Powerbar Chocolate Protein plus bar 69p at Boots
Powerbar Chocolate Protein plus bar 69p at Boots

Powerbar Chocolate Protein plus bar 69p at Boots

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Just got a handful at the Reading Oracle store.
Not all stores stock these; the one local to my house doesn't have as big a range of protein bars.

175 calories per bar:
These are listed at 16.5g Carbs, 16.6g Protein and 4.1g Fat.

Not the best, but not too bad if you're trying to go for 40/40/20 ratios.
Not the tastiest of such bars either, but still pretty nice!

By far the cheapest I've found for this sort of bar.
They had another flavour there, but that was £1.69.


Dont know why all the cold votes... Protein and Energy bars are bloody expensive and this is a good deal!


how many grams of protein per bar?

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Sorry, those figures are per bar, so 16.6g of protein.

Not sure why people don't like it - under half price of the best high street price I've found anywhere else.
These are relatively low calories so good if you're working out but trying to lose weight at the same time.

Being relatively new to the site, I feel I should have a typical internet hissy-fit and flounce off with my 'cold' reception :P.

lol cold? anyone got any better deals on protein bars put em up please!!!!

This is hot, protein bars are expensive.

Hot from me, especially as no-one who votes cold bothers to tell us why or where they get them cheaper(As usual!)

voted hot ... I'm gonna goto my local Boots tomorrow and clean them out .. LoL

Sorry to pick up on this as its 3 months old. This isn't actually an offer, this is their standard price. Amazing price! Hasn't changed!

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Price back up to £1.69 now. Suspect someone noticed there was a '1' missing!
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