Powerball Original - £14.99!!!
Powerball Original - £14.99!!!

Powerball Original - £14.99!!!

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This is a great price for this wee machine! Personally, I don't get them?!? My brother produced one at a party, and everyone was competing to see who was the best. For some strange and unfathomable readon, it seemed the boys were better at this than the girls..... (!)

This is a low, low price @ play.com, but will probably go fast, so get it while you can.

Details: Designed to improve the wrist muscles, simply set the inner section spinning, rhythmic circular hand and wrist movements not only maintain the rotation, but also make it steadily faster. Increased in centrifugal forces make it harder to keep hold adding resistance to your wrist thus making you stronger. Not only is this a great exercise for your wrist, it is also extremely addictive as it incorporates a high score system.
The perfect instrument to gently rehabilitate lower forearm and wrist joints affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injury, arthritis & previous breakage.


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Play.com say this is the world champion:


Watch the whole movie! Really!!!

The powerball has always been £14.99 on play.com with the neon powerball just £3 more at £17.99. If you want bright lights go for the neon version in blue or green. If not just buy the one in the OP.

warning: they can be quite addictive to play with.

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The powerball has always been £14.99 on play.com

Sorry! Didn't realise that - it's just they are quite a bit more on other sites, so this is the cheapest I can see anyway... :wink:

I'd go for the neon ones myself like, and oh yes my god they are addictive, my wrist was used for other fun, before this nice piece of equipment came along now i find it hard to put it down :-D

Steady! was on about my consoles!


That guys amazing ! I can barely get mine started with the string never mid using my finger to get it going and I can onlymanage just under 10k rpm

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LOL @ fwibble

That guy is really funny in that video though... :lol:

This is still available by the way.

Just watched the vid

hes amazingly funny!!

i might have to buy one of these!!8-)
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