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UltraMax Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA Batteries - £1 Instore @ PoundLand
Found 18th Oct 2007Found 18th Oct 2007
UltraMax Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA Batteries - £1 Instore @ PoundLand
UltraMax Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA Batteries [image missing] Charge upto 1000 x R6/Size AA Ni-CD 800 mAh

Hybrid rechargeables are the future, but available now! Hybrio by Uniross or Eneloop by Sanyo. The Hybrio are VERY cheap on Amazon (you can get 2 batteries plus a charger for just £2.65, buy 6 and you get 12 batteries and SIX chargers for £15.90 delivered). They come ready to use and unlike evn the really high-powered 'ordinary' rechargeables lose VERY little charge even if left unused for 12 months (they will still retain approx 70% of their charge after a year of non-use). http://www.amazon.co.uk/Uniross-Hybrio-Charger-2100mAh-Batteries/dp/B000KG5G5S/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/202-6124890-9931053?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1192734645&sr=8-1


ooh thanks! does that mean i get a little green box! :thumbsup: 3000mAh - that sounds quite optimistic..bet they are more than £1.99 per 4-pack. Lidl's dont always have batteries for sale, its like all their deals grab em whilst you can!


It's a good deal ' TheDoc ' . Voted hot . The only reason I wont buy NiCads normally is because they have 'memory' when charging,but at this price ...........


the enegerizer ones that came with my charger are 1300mah and nimh... and they last ages so i'm definatly gonna check out the ones at lidl, thanks androo +rep @dude, what do you mean toxic? you mean if you put them in your mouth?


wouldn't touch ni-cad anymore, go for nimh, ni-cad are toxic, and nimh lasts 3 times as long.

Shawshank Redemption DVD £1 @ Poundland
Found 8th Oct 2007Found 8th Oct 2007
Shawshank Redemption DVD £1 @ Poundland
Comes in a box set with 3 other films - can't remember the titles but in theory that makes each film 25p each.
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Just to verify - it is that box set with witchcraft in it


This film is worlds.


how coherent....


Could be On Golden Pond which featured Jane Fonda and her dad Henry.Think it was the last film he made before he died and i think it won an Oscar. EDIT-It won three Oscars and Henry Fonda won one of them for best actor!


Educating Rita, CarryOn Camping + 1 other (Can't remember but it was recognisable). The 4 films are on 2 discs.

Lord of the Rings animation DVD £1 @ Poundland
Found 8th Oct 2007Found 8th Oct 2007
Lord of the Rings animation DVD £1 @ Poundland
A good selection of DVD's on offer
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Voted hot and rep for poster. Love anything related and for £1 cant go wrong.

Firestarter DVD £1 instore @ Poundland
Found 21st Sep 2007Found 21st Sep 2007
Firestarter DVD £1 instore @ Poundland
I went in my local Poundland (Chelmsford) the other day and they had Firestarter on DVD, just £1. Can't sniff at that!
IPod Mini / Shuffle (Rev.1) Dock & Other IPod Accessories for £1
Found 19th Sep 2007Found 19th Sep 2007
IPod Mini / Shuffle (Rev.1) Dock & Other IPod Accessories for £1
Newbie post here after several months lurking - let me know if there's any problems... Just been into Poundland in Bradford where they were just placing the following official App… Read more

Asda were selling these off at 10p each a few months ago, trust me they don't sell well on Ebay, too old.


My son works in Poundland in Birmingham and he has come home tonight with bag fulls!


I can literally hear the stampede of footsteps from eBay sellers flocking down to that branch already! :-D [size=0](...and no, I'm not one of them!)[/size]


Yup, Was there at 2.30ish and the store assistant / merchandiser was just placing them on the shelves - they're at the back of the store (far corner on the right) on an isle-end (Docks/lanyard on shelf, adaptors on peg above) Ta, Greg


Welcome to HUKD. :)Don't forget people...you can still use the dock on the first gen nano's, albeit with a little gap!voted hot and PM'd[image missing]G

Joytech GBA Micro accessory pack - £1 instore at Poundland
Found 6th Sep 2007Found 6th Sep 2007
Joytech GBA Micro accessory pack - £1 instore at Poundland
Couldn't find this exact deal posted before, although people seem to be aware you can get GBA bits and bobs in poundland. Still, thought this was worth a mention.... Joytech acce… Read more

never had in Leeds ...


