is a bit baffling



4-port USB hub at poundland!!!
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
4-port USB hub at poundland!!!
there was a 4port USB hub at poundland and it works great. And its only a quid.

............................................thanks v hot


Picked up one of these yesterday. Only USB 1.1 rather than USB2, but ideal to connect stuff that doesnt require fast data transfer. :thumbsup: Rep added.


i hope the situation in your avatar is kosher....


Most things are v2 now. Looking for cheap USB2 for PS3 anyone know of any? Will leave rep ;)


My local Asda has 100's of these in their £1 section at the moment. Just incase someones not near a Poundland.

kids pc games at poundland
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
kids pc games at poundland
great pc games for the kids including pingu, teletubbies, little robots and tubba dubbers. kept my kids entertained and easy to play.

Good deal. Paid £5 for Teletubbies @ PC World about a year ago. Heat added


Anything for £1 is always a good deal voted hot!


only saw rubberdubbers in my store today - will look out for little robots next time I'm in town! :thumbsup:

Apple ipod usb cable!!!!  £1
Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
Apple ipod usb cable!!!! £1
there was an apple ipod usb cable at poundland only for a quid

Not true. You can have it half working, with lots of errors and frames being lost, especially if there is external noise or interference. That's what you can get with a cheap, unshielded cable. Again, it's not as black and white as that. Just as there are different types of USB, there are different qualities of cable, and varied levels of "working". Every link in the chain matters, and a poor cable can make the difference between a link working at full speed or not, especially if the connectors or PC cabling is poor, or there is a high level of electrical noise around the PC. If XP can't negotiate a USB2.0 Hi-Speed connection it will fall back to USB 1.1 "Original" mode and flag up the warning that your device is not 2.0 compliant. That's not a screw-up - it's XP telling you correctly that's something's below par. All cables that are made fully to USB1.1 spec will work with 2.0. But before USB2.0 devices came along, cheap-skate manufacturers discovered that they could dispense with expensive double screening to save a few pence and still get their bit of wet string to work with 1.1. But of course that same cable struggles when the data rate is pushed up from 12Mbps to 480Mbps. Even if a cable or packaging is stamped as "USB2.0", does anybody put any trust in labelling on goods from "knock-off" China? I'm not saying that the Poundland cables fall into that category, just that there are a lot of sub-standard cables out there, where it is more luck than judgment that they work consistently and error-free at Hi-Speed.


Quality of cable matters if you are shifting analogue data. For example, speaker wire that has to manually recreate the data across its length, as distortions and data degradation can creep in. This, however, is for digital data. You do not get low or high quality Ones and Zeroes. It either works or it doesn't. As for the USB device type detection error, look at the OS, not at the cable. If the cable were faulty, no device would be detected at all. XP screws up all too often with the best quality equipment, including Microsoft's own.


You obviously don't know much about USB or resistors :) I've tried some of these cheap cables in the past and they frequently only worked at USB 1.1 speeds instead of 2.0 (with Win XP popping up a warning). Hardly ideal to be using the 40x slower USB 1.1 when you're transferring music and video files.


big up the poundland deals


I might just pop in and get one of these as I could do with a spare one for travelling place to place.

Found 19th Apr 2008Found 19th Apr 2008
A BIG packet of KP nuts only for a pound, Asda do a smaller packet for the same price..nuts very addictive tgh!!
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[COLOR=Black]NICE! NUT CRAZYYY! (nutty hehee!) [/COLOR]

loads of camping essentials at poundland. !!!!!
Found 17th Apr 2008Found 17th Apr 2008
loads of camping essentials at poundland. !!!!!
i saw loads such as mesh tins, roll mats, camping light, windup torch. theres plenty more and at a bargain price for £1

Some_Bloke;1913689 Wouldn't soup run out of the bottom of a mesh tin? I use a mess tin all the time. Saves scalding my nadgers. I got a mess tin and camping cutlery cheap as chips!


Wouldn't soup run out of the bottom of a mesh tin? I use a mess tin all the time. Saves scalding my nadgers.


