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Sony KD55XF9005 Cheapest price on this TV since black Friday - £1,029.99 @ Powerdirect
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Top end led tv

Because Oled and Qled sound better and cooler than FALD led (popcorn)


Qled is still LED. Don’t fall for marketing. I have an Oled and whilst amazing for movies id be weary about the technology.


Got this as a replacement for my twice broken down Sony 55xd9305 and it better very happy with it




Because for that price I'd be going for Oled/Qled

SONY KD49XF9005BU £849 @ Power direct
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
I posted a deal to this last week when it's was £869, where alot of shops have raised their price for the weekend, this shop and HiFi confidential, https://www.hificonfidential.co… Read more
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That's a new discount, shame they only open 10-5 Monday to Saturday, or I'd be there today XD


TPS are selling it for £825 if you collect in store (Manchester area) and you also get a free wall bracket and a 7 year warranty (standard Sony one is 5 years)


I'm considering it, can't go larger due to space and I'll have to swap out the 'legs' for a stand whatever. I take it you avoid light bleed issues with it having FALD? Also, does the minor blooming I've read about only occur on HDR content? Ta.


How much better is a QLED set over this?


I was looking at 55's then measured my stand and alas I can only go as big as a 49 ;(

Panasonic TX-55FX750B £939.99 from Power Direct (John Lewis will Price match)  plus 5 year Warranty
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Panasonic 55" 4K Pro HDR TV. Currently on sale everywhere with £100 off, however Power Direct have got this at £939.99. Managed to get John Lewis to Price Match with them plus you… Read more

I insulted this TV because it has a IPS panel, which are renowned for poor blacks compared to OLED and VA LCD. The point I was making is the better the blacks the less peak brightness you need. One 9f the most important parts of picture quality it contrast ratio, which IPS is bad for.


Ok resort to insults. You quite clearly posted the peak brightness of the oled. Which are fantastic sets, but they ain't known for their brightness, yet you insult other tv's and people you disagree with. Go away now


For a TV to be classed as HDR premium then it needs to fulfil the following criteria OPTION 1: More than 1,000 nits peak brightness and less than 0.05nits black level OPTION 2: More than 540 nits brightness and less than 0.0005 nits black level Option 1 would be the criteria for LED Tv's as they cant hit the Black levels of a OLED. Option 2 is for OLEDs as it hits the necessary black levels so doesn't need the higher peak brightness. That's the UHD alliance, who's opinion I value more then a no nothing mo##n on here


It has a low peak brightness end of, doesn't matter how black the black is. If brightness matters as you say, you wouldn't buy oled either.


Yes I do but because of Oled's true blacks, their peak brightness doesn't need to be as high.

Sony 55AF9 OLED £2099 @ Powerdirect
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Looks to be the cheapest I can find for this very well reviewed set. 5 year warranty and could possibly get price matched elsewhere? SONY KD55AF9BU 55" Master Series OLED TV Amaz… Read more

Looks like it's gone back up to 2299. That makes me feel SLIGHTLY better about the price I paid for it... Ha ha


I have this model. It's brilliant! (I find no problems with the brightness levels) I just wish I'd got it at this price! I paid 2449! I went off LG when my 1 year old 4k LED started to go wonky. Fingers crossed the Sony stands the test of time!


12.5% off the full price is not bad at all. Can your friend buy two tv's???


Thats what I'm hoping. Friend can get 12.5% off at john lewis, if the TV drops to £1099 then I'll bite. I need to now I've just bought an X ;)


LG B8 for £1k is good price. If not around xmas time, definitely January sale!!!

Panasonic 55FZ802B 4K OLED TV now only £1399 @ Power Direct
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
I said it wouldn't go far below £1500 for Black Friday, but hey, I was wrong. Cheapest ever (online) price for this awesome Panasonic 4K OLED TV.

That is an in-store only deal, whereas OP has provided an online deal available for all. (y)


Would John Lewis price match?


It’s not easy to find things on here unless you catch it just as it has been posted!


