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Power Glove - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [VINYL] Triple Vinyl £21.03 delivered at Amazon
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Power Glove - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [VINYL] Triple Vinyl £21.03 delivered at Amazon

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Expert (Beta)
Posted 12th Mar

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lowest price this has been on Amazon. Awesome soundtrack
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The music for the video game, a first-person shooter set on a tropical island, was composed by Australian duo Power Glove, who craftily bill themselves as “two lawyers sent back from the streets of future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles 2043. With a touch of romance and a ton of trouble, we’re gonna get there… any way we can.”

Game developers Ubisoft say the soundtrack “mirrors the game’s vision of a nostalgia-drenched journey into the world of VHS-inspired dystopian futures.” That just about nails the retro-futurist vibe of the music, which also recalls Barrow’s excellent Drokk project from 2012, an imagined soundtrack to Judge Dredd.


Rex Colt 1:49
Blood Dragon Theme 3:06
Helo-73 1:19
Warzone 2:39
Moment Of Calm 3:36
Dr Elizabeth Darling 2:51

Power Core 2:10
Protektor 1:05
Sloan 3:22
Sloan's Assault 3:33
Blood Scope 1:02
Combat I 1:25
Combat II 1:31
Combat III 1:41

Katana 2:27
Omega Force 3:46
Nest 3:17
Rex's Escape 2:00
Love Theme 3:21

Sleeping Dragon 3:01
Warcry 2:26
Cyber Commando 2:13
Death Of A Cyborg 2:22
Resurrection 3:39
Blood Dragon Theme (Reprise) 2:52



Been after this since it originally came out on record store day years ago. Thank you very much for sharing! Only 6 left!
Temporarily out of stick now. I ordered it and will see if they get more in soon. They've not taken payment yet so just wait I guess. The next cheapest seller is £24ish
Only now seeing this..... a massive 96p saving from 6 years ago

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