GBA SP requires an adapter, it fits in the same socket you charge with.


Thanks for saving me the trip and the train fare! x


No, the headphones wont work for the GBA SP.


ROFL.. :whistling:

Addiction Body Spray for men buy 1 get 1 £1 for 2 instore
Found 20th Aug 2007Found 20th Aug 2007
Addiction Body Spray for men buy 1 get 1 £1 for 2 instore
This is a brilliant offer instore only. buy 1 get 1 free on addiction body spray. includes one of each Spice Fire and Wild Ginger smeeling fresh and fruity. Do rep and add heat. C… Read more

How annoying - people voting cold and not explaining why.


wrong picture mate Why the cold votes?

4 can pack of Coke £1 in Poundland
Found 17th Aug 2007Found 17th Aug 2007
4 can pack of Coke £1 in Poundland
In store price... Also Dr Pepper, 7 UP and Fanta.
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Coke this price is worse than horrid pepsi


Also 4 for a £1 in Netto stores!


But coke ain't horrid pepsi:w00t:


I'm getting out of this thread quick, I've put cans of coke in our freezer before and forgotten to take them out and have seen the mess they make when they split! :w00t:


morrisions are doing 3x6 for £3 pespsi/diet /7 up and tango

SD / SDHC card reader £1 in-store @ poundland
Found 12th Aug 2007Found 12th Aug 2007
SD / SDHC card reader £1 in-store @ poundland
Just bought this card reader from Poundland. At first I thought it was just a normal SD reader but to my amazement it also reads SDHC cards. A steal at £1

See here also for the while ones from Poundland with the card slot at the side that also take SD-HC https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/146828/usb-2-0-sd-mmc-card-reader-instore-/showthread.php?p=1714231


I bought a few of these last month ,they only had 2 colours but they work great . What a fantastic deal , for only a quid .


bought a couple of these a few months ago, blue ones wouldnt work with any card, exchanged them for yellow and work great


got a couple ages ago - very useful, and also make a cheap usb stick - if you buy a dirt cheap sd card off ebuyer


gotta collect 'em all!

X-Men 2  2 disc Special Edition £1
Found 10th Aug 2007Found 10th Aug 2007
X-Men 2 2 disc Special Edition £1
Brighton poundland has been selling the X-MEN 2 (2 disc special addition) for well yes a quid!
laptop security lock and wire ony £1 in-store at poundland
Found 9th Aug 2007Found 9th Aug 2007
laptop security lock and wire ony £1 in-store at poundland
this seems great value to secure your laptop. nice quality, and only a quid :-)

i take it this is Kensington type lock then?


I got one of these today (without finding this site ;) One of the key's just-will-not turn the lock (the other is ok) and the barrel is very loose in my laptop, so my £1 could have been better spent on the SD/USB Reader ;)

dvd-r discs for camcorder - 4 for £1 @ Poundland !
Found 5th Aug 2007Found 5th Aug 2007
dvd-r discs for camcorder - 4 for £1 @ Poundland !
4 x dvd-r discs for camcorder 30min long each excellent working - no difference from the expenseive ones
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i bought these the last day, i have a samsiung dvd camcorder and its only 6 month old, and mine worked straight away, no hassel!