Just what I need a new rollmat

Donnie Darko DVD @ PoundLand £1 - [Standard Edition] Prism Leisure Corporation
Found 16th Apr 2008Found 16th Apr 2008
Donnie Darko DVD @ PoundLand £1 - [Standard Edition] Prism Leisure Corporation
Life is one long insane trip. Some people just have better directions. A troubled teenager is plagued by visions of a large bunny rabbit that manipulates him to commit a series of… Read more

I think its a bit arrogant to say it wasnt complicated as I didn't think there was a definitive explanation and that it was very open to interpretation. I've read numerous theories many of which make sense but they can't all be right but they all think they are. Great film well worth £1 if you havent seen it.


damm! Wont this film just die?


Oh c'mon it wasnt that complicated, just needed a bit of lateral thinking and some creative imagination, its a great film, great soundtrack, great cast, top notch, much better than the directors version. Try watching Mulholland Drive and then tell me Donnie Darko was inexplicative.:?


I don't know anyone that did understand it without reading what the writer was trying to get across. Maybe I'm too much of a blood and guts type of guy to appreciate such a film but anything where I have to go and read explanations from the director to explain certain events (which aren't even shown in the film, so its understandable you wouldn't "get it") seems a but too much like hard work. Maybe I should go and direct half a film, make up some off the wall explanation of what the dumb viewers couldn't see between the lines and call it a cult classic ;) Summary- good price but I'd rather buy a lottery ticket, you've got more chance of hitting the jackpot than understanding the film :P


Well it won 11 awards from various different festivals - maybe you just didn't understand it....:whistling:

4x AA 800 MAH Rechargable Batteries £1 !!
Found 15th Apr 2008Found 15th Apr 2008
4x AA 800 MAH Rechargable Batteries £1 !!
Went to the local poundland in Merthyr Tydfil - Wales In the battery section they got 4x 800 MAH Rechargable batteries! Bought 4 packs! Brilliant! They might be around in other po… Read more

you have it the wrong way round... nicads are the ones with "memory" so u need to make sure you charge them fully each time and only change them when they are empty




+ to that! snobbery! Most of the people on here, never advice people, nor help each other out when someone does something wrong they just suspend/ban/curse the person down! Specialy some of the mods! ther rating has gone so far its made their head get stuck up their ***


800,000 mah if allowing for 1000 charges!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A bit cheaper than Duracells. Being nicads they are certain to be more stable than very cheap NiMh ones. A good value poundland item. Voted hot.


voted hot, good for led torchs and remote's

Ambi Pur Total Fresh Refreshing Ocean Spa and Harpic Max Toilet Cleaners @ Poundland
Found 15th Apr 2008Found 15th Apr 2008
Ambi Pur Total Fresh Refreshing Ocean Spa and Harpic Max Toilet Cleaners @ Poundland
Ambi Pur Total Fresh is a toilet cleaner with an air freshener on the other side. And Harpic Max is a toilet cleaner that is extra long (as the one on the picture if I manage to pu… Read more
Batteries - AA Kodac Zinc 12 pack Batteries £1 -  AA Super Sony 8 pack Batteries £1 - Button Cell Hyundai 50 pack Batteries £1 - and other GREAT PRICES on other batteries.
Found 15th Apr 2008Found 15th Apr 2008
Batteries - AA Kodac Zinc 12 pack Batteries £1 - AA Super Sony 8 pack Batteries £1 - Button Cell Hyundai 50 pack Batteries £1 - and other GREAT PRICES on other batteries.
8 AA super sony batteries for only £1



I'm actually surprised it was that hot lol


Come on this is a great deal I know that everything in POUNDLAND IS £1 (HENCE THE NAME) but not everyting is easy to find in there so I just thought that I would let people know of the things you can get for £1


Other GREAT PRICES on other great batteries. The great prices wouldn't happen to be £1 by any chance would they ?


Hence the £1 price tag - However the AAA versions did very well in my energiser torch. Okay for remotes etc, but wouldn't last two minutes in a digital camera etc.