Ha! Must have missed that one in the flood of Black Friday deals. Wish the search function on this site worked. :D


You mean apart from the deal £100 cheaper posted this morning? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/panasonic-oled-55fz802b-1299-trafford-centre-selfridges-3113467 Nice find anyway though (y) 🏻

Sony Bravia KD65AF8 65” 4K OLED Smart TV £2469 @ Power Direct
Found 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
£2599 use Code ONLINE5 for extra 5%off PROMOTION: Free Sony 5 Year Warranty with this product. Google Play Promotion - 2 Free Movies when you purchase this TV. Click here … Read more

Is powerdirect reliable?


Thanks, I did ring them yesterday and they said the 5% doesn’t apply anyhow it’s just for “major domestic appliances” I asked why it’s listed on tvs also and they said the website doesn’t allow them to put the offer on just some pages it either all or nothing but I couldn’t get the 5% off


It’s back at that price they do toggle between some days I don’t get it. :/


Cheers I’m sure they would give the 5% over the phone but it Doesn’t change the fact that the basic price has gone up again from the £2599, £2799 less 5% is still more expensive than it was yesterday without the 5% offer. Best price now if they agree to 5% is £2659.05 which isn’t great.


Drop them an email or just place the order over the phone, it’s clearly listed on thier description

40" Samsung nu7120 - £339 @ Powerdirect
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Think this is the best price I've seen for this tv, not 100% on the seller as never bought from them, but may be able to use as a price comparison somewhere else
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Shame no pvr recording or it would be perfect.


Voted hot


I got mine from crampton and moore via ebay when they had 20% off, plus tcb. Worked out around £306 all in. Very good TV for the money.

Panasonic flagship 4K OLED TV 55FZ952B with integrated Technics Soundbar - £1799 @ Power Direct
Found 4th Nov 2018Found 4th Nov 2018
Crazy price for this incredible TV with integrated soundbar. Cheapest I've ever seen is £1999, I've never used this company before so would love any opinions. 5 year warranty too.… Read more
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Downsides of this set: - no Dolby Vision - no Dolby Atmos - no support for DTS/DTS-HD audio from streamed files. Upsides: - Brilliant out of the box image - Decent smart features - HDR10+ support (this is the competing technology with Dolby Vision; think Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD)


This isn't Panasonic's Flagship Oled


Panasonic's smart content sucked in their Plasma days. Netflix has never worked on my ST50b.


I dont know if i would but a panasonic tv again. I have the top of the range last generation plasma. Yes its a few years old (maybe 5), but it cost 2k and you dont buy a new tv as often as you upgrade your phone, and the picture is still better than most new tv's. But. The online services no longer work. Netflix stopped working a while ago but now youtube doesnt even work. I expected them to not be updated but to not work at all is a bit off.


I can't see the problem myself. I've just found that that -> This is the Internet.

SONY KD55XF9005BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview at Power direct + plus free sound bar or blu Ray player - £1,149
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
55” SONY 4K-HDR Ultra-HD SLIM LED TV Dynamic images - Full Array LED Panel Wide colour gamut w TRILUMINOS Display 4K - Xtended Dynamic Range PRO X1 4K-HDR PROCESSOR FREEVIEWHD and … Read more
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What's more interesting is JL price matched TPS at £995 and by some strange twist of fate sent me the CT290 soundbar too (that's a long story). What's even better is that I purchased via a JL gift card (which I can get cheaper) and all in it's come to £860 for the Kdl55xf9005 + the sound bar..




Proceed with caution lol pay by credit card


Hm if so it's super tempting. With 200 cashback the 49inch is just 799 which is better than what black Friday will offer I reckon. Will do more research and see.


Yeah I had the same concerns having not heard of them but I did some research and I do believe they are ligitmate. But I would want to stick with big retailers aswell incase their after sales is rubbish.The first 5 years is with Sony anything after that is retailers if they offer anything this is with any retailer you buy it from.

Sony KD 55XF9005BU 55 inch TV 4K LED FALD £1099 @ Power direct
Found 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Price is back. *** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD55XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) 55" SONY 4K-HDR Ultra-HD SLIM LED TV Dynamic images - Full Array LED Panel … Read more

they will all sellout before it gets to that stage since there are so many people who would pay £1000 for these.


Has anyone actually bought this from Powerdirect and if so, what was the delivery time? Always shows In stock, limited availability.