@lazygamer - thanks for the info mate... But surely the dye is just part of the equation? I have just tried my 8cm TDK DVD-R disks, and they have the CMCW02 dye (4th generation, garbage, according to the website you mention). I bought them from eBuyer. It seems odd to me that a manufacturer like TDK would allow garbage disks to bear their name. So my reasoning is that either the dye is not the be-all-or end-all, or that I have somehow gotten some fake DVDs off eBuyer (who would fake blank DVDs, when the "real" ones are so cheap and plentiful?) I use my TDKs in my DVD camcorder, and have not had any problems so far (although I also burn the 8cm disks to full-sized DVDs as a precaution...


Following on from my previous message, just to clarify my price explanations: If you're intending to buy a load of DVD's, and/or archival quality is your thing, then go online and get them in bulk. Leave this post, there is nothing for you here! If you in a bind, and in need of a blank DVD fast (you have some work to burn to disc and there's no blanks at work), and you only need it to get some work copied over, then you probably only need one or two discs, not 500 of them. And you need it now. You could go into PC world and buy a pack of 5 TDK DVD-R for £5. They'll be good quality discs. OR you could go into poundland and pick 2 TDK DVD-R for £1. OR risk it and buy their own brand at 4 for £1. It's entirely up to you. I'd recommend the following two steps to anyone buying blank DVD media, online or offline: 1. Download DVD Identifier for free: http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com/ 2. Run DVD Identifier, stick a blank disc in, and click 'Analyse'. 3. This will identify who made the DVD. You're looking for the 'Media Code'. 4. Check the media code against the list here: http://www.digitalfaq.com/media/dvdmedia.htm You'll know instantly what quality your discs are. The 4-pack of DVD+R from Poundland come up as INFODISCA01, the DVD-R as OPTODISCR008 on my PC. Both are '2nd class media' The 2-pack TDK come up as TTH01, '1st class media'. If you intend to buy a bulk order of discs, I recommend your first order is a wide range of different brands/type so you can check each brand. You don't want to order 500 discs only to find they're all fakes! Even the most reputable places (in my experience eBuyer) have sold fake DVD's, I once bought a pack of 25 DVD+R from there, every single one coastered. The media code was AML002 (4th class/fake media). I didn't attempt a refund, as I only £5 and sending them back was too much hassle.


Yes, exactly the same, most Wii's and gamecubes will scream at you if you put these in though. Shame really.


there okay i remember some guy tried selling them on here for more lol

leappad back packs, blue or pink £1.00
Found 31st Jul 2007Found 31st Jul 2007
leappad back packs, blue or pink £1.00
Spotted the back packs for the leappad systems in poundland for .. YES a quid, thought it might be of use to someone, x
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What a bargain - we have these already for my 3 children and I can recommend them - keeps all the little bits together!


Me too, I bought the rucksack one from 99p store today, and the Little Touch is too big, does the backpack fit better anyone know


Does any1 know about anywhere doing the Little Touch Tote Bags for a £1? Will go great with his Little Touch Leap Pad Xmas pressie...


voted hot, useful find.


99 pence store stock the ruck sack which is very similar to the back pack.

Lynx Thai Massage Shower Gel RRP £2.88 only £1 at Poundland!
Found 29th Jul 2007Found 29th Jul 2007
Lynx Thai Massage Shower Gel RRP £2.88 only £1 at Poundland!
Full sizes bottles of Lynx Thai Massage shower gel are available in Poundland. RRP on this is £2.88 so quite a saving and worth buy ing a few of :)

Anyone else struck by the hilarity of a thread devoted to telling us that something at Poundland costs a pound? Can't comment on the product itself, but thanks for posting anyway!


They've been a pound at ASDA for quite a while. Voted cold.


^^^ haha, if only :(


Does it include a glove so it feels like somebody else's hand ?