Super Size Me  dvd £1.00 in Poundland
Found 14th Apr 2008Found 14th Apr 2008
Super Size Me dvd £1.00 in Poundland
This not a bare bones dvd but a special edtion which features. Director's commentary. Deleted scenes. etc. first post so be gentle with me..
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Why not make it Supersize!!! :-D


Haha!! Brilliant. My sentiments exactly.. :lol:


I git this free with a newspaper


Even at £1 its overpriced - pointless boring film



Hama - PSP Essentials Kit - BARGAIN £1 !!!!
Found 13th Apr 2008Found 13th Apr 2008
Hama - PSP Essentials Kit - BARGAIN £1 !!!!
Following on from the Sound Case is this essentials kit - an even better bargain; A great kit that is a must have for all PSP users! - Highlights - In-Car charger to keep going f… Read more

Nice work OP, I will have to take a look in there tomorrow lunch time while I am at college, there was something else I wanted from PL just can't remember what, oh well, it will come to me eventually :) Thanks, Mike..


good price!


Not sure, but I believe so, though I do know stock varies occasionally between stores, but it is a general offer and not a special line. I got it from the Wolverhampton store and they had bucket loads. Maybe phone before you make a special trip, but a genuine bargain and they were going fast when I was in store.


Is this offer at all PoundLands?


UK RRP was £19.99, but available for £12.99 here (more info and images); http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=101027&r=A

Hama - PSP Sound Case - BARGAIN £1 !!!!
Found 13th Apr 2008Found 13th Apr 2008
Hama - PSP Sound Case - BARGAIN £1 !!!!
Great bit of kit for a quid. Protects your PSP and provides powerful sound output. Even includes the 2 AAA batteries!! Has cut aways for connecting power and most major controls… Read more

I believe HAMA own the Gamexpert brand. But yes, unbelievable for a squid!! (remember, even includes the batteries - with approx 8 hr life!!).


Got one of these for my son instore yesterday.... absolutely brill for a quid crazy price, they had loads in stock!!!! When turn up it rumbles a bit like a sub and speakers great buy. Not Hama but Gamexpert!!!


I have found they only show a very small selection on the website. Its in store for sure.


Is it in-store? Can't find it on their site? Typical that the one in Preston has closed now that they actually have something useful to sell.


Hot deal !! nice find

slim ps2 multitap stand £1 at poundland
Found 12th Apr 2008Found 12th Apr 2008
slim ps2 multitap stand £1 at poundland
found these in my local poundland gamexpert multitap stand and a dvd remote. only for the slim ps2 worth it for the remote alone sorry no picture but if anyone can add then plea… Read more

so ended up going there yesterday, was told they do not sell any ps2 things at all. was annoyed. probably depends on branch


poundland stockton dont have the stands left but have loads of other acesories they have illuminated ps stand tho


None in the Poundland in Leeds.


ok thanks , will check out my branch down south this week see if there are any to be found.:)


went to poundland in meadowhall, sheffield and none on the shelves.

10 pack slimline dvd case doubles £1 @ poundland
Found 10th Apr 2008Found 10th Apr 2008
Get 10 double slot slimline DVD cases for £1



Well I like the thin ones they dont take up as much room!!!! Can everyone stop biting my head off plz!!! LOL


I dont know but never mind :whistling:


Normal thickness cases are much more popular as its easy for people to make use if sites like [url]www.cdcovers.cc[/url] and replace 'lost' covers. Poundland sell normal thickness cases '14mm' 8 for £1. Better deals available for DVD cases online, like from UKDVDR they were doing 25 '14mm' ones for £1.79 last week (normally £2.24). Only a good deal if you are ordering something else to cover the postage or like me live along the road :)


As this is a Hot deals site....why not put the saving in the heading....so people can tell its a hot deal.....e.g. TV was £499 at play....now with code and quidco £454...SAVE £45 dvd slimline cases 10 for £1...was £1.15....SAVE 15p...you'll get more votes this way....might not all be positive though

A few quality films on DVD at £1 a pop
Found 9th Apr 2008Found 9th Apr 2008
A few quality films on DVD at £1 a pop
Poundland is fast becoming my favourite place for unearthing hot deals - I was in there yesterday and the assistant was unpacking lots of new titles so this list might get added to… Read more
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Croydon branch has the original 1986 Transformers Movie hidden away in its 'cartoons' shelf. Worth a quid of anyones money!


