Powerball 250Hz Pro Screamer with LED £9.99 +delivery charges at Amazon

Powerball 250Hz Pro Screamer with LED £9.99 +delivery charges at Amazon

Found 19th Feb 2008
free postage on £15 orders, as i'm sure you are all aware. this one has an LED screen so you can make it competitive should you choose to. i think this one has extra holes in it to make it louder or something though, still cheaper than the play.com deals

(note, you have to choose the blue one, the amber one is more expensive)


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and if the deal wasn't enough, watch the apalling but funny advert on the page

Good spot - Powerballs rock!

Ordered TWO
Good Deal


Play.com have the Powerball Original 250Hz Pro back at £12.99.


The screamer at 10k rpm is meant to be as loud as the Original at around 15k!

It's a giggle for a couple of day at Xmas then it's stuck in a drawer.

what is it?

i have one of the basic ones. they're quite addictive in a strange way

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so is being loud a good thing? i've not used these before...

I had a weak wrist a couple of years ago. (inserts long pause for comments).:whistling:

This really helped build the wrist back up you can also feel the upper arms and chest getting a slight workout.
Not sure I would get one that screams though.

Ordered and voted hot, thanks.

ZOMGZ!!1!....Just saw the video for it and now I'm sold! <_ .... i actually got one a couple years back original since figured it be good to strengthen my wrists does work though don over do or hurts.....i remember thinking at the time: now what would you want your wrist strengthened for.....the dirty gits>_> .... Oh....to strengthen the grip of golfers and tennis players you say....that's believable. >_
Edit: Wow.....just seen the Powerball Leather Pouch and creamed myself.
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