Treasured Tales CD Book @ Poundland
Found 26th Jul 2007Found 26th Jul 2007
Treasured Tales CD Book @ Poundland
No I haven't heard of them either, They are Read & Listen Along Audio CD books. Just bought More Nursery Rhymes and Christmas Songs (yeah I know a little early).They are for my… Read more

I forgot to put on they may have other titles in your Poundland, the publisher does make more Read & Listen Audio CDs http://www.berrylandbooks.co.uk/cdbooks.htm

Star Trek Insurrection (hardcover) at Poundland
Found 21st Jul 2007Found 21st Jul 2007
Star Trek Insurrection (hardcover) at Poundland
found this instore this morning. bargain if you haven't got it....... and like trek of course. it would be a bargain for the paperback never mind the hardcover
Bargain England Football Book from Poundland! Just £1.00!!
Found 20th Jul 2007Found 20th Jul 2007
Bargain England Football Book from Poundland! Just £1.00!!
England - The Football Facts by Dean Hayes It's a 320 page book, packed with stats on the England international football team, and takes in all matches up to the end of December 2… Read more
Axe (Lynx) Bodyspray  (all scents inc Africa) only £1 a can in Poundland!
Found 20th Jul 2007Found 20th Jul 2007
Axe (Lynx) Bodyspray (all scents inc Africa) only £1 a can in Poundland!
Since Lynx (and it's international name Axe) have had a can redesign, Poundland have all the old design cans (with the removable lid) in stock! All the 'usual' scents are there in… Read more
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hahahahaha. I am enjoying this thread. I never knew that - but worth knowing. ;)


It is the international name - about a week ago I was in Spain and it was called Axe there - it's exactly the same as I brought Click. hothothot


anyone know where these "drunk slags"are ?:giggle:


Used to use Lynx a long time back.Java was my favourite then. Good deal :)


If Lynx Africa is good enough for Alan Partridge, then surely Axe Africa is good enough....to smell like a tarts handbag?!!! :p

Tweenies Play to the Music PC Game RRP £4.99+, only £1 at Poundland
Found 20th Jul 2007Found 20th Jul 2007
Tweenies Play to the Music PC Game RRP £4.99+, only £1 at Poundland
Looks to be a great price for a nice kids present, stocking filler or just a treat for this rainy summer! Cheapest I've seen elsewhere is £4.99 at Amazon (+P&P)

Pity it's only instore, we don't have one of these shops in the Isle of Man.


Thanks for this KittyKate :) HOT ++

50 button cell batteries £1 @Poundland (2p each)
Found 13th Jul 2007Found 13th Jul 2007
50 button cell batteries £1 @Poundland (2p each)
Always something thats useful to have in that drawer full of bits and bats. Ive seen these at more than a £1 for one.
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i've bought these and they have proved surprisingly useful. mainly for use with kids stuff. at £1 a pack just using a few of them really saves money on buying them individually.


Lithium and alkaline cells aren't generally compatable - alkaline give 1.5V output whereas Lithium 3.3V so they aren't normally mixed. Lithium cells are typically found in computer motherboards, camera backup batteries, some calculators etc, and this pack doesn't have any of them. Alkaline cells like these are commonly found in cheap LED pens, laser pointers and similar devices (often with 3 or 4 stacked) and this pack can be very handy for them (cheap being the important word here!). Watches and things like hearing aids often use more expensive technologies (based on silver etc) to create the tiny cells, so this pack won't help you there either. Still worth getting a pack in I reckon if you have a lot of gadgets (although these have been at poundland for years now).


These are 99p (in the 99p stores) :thumbsup:


well in my area anyway


thats old every pound shop has that

Nescafe Original Coffee 100g - £1 @ Poundland
Found 12th Jul 2007Found 12th Jul 2007
Nescafe Original Coffee 100g - £1 @ Poundland
Nescafe Original Coffee 100g, of course £1 at Poundland. Typical price supermarket £1.95

Hot coffee. Cold coffee. It all depends on how you like it. :)


thanks. voted hot. why is this cold?


Voted hot, good price! Cold votes for no reason as per :P


I think they do a big selection of drinks, seen cadburys hot chocolate there too.