Metrocentre poundland had a few! The Machinist, Human Traffic, Monster, Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, House of 1000 Corpses, Secretary, Super Size Me, The Hilside strangler :)


Picked up the Machinist in Wolves today. Was tempted by Human Traffic but didn't know if it was any good or not. Heat + rep added :thumbsup:


I purchased Wonderland, Kickboxer, The Hillside Strangler, Tha Machinist, Chopper, Human Traffic, from Northampton Poundland - bargain. Steve


the harrow store is pants i mean they had no pornos! :p lol there was nothing good in the harrow one only some dvd on amir khan and lots of vhs's about david dickinson! There have also been some posts about BOGOF haribo sweets....poundland do two packs for a pound they are only the 175g bags but they are normally the obscure packs like fantasy mix and magic mix which aere really nice but u cant pick up in most supermarkets still voted hot good deal if u can find anything!

Powerpuff girls cushion only £1 at poundland
Found 7th Apr 2008Found 7th Apr 2008
Powerpuff girls cushion only £1 at poundland
Was in my local poundland today when I noticed there were some powerpuff girl pillows for a pound @ poundland. They were pretty good quality as well so I picked up one for my niece… Read more
4 Packs of Trident Splash for £1!
Found 5th Apr 2008Found 5th Apr 2008
4 Packs of Trident Splash for £1!
4 Packs of Trident Splash for £1! Bargain!
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home bargain has the ball packs of 40 pieces for 69p the also have extra fusion 9piece for 10p


Gads, so detailed.... Anyway what may be unsuitable for you may be great for others. Thanks for the detailed report though.


Beware of this stuff. It gave me terrible wind & the s**ts, & I've heard similar stories from other ppl too! Its been about 4 wks since I ate it & only now am I finally starting to push firm ones out!


Great price.


hmm i love this stuff

£1 for 12 Sony ultra heavy duty  AA carbon zinc batteries at poundland
Found 3rd Apr 2008Found 3rd Apr 2008
£1 for 12 Sony ultra heavy duty AA carbon zinc batteries at poundland
Was suprised to see these batteries here, I know I got some in my Sony Remote Control and they lasted forever... Good buy. Deal doesnt show online but there were tons of them so p… Read more
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Saw them today. Nice one


OP is about standard batteries and should be judged as such , rechargeable batteries are a different kettle of fish. As a standard battery 12 for a quid is a good bargain.You can also buy 2 rechargables and a charger both at £1 each from the same shop.


I have these, this offer has always been on as last October I thought I was being a "smart a***" and bought £10 worth and they are rubbish! In my wireless apple mouse they last 2 weeks, standard batteries usually last around 3 months! Wireless Apple keyboard around the same again. PS3 remote Control they lasted 4 weeks. TV remote 2 weeks. They are perfect emergency batteries but dont expect to use them as a cost cutting measure, over the space of a year you probably spend more!


Recharging takes barely measurable amounts of electricity - I'm with pibpob, go the Hybrio/Eneloop route. With a decent charger, you'll never need buy batteries again.


No, not at all. Do not get hung up on brand names. "Sony" (a dubiously over-inflated brand in the first place) means nothing. "Zinc carbon" means everything - i.e. the crappiest form of battery. No-name alkalines are much better value, and rechargeables are much better value still (costing a fraction of a penny per charge).

creative zen mains charger  in poundland
Found 3rd Apr 2008Found 3rd Apr 2008
creative zen mains charger in poundland
was in my local poundland in reading and saw these on the shelf dont know if this is nationwide.But there was at least 14 left on the shelf , they were being snapped up fast in rea… Read more
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Well waste of time, leic none at all, + staff did,nt no if they had any anyway...


Will have a look in leic this week, are these the real deal, made by CREATIVE, ?? or a cheap one, ? Just incase , you can charge nearly any mp3 player via a home charger with the , usb to plug into... i use my SAMSUNG one, from argos... charges all mine.. no prob,s




I think you'll find that the polarity and current is important also. As for yam yam comment it, was merely a retaliatory reponse which obviously doesn't bother you guys in the midlands :whistling: nuff said


You are quite obviously an idiot, and getting Birmingham, confussed with the Black Country, which includes but is not exclusive to - Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton.... Anyway aslong as the charger fits in the hole, and the voltage isn't too high, it will charge, it's not rocket science.

