Powerade Berry and Tropical flavour 29p each!! home bargains

Powerade Berry and Tropical flavour 29p each!! home bargains

Found 6th Jan 2011Made hot 6th Jan 2011
Popped into to Home bargains in Glasgow for a browse and came across bottles of Berry and Tropical Powerade for 29p each!! Picked up enough for this months 5-a-side but there were loads still on the shelf!


lard in a bottle, not voted but this stuff will make you fat as pie eater

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50 Calories in a bottle which isnt bad! I purely use it for sport though!

awful stuff.... just the colour makes me want to puke. Not voting either way but sure it will be a good deal to some.
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This is amazing price and a horrifing price too!

The best price i can get this from suppliers for a vending machine in a sports centre is nearly £0.80!
Its RRP is £1.35!

MIght be rubbish to drink but this deal is HOT on price alone!

Not to be confused with 'Powerade Zero' (The Jessica Ennis advertised one)

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Yeah this is the normal Powerade. Tastes ok, but the price is amazing in my opinion. If you are looking for a sports drink then this would sway me from Lucozade for the price!

In the Shrewsbury store too

In my local shop too, not bad for the price, good if you do alot of sports, not sure on the flavour tho

Perfect for after football, I quite like the taste of the blue one.

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Flavour isnt all that bad really. Ice cold it is pretty tasty!

Love this stuff cold from the vending machine (I realise I'm spending more than I should that way, but.. after a good game of squash you'll take anything :))

I got two today but am going back with coins tomorrow - only had £1.60 on me and got 4 spots v stripes bars too...

Fab price, only bought 4 as the BB date is this month which explains the price.
These are a quid where I play footy so bargain.

Heat added.

Hot, saw this for about £1.20 elsewhere.


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I intend on going back tomorrow with a few pennies to get some more. Never been in Home Bargains before but its a cracking shop!

Thanks op

plenty in Barrow town centre store, very good price
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