Lord Of The Rings animated £1 at Poundland
Found 9th Jul 2007Found 9th Jul 2007
Lord Of The Rings animated £1 at Poundland
Hi noticed the Lord Of The Rings old 80's animation new and sealed for £1 in Poundland. Also saw a PC game called Everquest with 30 days subsription(and its popular) for £1 Well … Read more

I picked this up for 99p from The Works last week. So if you can't get to a Poundland, it may be worth checking in there.


This is actually an excellent show. Haven't seen it since I was wee though. :thumbsup:]Wiki wah wah [image missing]

Belkin A TO B USB Illuminated 1.8M(6Ft) Cable just £1
Found 1st Jul 2007Found 1st Jul 2007
Belkin A TO B USB Illuminated 1.8M(6Ft) Cable just £1
Just been into poundland in Birmingham, they have the Belkin illuminated (the ends light up) A to B Printer USB Lead, 1.8M or 6 Foot in old money, just £1, considering PC World sel… Read more
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they do sell them for £15... easy. normal ones sell 8 quid each eithout any effort what so ever. lol


I bought one of these and was going to post this myself - it is USB 2.0 as it says on the back that it meets the speed requirement of USB 2.0, it reduces EMI/RFT interference. For a fuller description you can go to Amazon which also has a lighted USB cable. I think they should be around £3 normally. F3U144 is the model number.


You misunderstand, I find it highly unlikely that they SELL them at £15;-) :p Just checked that code number but it's not the ones I refer to, can't find them online but they're PCLine branded.


hi i think its 2.0. as it hasnt slowed up my printer connection, chucked packing now or id tell you exact model no. sorry.


;) Go to the [url]www.pcworld.co.uk[/url] website and search for "669203"

Waterproof Playing Cards
Found 26th Jun 2007Found 26th Jun 2007
Waterproof Playing Cards
Great for summer holidays especially on the beach
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if they're waterproof, I guess they're plastic. if so that's a great price. would be interested to know if anyone buys a pack.


Oh no - poor you. Hope you have not been too badly affected. Will you stick them together to make a raft?


If they float I'll buy them all. (If I can get to a Poundland!) PS I live in Sheffield


Could be useful up North.

USB in car charger
Found 25th Jun 2007Found 25th Jun 2007
USB in car charger
as the title says...i bought one today and tried it with my ipod video and it worked perfectly...why should you pay apple £14 for this when you can get for £1?

ASDA Have Ipod chargers for £2. Belkin so good quality. And to install a cig lighter socket isn't too difficult. Just need a hole big enough and some scotchloks to wire to a positive and an earth.


Cheers, but even basic knowledge of doing stuff like that is beyond me :?


I bought a similarly priced charger for my ipod from QD. Just be aware that the quality is not too good. Mine actually exploded and burst into flame! Fortunately my ipod didn't get damaged. I know Apple are expensive but I wont buy a cheapie again.


Do you have a need for a socket in your car? If so you could do what i did for my motorcycle and buy this ]http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=99505&criteria=car%20socket&doy=25m6 Easy as pie to wire in as long as you have some basic knowledge, then either silicon or bolt it somewhere in your car. :thumbsup:


Even though it's no good to me have voted it hot anyway!

Tennis Racket
Found 25th Jun 2007Found 25th Jun 2007
Tennis Racket
Gonna get that bug were you play tennis during Wimbledon. For a quid this prevents you spending a fortune on a yearly bug that lasts a fornight. 4 Rackets and Balls = £5.
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I'll tell you what is a 'tennis racket' £15 for a little bowl of strawberries and cream at wimbledon.


Cheap and nasty, but a good price. Got one at the weekend

Pack of 4 Ni-Cd AA 800mAh Rechargeable  £1 @ Poundland
Found 23rd Jun 2007Found 23rd Jun 2007
Pack of 4 Ni-Cd AA 800mAh Rechargeable £1 @ Poundland
I was in the Norwich branch of Poundland this morning when I came across these regargeable batteries. They are Ni-Cd 800mAh which probably does not make them very good for digital… Read more
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Ebay:giggle: Slightly better deal here : https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76844 They charge in about an hour with my Uniross charger. The Aldi/Lidl chargers take somewhat longer.