Easy Sink and Pipe Unblocker at Poundland for err...£1!
Found 2nd Apr 2008Found 2nd Apr 2008
Easy Sink and Pipe Unblocker at Poundland for err...£1!
This product is normally around the £5.00 mark: 1.5 litre. 3 Treatments per bottle Ive tried 3 leading brand products at a fiver a pop, even caustic soda and had no joy with a b… Read more
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A drain cleaner FANBOY. Thats a new one i imagine.


Well I beg to differ on this one. We recently ran out of fabric condtioner in our house, and bought some Easy 3 in 1 conditioner, stain remover and crease remover for a quid from the local shop. I was amazed when it actually did all three jobs when we just wanted a basic fabric conditioner. My shirts barely need ironing and not at all sometimes, and the stain remover was pretty good too, so I would definitely try other Easy products such as the drain unblocker. Just remembered I've also tried the Easy leather cleaner for my sofa, and it works a treat - the price was a quid from our local pound shop.


Stop being a jessy, get your hands dirty and clean out your trap!


Unfunnily enough - no.


Does this help with constipation?

USB Back Massager just £1 available in store
Found 1st Apr 2008Found 1st Apr 2008
USB Back Massager just £1 available in store
I purchased one of these as a stocking filler for my girlfriend a couple of xmas times ago and I think I paid arround the £8 mark from ebuyer. I was browsing in my local Norwich p… Read more
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Thanks ok if you have a girlfriend 8-)


looks like a sex toy or summat :w00t:


Hmm purchased it for yer girlfriends back........just give her a massage its cheaper and more fun....well maybe...:whistling:

NiQuitin Gum only £1 at PoundLand
Found 1st Apr 2008Found 1st Apr 2008
NiQuitin Gum only £1 at PoundLand
Just noticed on the PoundLand website that they are selling NiQuitin gum for just £1 for a packet of 12 Not sure if it is available any cheaper elsewhere, but I've never seen it t… Read more

Hot Deal


From Poundland? Does it make you want to smoke more? :whistling:


Home bargains sell it at a £1 and i think b & m bargains do as well


Good deal - never seen it this cheap And for those who want to give up smoking - GO FOR IT - I am on day 66 without the dreaded weed and it is getting easier every day :) Stopping smoking is one of the best money saving "deals" there is :-D (66 days @ £5.50 a day = £363 saved)

Binoculars for £1 @ PoundLand!
Found 31st Mar 2008Found 31st Mar 2008
Binoculars for £1 @ PoundLand!
Went to my local Poundland today (Wolverhampton) and saw these. Obviously, not the best and not for professional use, but genuinely work and serve a purpose. Great for kids in pa… Read more

Cool. I am also worried aout the "type" of BIRDS you refer to! Everyone in my family each have a set in their bedroom....ahem....HAHA!


brought these a few days ago... great value! PS ( i brought them to watch the birds in my garden, but I also back onto a play park :p)


Puzzle for you:- Life a get:whistling:


Was meant as humour, probably sadly lost on this site now though. I fear nothing, I am only to be feared. In jest again before anyone to serious and sad replies:roll:


I was wondering if it was an attempt at some sort of humour, but didn't comment 'cause I didn't want to be "whooshed" :roll:

L'oreal Tex Hair Products - £1 @ Poundland
Found 31st Mar 2008Found 31st Mar 2008
L'oreal Tex Hair Products - £1 @ Poundland
Found these at my local poundland in Livingston. Absolute bargain to me as i had been paying full price of £11 in saloons for them. As the name of the merchant suggests these are o… Read more

still available (in Leeds) and definitely not fake, just an American import. As for L'oreal's response in post 50, I'm guessing they'd rather have us spend £12+ on the UK version than have the same stuff, cheaper...


Yeah, it's definately real. I bought a huge supply yesterday (around £20 worth, mostly of the web effect gum). I took one of each of the others I hadn't tried before, and I'll see how they go. Essentially, I'll never have to buy product again.


