Poundland's new sweet range
Poundland's new sweet range

Poundland's new sweet range

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Poundland has got in on the pic n mix by offering bags of sweets ranging from 220-355 gram bags.

200g Chocolate Brazils
250g Chocolate Peanuts
250g Chocolate Raisins
300g Eclairs
300g Fruit Chews
350g Cough Candy
355g Mint Humbugs
355g Mint Imperials
300g Pear Drops
300g Rhubard and Custard
300g Sherbet Lemons
300g Vanilla Fudge
275g Cables
275g Milk Chocolate Buttons
250g Choc Tops
275g Fizzy Cola Bottles
220g Fizzy Strawberry Wands
275g Fried Eggs
300g Milk Shake Bottles
250g Shrimps
250g Juicy Strawberry Gums
250g Teeth and Lips Gummies
250g Twin Cherries
300g Red and Black Berries
355g Bon Bons
300g Cola Bottles
240g American Hard Gums


Original Poster


Is that per bag or do you get a mix of them?

Per bag

theyhave cancled the lusk milkshake sweets for some horrible version grrrrrrrrrrrr

And they don't do Vimto Bon Bons any more either:x

Nor Cadburys giant chocolate buttons!!!:x

the last time I checked pick and mix where not bagged but loose and ypu picked you own:whistling:

Anyone know if they are any good?
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