I've often wondered, where exactly are we supposed to take our batteries for recycling?


NiCad batteries lose their charge quite quickly, I don't think I'd bother putting them in remotes as they would need charging every month, wheras alkaline last for a year or more!!!


I use dozens of rechargeables , my 800 mAh ones were a first purchase from homebase before I knew any better. Now I only buy 2500 mAh( mainly from ebay) ones. these are really cheap because they are rubbish.:roll:


Have bought a few of these packs and they are fine for tv,dvd remote controls,radios, torches etc. I put some in a 7" LCD TV but the power goes down quickly. For £1 they are good value. Yes..the Lidl/ Aldi ones are better but then they're twice the price. No way these are a Cold Vote!

Electric Fly Swatter £1 in-store @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 22nd Jun 2007Found 22nd Jun 2007
An electronic fly zapper styled as a racquet. Kills flies in an instant with no mess. How it packs such a big electrical charge with only 2 small batteries is a mystery - but just … Read more
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Oh dear I emailed the seller of these on ebay asking if these are the same ones that are being sold in poundland for a £1.00 here is the response What!!!! that expensive i only pay 20p for these thats a rip off!!!!


Been a 10 day listing and still not sold any:giggle: I'd like to be a fly on the wall in that house..........er, or maybe not:w00t:


Not sure where he got them from as there's no poundland in Mablethorpe. Yeah bit of a fiddle with that RRP.


Very good buy. Same thing at Maplins is £4.99 Will have to get one for my Dad to kill his moths :)


These are marketted as electric fly swats, but they really come into their own with mozzies. When we lived abroad, we were plagues with the bu99ers. yes we did have mozzie nets up and mozzie screening at the windows and plug ins, but it is difficult enough to sleep at night in a roasting hot room AND have insects whizzing past every now and then. Hard enough for an adult, but trying to convince a VERY tired and overheated child that the buzzing round their head is not the same mosquitos that must have bitten them before and made their eyes swell up and their whole body itch. Fascinating as they are, flys and mozzies are disease and germ carrierers, and bring total misery to millions of people. I don't consider myself a sadist, but the sound of a crackling mossie is VERY satifiying - the volume is after all relative to the amount of moisture in the insect - loud crack = huge feast from an unwilling donor!! My mother in law is now confined to her bed or a wheelchair, so is unable to fend off mossies - this gadget has made her more able to defend herself. I would never use this on anything other than mozzies or persistant flies. You do have to keep them out of reach of small children (and drunken adults) but you wouldn't let a child play with a 'manual' flyswat - would you?

IXOS Type A to Type Mini B 2.0m Gold plated device cable
Found 17th Jun 2007Found 17th Jun 2007
IXOS Type A to Type Mini B 2.0m Gold plated device cable
Found this in Croydon#s Poundland but I reckon they are pretty much nationwide. It is a 24k Hrad gold plated IXOS USB cable which, amongst other things, would connect a PC to a MP… Read more

Nice find, i'll get one for my PSP (I think its the right one) cos someone nicked mine!:x


Im from Croydon too!!! lol


you mean usb on-the-go? i don't think any devices exist yet, let alone cables, its not really even part of the usb2 standard yet iirc.....


As far as I know, no, the cables are aslo different (I guess it's the grade of the copper wire or the shielding which is different)...try attaching an external USB drive with a USB1.1 cable and see the performance. If it's a good cable, it should have printed on the wire section "Certified for USB Hi-Speed", etc...


so all usb cables are of same speed, then why do some cable packaging refers to 480 speed?

4 gang socket £1 @ Poundland
Found 13th Jun 2007Found 13th Jun 2007
4 gang socket £1 @ Poundland
Always handy and well worth a quid
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Yer, and consider that the skeleton was so keen to be included that he had the message lasered through to his bones!!