To be honest i thought it was fake so i bought some and took it home to compare with th other ones that i had. then i emailed L'Oreal..... This is what i asked L'Oreal: hi there, just a quicl question i bought some playball from a poundland store in the metrocentre i n gateshead and i'm not 100percent it's the sameproducts i've bought before from salons, the label is slightly different forinstance it says "texpalyball" rather than "tec niart" and the actually paste seems thinner and doesn't have the same hold as the previously bought ones. it also says "designweb" and has "textureline" written on the side instead of "tecniart" - could you confirm that this is a loreal product and not a counterfeit? This i what i got as a reply from L'oreal. Many thanks for your query regarding the tex play ball products sourced through Poundland Stores. The product you have bought is an official L’Oréal Professionnel product from America which was discontinued last year and has somehow infiltrated the UK market. Although the product has the same coloured lid, it is completely different to our density material with all components, formula, technology and fragrance being substantially different to our UK product. The UK L’Oréal Professionnel team is currently in the process of ensuring all tex play ball products are withdrawn from the market. If you like the original density material, we suggest you buy the product via your professional salon to ensure you get the right product in future. Kind Regards L'Oréal Professionnel UK So there you have it - it's discontinued stock sold on cheaply and shipped via poundland. Why LO'real have no idea how it's "infiltrated" the UK market is beyond me. and if they let whole shipments go missing like that is a wonder in it's self. which is probably why i paid £14.99 for the "official" uk deviation paste in a Salon. [/LIST]


Give Deviation Paste (matte paste for deconstructing) or Motion Gelee (whipped creme wax for definition) a go. Or you could just buy all five (six if you can find the one with the pink top) and give them a go to find which one is right for you.


ooh, if get out to Bury Poundland will try one of these, can someone recopmmend which one is best to add a bit of texture to long hair.....wouldn't know where to start...;-)

6pk Kodak SupraLife AA Batteries (Alkaline) BOGOF (12 for £1)
Found 26th Mar 2008Found 26th Mar 2008
6pk Kodak SupraLife AA Batteries (Alkaline) BOGOF (12 for £1)
My local Poundland has 6 Kodak SuperLife AA Batteries for £1, Buy One Get One Free... so 12 for £1. Billy bargain :) I use these for my bike lights, wireless keyboard and mouse etc… Read more

They're c r a p batteries - bought some for Kodak camera and as soon as you put them in the camera flashes red for low battery. Use others and there's no problem. Very disappointed with them to be honest!


BOGOF for 4 packs in Worksop - still a good deal tho


pks of 4 BOGOF in Inverness...good for digital camera!


These wern't BOGOF when I went in today. They were just 1 6 pack for £1.


I'm there! Voted hot.

Deal of the week- 200 pack A4 copy paper only £1 @ poundland  + many other bargains
Found 26th Mar 2008Found 26th Mar 2008
Deal of the week- 200 pack A4 copy paper only £1 @ poundland + many other bargains
Many other stationary deals for £1 on the site @ the moment including: 8 Pack A1 jiffy bubble envelopes 125 pack white envelopes Tape dispenser and 6 rolls of tape

It isn't a paperweight, it's a tape dispenser:thumbsup:


what weight paper is it

100g Lindt chocolate easter bunny only £1 @ poundland plus some other bargains.
Found 25th Mar 2008Found 25th Mar 2008
100g Lindt chocolate easter bunny only £1 @ poundland plus some other bargains.
Just came back from my local poundland (harlow) and spotted some deals I thought were really good. 100g lindt chocolate easter bunny only £1. Terrys mini eggs were 2 for a pound as… Read more
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We had one of these at home until last night, but it appears that mice like them too... The mouse that seems to have been wondering our house for the last few weeks somehow ripped off the gold foiling and chomped away at it. A very clever mouse. Not that clever though - we caught him later an the mouse is dead now. :thumbsup: Serves the little ****** right.


[image missing]


Will these keep till next Easter??


A diabetic can...:whistling:


You can never have too much chocolate :)

24 LED Camping light only £1@poundland
Found 23rd Mar 2008Found 23rd Mar 2008
24 LED Camping light only £1@poundland
Back round to that time of year again, cheapest I have seen them, low power consumption.

