PowerColor X1650PRO 512MB GDDR2 128Bit DVI PCI-E Graphics card NOW £23.99!!!!!!!!!!
PowerColor X1650PRO 512MB GDDR2 128Bit DVI PCI-E Graphics card NOW £23.99!!!!!!!!!!

PowerColor X1650PRO 512MB GDDR2 128Bit DVI PCI-E Graphics card NOW £23.99!!!!!!!!!!

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this is the bottom end of the next step up ATI graphics cards. (1400 and 1500 are bottom end ATI)

EDIT Last generation but should be above HD2400 cards.. (up to double game frame rate if you check links below.That was in every game they tested.)

A decent boost at the bottom end. No HD Decoding. Absolutly great for basic gameplay.

EDIT At the new price its an absolute steal with the next step up from this probably being £37+


This same card was advertised on here about a month ago (for slightly less).


There is quite a debate on that link if anyone wants to find out more about the card.

Note that this card here uses DDR2 memory not DDR3 so it will be slower than a 1650Pro with DDR3 memory.

Many of the reviews and charts you look at talk about the 1650Pro with DDR3 memory so the scores will be better than this one with DDR2 memory.

You can buy a 1650Pro with DDR3 memory (only 256Mb) but it is £10 more expensive, see here:


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thankfully it overclocks a bit. It has a slow clock rate .

If anyone looks around you will find faster at the £35,£40,£45 and £50 marks.
But it does look better than the base 2400 cards.

its also only 128 bit memory which is slower than real ddr2 (256bit) but £30 is good price for 512m graphic card

Now a bargain in my opinion - Reduced to £23.99 ]LINK


Also a B-Grade from overclockers here for £23.49 ex … Also a B-Grade from overclockers here for £23.49 ex del:http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=BG-059-OK&groupid=595&catid=683&subcat=

This card is now £26.57 INCLUDING delivery from ebuyer (and it's not B grade).
great price, I bought one of these when they were £28 and they are well worth the money IMO.

Could someone change the price.


http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Powercolor/X1650PRO/3.htmlhttp://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Powercolor/HD_2400_Pro/15.htmlAbove reviews show that in 3D Mark05 the x1650 is nearly twice as fast as a HD2400, I know it's a synthetic test but interesting.

But is that with DDR2 or DDR3 memory ?

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Its with 256MB Ram, possibly DDR3. Hard to say how a DDR2 512MB will compete.Many many factors.
It would be logical for this to beat the HD2400 in that the X1600 range are the next step up from the X1200, X1300,X1400 range.

That review does show in almost every game that the X1650 is double the HD1400. It is reasonable that they are comparing like with like.

Therefore comparing a HD2400 DDR2 256MB with this DDR2 512MB one would expect this to win by a mile.

Great price now. Yesterdays price was only 'decent'. Remember that it does not have HD decoding. Its games that it boosts.


Remember that it does not have HD decoding.

What exactly does this mean ?

I am still trying to understand all the different technology available in graphics cards.

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it means that if you plug in a BlueRay drive the CPU has to do most of the work when you watch the movie. (I should have said HD movie)

So whilst this wins easy with games, its the 8400 that wins with regards to HDTV decoding.
A decent CPU would cope with most HDTV downloads. But most likely not 1080p
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