Powercell 20 Pack Batteries £0.89 @ B&M Retail

Powercell 20 Pack Batteries £0.89 @ B&M Retail

Found 5th Jan 2009
89p each or 2 for £1.50. Various sizes - AA, AAA, C & D though I'm not sure there were 20 in the larger cells. Not the best of makes but a good back up battery when your rechargeables run dry.


I have just tried some of these batteries in my digital camera. The first two took two pictures before giving up, the second pair didn't even manage that.
They may work in a small torch, but they are poor from my experience.

These aren't bad for the price- They are a bit pants in high powered stuff but we use them for the remotes and they last a few months!

The panasonic ones that they also sell (2 packs for £1.50) are much better though and have lasted in most of my daughters toys since October. The only downside is fewer batteries than this offer but it evens itself out over how frequently these ones need changing...

Don't bother with them they are pants, put 4 in a LED torch they were flat in 3 minutes.

Terrible batteries! AVOID!

not good

avoid these batteries at all cost. i bought them and after a week found their material leaked, virtually ruining all my kid's toys and remotes.

These batteries have a tendency to expand and leak put them in a torch and you might not get them out again:x

These batteries are only suitable for lower powered remote controls, very low powered indeed.

You are better going to Poundland. 10 aa for £1 but these are branded Sony or Panasonic etc

don't touch them with a barge pole they are usless !

Don't buy these batteries, they are the WORST quality I have ever seen. Twice I have bought these batteries from eBay, and both times most of them were leaking by the time they arrived. Some were actually squealing under the pressure. Also the batteries have a chemical film on them somehow which means I have to wash my hands every time after touching them. Pure scam, the batteries which aren't leaking are useless anyway, barely makes a torch light up for a few minutes.
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