Powerbeats by Dr dre £34.98 in Tesco (instore)

Powerbeats by Dr dre £34.98 in Tesco (instore)

Found 21st Apr 2015
Just been to track in Prescot and they had some Powerbeats on offer for £34.98. I know this is going to go cold , but posting anyway in the hope it helps someone. These seem to be around the £120 mark on tesco and amazons web site. Would be crazy to pay that


were they on a reduced to clear label?

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No just on a shelf upstairs right of the escalator

How many did they have?

Still £119.95 on the system so maybe a local offer. Good price though so still hot

Very good find - heat added

Prescot is a big man but how did he get a tesco up there?

How many sets did they have

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Around 5 on the table that was not. Not sure if any more was with headphones as never checked

excellent price!!! heat

Just been no sight of them anywhere not even a price tag saying they sell them. Do you have a barcode?

Barcode please? I can check price in stores

Please it's another "can't ever find in tesco deal." People fall for this every time. They add heat just on the basis someone puts it on here but nobody ever finds it. Waste of time.


Op can you post barcode please?????????????

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I'm in work so it will have to be this evening


Hear from me

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White : 848447000517
Red : 84844700494



CommentWhite : 848447000517Red : 84844700494

Cheers was they marked up at this price or did they scan at this price?
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