So by my reckoning that's..... Primary school aged children, Kittens, Large numbers of strangers...(some very strange), A skeleton & an Ainsley Harriott lookalike All of whom can understand & recognise sarcasm....how strange that some people would appear to find it soooooo difficult?!?!?!


this lot wanted to stand up and be counted as well!![image missing]


Hey Charlie...i did some research and found this lot...[image missing][image missing][image missing]


[SIZE="4"]Ron you fool, where are your smiley's!!!!![/SIZE]

4 mini DVD-r discs £1 at Poundland (instore only)
Found 16th May 2007Found 16th May 2007
4 mini DVD-r discs £1 at Poundland (instore only)
Four mini 4x speed DVD-r discs in a cakebox for £1 at Poundland. Found them in the Leeds store. Buying 100 in bulk from various online stockists costs £35, so I reckon this is a … Read more

Obviously. Just spreading the word that I have Datawrite Red -Rs at 20p each. Someone may want some at a better price than this. The drawback is that I only have 100 to sell, so be quick if you want them at that price.


i didn't include private sellers in that obviously.


I'm selling them for 20p each in the FS/FT forum :) 25p each is quite expensive IMO :giggle:


These disks have been around in Bolton for the best part of a year. Just like any other DVD medium. They are good for somethings and on some recorders. Voted Hot.


i just burned a few and they burnt/played fine :) guess some burners are more fussy than others!

Tape Dispenser and  6 rolls of Sellotape @£1
Found 15th May 2007Found 15th May 2007
Tape Dispenser and 6 rolls of Sellotape @£1
Always Useful - a years supply and many Christmas problems solved
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Sellotape is the "brand name" so if its sellotape then the tape would be of better quality. If its sticky tape then its only really good for wrapping presents as the op says.


What's the difference?


It's sticky tape. The tape reels are approx. 1 3/4" with less than 1/4" of 3/4" wide clear tape on them. The dispensers are quite sturdy and approx. 5 1/4" x 2 1/4", and are in various colours. These are an all year round stock item for Poundland.


It says sellotape in the title and on the poundland website!


Is it Sellotape or sticky tape?

Battery operated garden parasol lights - Pack of 20 = £1 !!!!
Found 9th May 2007Found 9th May 2007
Battery operated garden parasol lights - Pack of 20 = £1 !!!!
Pack of 20 parasol lights including clips for £1! Available in clear, blue and green. Only available instore, but my local branch had loads in. (also selling throw-away bbq's)

I agree, it's better to have a picture, I just couldn't see Poundland selling on ebay.:giggle:


why dont you understand the pic?! loads of people are selling them on ebay...... i thought it was better to put a pic up of the item so people can see exactly what they are.


I don't understand the picture, it's an ebay pic, ain't it? Good price though but you get what you pay for in my opinion.


i was actually looking for some of these and they are quite hard to find. and when you do they are quite expensive. i mean i dont know how good they are but worth a shot at a quid. poundland is excellent for dog bowls and dog toys on a different note!


[SIZE=2]Nice find can't go wrong for a £1.00 :thumbsup: Hot :thumbsup: [/SIZE]

Mini TV Remote - £1 @ Poundworld
LocalLocalFound 8th May 2007Found 8th May 2007
Mini TV Remote - £1 @ Poundworld
Mini universal TV remote - bargain at £1
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Got a few mini ones - works great on every tv ive tried (on my keyring). Maybe the person above didnt read the instructions and/or has a weird tv which doesnt use a IR standard. Overall good for a pound, but does eat batterys so buy a few and just throw away when done...


Yeah, I got the full size one quite a few months back, it works fine. :)


There's a full size one for a pound as well !


Would this work on a Freeview box? Our's has long gone and it's a pain to do it manually!


I have one of these and it is fantastic. Perhaps the previous poster did not know how to program it? Mine even went through the washing machine (they are small - i left it in my pocket!), and tumble dryer, and after a battery change - it still worked!