Completely agree there the Samsung q9 needs to be at that price then I would bite possibly come down to £1700 when the new 8k TV comes out this month


Hughes have no other stock to replace so I'm getting refunded. They show stock online but at 1,799, so I can only assume that LG have upped their prices and the bargain period was retailers selling through stock they'd acquired at the lower price. Crampton and Moore still show stock, but not sure I can be bothered with this set now. xf9005 is the leading alternative and I've got the John Lewis 1,099 price match, but the slow o/s worries me slightly and the shop sets haven't looked as good as the LG or Samsung equivalents. Virtually certain that's just picture settings and higher brightness on LG/Samsung floor models - all reviews seem to agree that the Sony is the better set pretty much until you get to the Q9fn. If Samsung had that at 1,500 I'd just get that and be done with it!


My sony 90XF arrived this morning....seems good so far.

Sony KD55XF9005 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV  £1099 @ PowerDirect
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
Worth a punt, it can be priced matched by richer sound and making it £1079.99 *** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD55XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) 55” SONY 4K-HD… Read more
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yes although it can be slow at times - couple of tips disable sony services and youview - especially youview as that slows everything down. apart from that, if you are in to android stuff and sideloading certain apk's, you can pretty much everything on your tv from one place. PM if you want details


What do think of the t.v.? You happy?


Yup but do not buy from them as they do not have it in stock and hold on to your money for a month. Refund process is a nightmare and customer service does not exist. I got richer sound to price match them last time using code sony100 so it will come down to that price again.


Typical of Power Direct price seems to drop when other stores are closed thus negating price matches.


Says £1199 on the website?

SONY KD65AF8BU 65" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £2799 @ Power direct
Found 2nd Sep 2018Found 2nd Sep 2018
SONY KD65AF8BU 65" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £2799 @ Power direct
£2,799£3,299.9915%Powerdirect Deals
65 inch OLED.. Saving a few hundred on the price
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The reviews seem to suggest so but both are excellent so I would just buy the one which came down in price first.


No way you have us all shocked 🙈


(:I (:I Assume you're joking, 8K is so far in the future - I don't see the point in trolling. I understand some manufacturers have announced 8K models, but considering a movie with 8K encoding would take up hundreds of GBs I don't see regular consumer use, or 8K content being readily available anytime soon. Even if you get the tech out, you will also need the content to go with it... it's still a long way away.


Would you say this trumps the LG OLED 65C8?


cold. not 8k

SONY KD55XF9005BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV - £1,099 (with code) @ Powerdirect
Found 19th Aug 2018Found 19th Aug 2018
SONY KD55XF9005BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV - £1,099 (with code) @ Powerdirect
£1,099£1,23911%Powerdirect Deals
@john306 found this price whilst discussing best price. not sure about retailer however expired midnight tonight so unable to price match with JL. Richer sounds need to speak to… Read more

This or Samsung NU8000?


Gutted. The tv I’m interested in is £999.97 😩😩😩

SONY KD55XF9005BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview 5 year guarantee - £1049 Powerdirect
Found 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
*** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD55XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) 55” SONY 4K-HDR Ultra-HD SLIM LED TV Dynamic images - Full Array LED Panel Wide colour gamut … Read more

my 1 year old hisense M7000 developed a vertical line down the middle, spent ages trying to get a repair sorted, they really are a crap company to deal with. eventually went back to the retailer who arranged collection. i assumed it was going off to be repaired but they refunded me in full! i got the MU9000 from crampton & moore for £718 with a five year guarantee - it was a £1500 tv last year!


Great price and considered one off the best tvs of 2018


Back to £1049.00 after discount (highfive)


John Lewis priced matched it for me, you can try them if that's an option. Price went up to £1179 at 9am, so I ended up paying £1079.


richer sounds would not price match

SONY KD65XF9005BU 65 inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1599 inc. 5 yr warranty @ Power Direct
Found 5th Aug 2018Found 5th Aug 2018
SONY KD65XF9005BU 65 inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1599 inc. 5 yr warranty @ Power Direct
£1,599£1,79911%Powerdirect Deals
Cheapest price at the moment for the best value mid-high end LCD LED TV around at the moment. A hybrid between last year's awarding winning XE9005 and XE9305 models. Use code SON… Read more

Paragraphs Wonderful things.


