Powerade Cherry & Tropical Fruits 4 pack for £2.00

Powerade Cherry & Tropical Fruits 4 pack for £2.00

Found 20th Jun 2008
Great Isotonic Sports drink at only 50p a bottle, available in Cherry & Tropical Fruits flavours (Red & Blue) online and in store. Stop paying £1 a time from the vending machine and plan ahead, I've just bought 8 packs in the last couple of weeks.

Both flavours are just £2 in store for 4 bottles, although online it seems only the Cherry is £2, the Blue is £2.28, which is still a fair price. In store would probably be the best way of getting these as you'd have to spend a certain amount online to get your free delivery; fine if you shop online at Asda.

Not the cheapest ever deal for Powerade, but it's the best price I've seen at the moment, the drink definitely makes a difference when playing sport.
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Enter 'Powerade' into the search box for results, link isn't quite there.
Not a fan of cherry, but the other is only 28p more

Two of these and a trip round the golf course always sorts my hangover out :-D
The blue was £2 last time I was in my Asda at Bolton EDIT: Just seen that's exactly what you posted

Good price. Incidentally, I was in Home Bargains last week and they had lime flavoured Powerade sports water - which is a hypotonic drink, not isotonic. It was 4 for 99p - I bought 8 x 4 packs.
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