Inflatable boat - £1 @ Poundland !
Found 2nd May 2007Found 2nd May 2007
Inflatable boat - £1 @ Poundland !
Cheap holiday solutions - this boat only £1. Also other beach items includingair matress etc & Barbie ring. You pay a lot more at the beach side.
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Thanks stephenburton :)


I brought a load for when global warming kicks in, these are going to be the new Mercedes.


They are also useful for sending you loved ones out to sea on. :)


These are great to use a paddling pool for a toddler. Saves water too!

Found 1st May 2007Found 1st May 2007
Laser Level - at Poundland!!!
Found 29th Apr 2007Found 29th Apr 2007
Laser Level - at Poundland!!!
Just bought from Poundland in Nuneaton this morning. Projects a laser line, so in effect a cheap laser spirit level. Haven't tested it yet, but for a quid its worth a punt!
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Bought one of these last year - never worked !!! could'nt be bothered to take it back. Would have cost me more in Car Park fees.. Good luck though. P.S . stay clear of the 12v car to USB adaptor, ' Can be used to charge USB powered devices' . Yer right.... Plugged my K800i mobile into it and within 2 mins it had sucked all the power from the mobile... ( may be good for discharging batteries though .. lol.)


probably best not to point this at anything you don't want to dis-integrate tho, I bet it could even take out a Klingon bird of prey or a Romulan war bird !!! :giggle:

Solar Lights - £1 @ Poundworld
Found 29th Apr 2007Found 29th Apr 2007
Solar Lights - £1 @ Poundworld
First deal so I hope this has been listed right. I have just bought 10 solar lights from poundland for, yep you guessed it £10.00, I thought this was a good deal as two days earli… Read more
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If you think the costs with postage are to expensive they also have these instore as well if you have a local one. And with the savings stamps you can get £1 free on £20 card which is a 5% discount.


The only trouble with Wilkinsons is their delivery charges you have to spend over £400 before you get Free Delivery. £0-£40=£5 £40.01-£80=£10 £80.01-£150=£15 £150.01-£399.99=£20.00 £400+= Free


Wilkinson also do some solar lights ]click here, look reasonably priced but not as cheap as Poundland.


I like my LUNAR light, trouble is it only good for 12 night's of the year weather permitting :giggle:[image missing]


hmm....solar lights you say ? Just bought a pretty cool set for my decking steps from TJ Hughes (4 in a pack) they don't have those rubbishy plastic stands or anything like that they look like those nice recessed downlights and are stainless steel too cost me £20 and my decking looks proper good at night !! :) thought I'd spread the word

Axe (Lynx) Stick Deodorant RRP £2.50 only £1 in Poundland Instore!
Found 18th Apr 2007Found 18th Apr 2007
Axe (Lynx) Stick Deodorant RRP £2.50 only £1 in Poundland Instore!
'Fresh all over body sensation. 24hr deodorant protection.' Axe (the Worldwide name for Lynx) Stick (not roll on) deodorant is only £1 in Poundland! Available in all the usual sce… Read more

Ya link doesn't take you to anything other than a 404 page lol. Try ]this one


Thanks, I think it's a good deal... not had any problems with whitening my clothes either.


I think you're trying to say that 'This offer stinks'


Good deal, but they stain your shirts....stick to the cannisters.


Funnily enough - the pondland in my town has loads of old stock items at 50p

Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz Interactive DVD Only £1 at Poundland
Found 4th Apr 2007Found 4th Apr 2007
Tom Baker's Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz Interactive DVD Only £1 at Poundland
DVD Description Let the hugely popular and larger than life Tom Baker take you on an intergalactic voyage destined to test the outer reaches of your mind, in Tom Bakers Ultimate Sc… Read more

Thanks, it is my first deal folks!


GREAT DVD, Well worth a £1. Cheers


they have now...cough...ar*e...cough


ul man 0 replies :/

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