As mentioned above now £1899 with sony100 code


Home insurance :P to be fair never used it so don't know how much it impacts future premium


What are the premiums on such cover?? ;)


if you get screen burn, get accident cover and one day the TV could miraculously fall with the screen shattering. You would get a new one without screen burn.

SONY KD55A1BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £1879 with code @ Powerdirect
Found 5th Aug 2018Found 5th Aug 2018
SONY KD55A1BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £1879 with code @ Powerdirect
£1,879£2,09910%Powerdirect Deals
Get Richer Sound to price match potentially another £20 off and 6 year Guarantee ***** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ************ SONY KD55A1BU 55” OLED TV with ACOUSTIC SURFACE Sup… Read more

I can confirm that SD upscaling isn’t the best on this TV. However, who still watches SD? :-)


Agreed Enet. Thinking about what you said, there also may be some difference in the quality of SD being up scaled. As 4 music has lots of movement, the bit rate is probably a lot lower than a DVD. The key thing for us all is to simply spend the time and see for yourself. If the shop won't be helpful, take your business somewhere else.


The OS on the LG is "hands down" the best TV OS in the UK. The Sony Android OS may be the worse TV OS in the UK. But......I can install certain apps which meant I could sell my Roku ;)




Fair enough :) Personally I have watched low quality sources on 2 different recent Sony LEDs and the upscaling performance is simply amazing. Also as I stated above, a 77" Sony OLED matched a 55" LG OLED in a straight shootout for Standard Definition upscaling. So you understand why that is weird to me. But bottom line is that you made your choice based on what you saw. When it comes to TVs for most people that's really all that matters. Some of us (me) get a little too caught up with this stuff (embarrassed)

SONY KD55XF9005BU 55” 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1179 @ Power direct
Found 5th Aug 2018Found 5th Aug 2018
SONY KD55XF9005BU 55” 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1179 @ Power direct
*add the code sony100 at the checkout for an extra £100 of any Sony tv over £1000* *Not as good as the previous deal however a good price for someone after a descent 4K LED can ge… Read more

You knew exactly what I meant. You are just being awkward Current LED Tv's are in fact LCDs so I'm rephrase it. LCDs can't advance any futher.


You said LED is not advancing and by you own admission and furious Googling it obviously is. 'LED is getting worse. It isn't, it has just found it's point where the technology cant advance any further'. What has LCD got to do with it :/


And he or she are right


The OP introduced this as a descent 4K TV


Yes they do. Each LED acts as a pixel where a LCD uses LEDs as a back light. What you know s current LED is actually LCD with a LED backlight. As I said for the final time it's a completely different technology. Maybe you need to Google it

SONY XF90 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview + 2 free UHD/4K google play movies + 5 years Guarantee - £1,079 @ Powerdirect
Found 22nd Jul 2018Found 22nd Jul 2018
Apply SONY100 at checkout. Guarantee is from sony themselves submit price match to other retailers to force price down if you prefer other retailer. KD55XF9005BU

I like Sony and prefer them over Samsung and LG. That’s my preference. In fact I have owned all those brands and still prefer Sony. If a brand is making the most profit then they must be doing something right. iPhones cost a fortune but people still flock to buy one at a premium, much like Sony TVs


Sorry, I'll be more specific for you if you are struggling. Sony are an also-ran in terms of consumer level/household TVs - I expect the cameras they supply to Hollywood don't run Android (:I There were loads of TV brands in the 70s that don't exist today, that history means little or nothing.


That article basically says they make the largest profits - not make the most TVs. The silly price tags already told us that...


I suggest you get a clue, sony have been making TVs since the 70's and Broadcast equipment including monitors, video recording and editing equipment, cameras... the list goes on. The £30k true RGB OLED broadcast monitor that all TV manufacturers use as a reference is made by Sony. Hardly "also ran" Owners of this Sony generaly accept shortcomings of Android TV but are still happy with it.


Exactly. According this article on Reuters dated May 2018, Sony is No.1 in the premium TV market. Howzatt for an also-ran!