They didn't have any at our local store :(


Got 2 of these today and I'm very impressed at how powerful they are!. One is enough to illuminate an entire room :-D. Bigger than I imagined too. I'm going to go back and get a few more tomorrow, well worth a quid!. These will be great for music festivals and general camping this summer :thumbsup:.I've got some 2500mAh rechargeable batteries (x4) in them and will test the time it takes them to completely discharge tonight.Also should mention Poundland have dynamo/battery powered combo LED torches for a quid too.


take your m&s bag in with you:thumbsup:


thanks for this, voted hot


Wow, are you Tim Westwood?

Nestle Heaven Eggs 4 for £1!!!!!
Found 14th Mar 2008Found 14th Mar 2008
Nestle Heaven Eggs 4 for £1!!!!!
I was just in my local Poundland store and saw Nestle Heaven eggs at 4 for £1! They are like Cadbury creme eggs, but much nicer! I brought them from Tesco last week at 2 for £1! :… Read more
JVC Mini DV Tapes £1 @ Poundland
Found 9th Mar 2008Found 9th Mar 2008
JVC Mini DV Tapes £1 @ Poundland
In our local Poundland (Cwmbran), they had a large stock of JVC Mini DV Camcorder Tapes. Always very handy to have a few spares just in case you haven;t time to copy to DVD!
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https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/123684/jvc-60-minute-mini-dv-tapes-1-each/ Already posted but hot deal.


How much is it for 3 of them?

happy easter grass at poundland omg !!!!!!
Found 8th Mar 2008Found 8th Mar 2008
happy easter grass at poundland omg !!!!!!
there really is not limit to what this product can be, i mean hair for a bald man or a house for a mouse. think of the possibilities of cut up pieces of plastic bags, a must have. … Read more

briliant idea. i may just put some of our carrir bags through our shredder


godd stuff for all the easter bonnets and baskets,bought a fe packs from poundland today for making the easter bonnets cracking stuff for kids and much cheaper than an arts and crafts shop too.


Well said, Totally agree, If the deal isn't for you then you don't need to vote either way, It's always the same with items that are obviously not ment for everyone, If left alone their not going to get lots of hot votes but no need to vote cold unless you can get it cheaper or if it has a major flaw.


I don't feel that you should be reporting this as you feel it is rubbish,i assume this kind of thing comes in really useful for people with children needing to do Easter projects for school,not all deals shown are ideal for everyone but it is nice to have a choice without criticising peoples opinions


"Specially Processed American Meat". :?

Found 3rd Mar 2008Found 3rd Mar 2008
This is an Adaptor set to charge mobile phones via a USB connector. This is especially good for many Nokia phones as they cannot charge directly from usb port. With this adaptor yo… Read more

bought two, well worth the quid! cheers :thumbsup:


Great Price i posted the normal mains version for the New style Nokia normal plug in for the car on here last month for also at poundland


Good deal. Worth it for the old to new style nokia adapter on it's own.

Verbatim dvd rw  4 speed £1 at Poundland
Found 29th Feb 2008Found 29th Feb 2008
Verbatim dvd rw 4 speed £1 at Poundland
As above thought this was a good price for anyone just wanting a single dvd rw disc as you can pay more for other cheap brands and you can't go far wrong with verbs.

The above are write once DVD+Rs and 4 for a pound is expensive. I normally pay about £4 for 25.


I found these at 4 for £1 in my local Poundland in Gateshead...that's 25p each!!!They're Signalex DVD+R RW not Verbatim. I've no idea what the quality is like but was tempted to buy a pack. Does anyone know of any better / cheaper?If these work out OK for me I'll be buying more of them...[image missing]


ha'R'shman - The "i'm not blind" quote would seem more reasonable if you'd noticed that all high street Dixon's shops are now Currys Digital. Anyway - nearly bought the same thing from Instore (Poundstretcher) again for £1 but ended up with qty 3 Samsung Pleomax in library cases (+rw and -rw available) from Morrisons for £2 instead. (and before anyone has a go - I know they aren't the same quality as Verbatim, but they do the job and aren't some Supermarket own brand where you're lucky if your drive even recognises them)


Don't want to argue in this thread. I am stating single dvd rw disc offer


I just told u... go to your local dixons and pickup a spindle of 10 DVD-RW (and not -R!!! i'm not blind) for under £6... so that's an average of what again??? 60p or look at pcworld too: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/106733 (pickup in store for no p&p)

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