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SONY KD55XF9005BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview 5 year guarantee - £1049 Powerdirect
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
*** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD55XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) 55” SONY 4K-HDR Ultra-HD SLIM LED TV Dynamic images - Full Array LED Panel Wide colour gamut … Read more

my 1 year old hisense M7000 developed a vertical line down the middle, spent ages trying to get a repair sorted, they really are a crap company to deal with. eventually went back to the retailer who arranged collection. i assumed it was going off to be repaired but they refunded me in full! i got the MU9000 from crampton & moore for £718 with a five year guarantee - it was a £1500 tv last year!


Great price and considered one off the best tvs of 2018


Back to £1049.00 after discount (highfive)


John Lewis priced matched it for me, you can try them if that's an option. Price went up to £1179 at 9am, so I ended up paying £1079.


richer sounds would not price match

SONY KD65XF9005BU 65 inch 4K HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1599 inc. 5 yr warranty @ Power Direct
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Cheapest price at the moment for the best value mid-high end LCD LED TV around at the moment. A hybrid between last year's awarding winning XE9005 and XE9305 models. Use code SON… Read more

Paragraphs Wonderful things.


As mentioned above now £1899 with sony100 code


Home insurance :P to be fair never used it so don't know how much it impacts future premium


What are the premiums on such cover?? ;)


if you get screen burn, get accident cover and one day the TV could miraculously fall with the screen shattering. You would get a new one without screen burn.

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SONY KD55A1BU 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android OLED TV, Acoustic Surface £1879 with code @ Powerdirect
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Get Richer Sound to price match potentially another £20 off and 6 year Guarantee ***** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ************ SONY KD55A1BU 55” OLED TV with ACOUSTIC SURFACE Sup… Read more

I can confirm that SD upscaling isn’t the best on this TV. However, who still watches SD? :-)


Agreed Enet. Thinking about what you said, there also may be some difference in the quality of SD being up scaled. As 4 music has lots of movement, the bit rate is probably a lot lower than a DVD. The key thing for us all is to simply spend the time and see for yourself. If the shop won't be helpful, take your business somewhere else.


The OS on the LG is "hands down" the best TV OS in the UK. The Sony Android OS may be the worse TV OS in the UK. But......I can install certain apps which meant I could sell my Roku ;)




Fair enough :) Personally I have watched low quality sources on 2 different recent Sony LEDs and the upscaling performance is simply amazing. Also as I stated above, a 77" Sony OLED matched a 55" LG OLED in a straight shootout for Standard Definition upscaling. So you understand why that is weird to me. But bottom line is that you made your choice based on what you saw. When it comes to TVs for most people that's really all that matters. Some of us (me) get a little too caught up with this stuff (embarrassed)

SONY KD55XF9005BU 55” 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview £1179 @ Power direct
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
*add the code sony100 at the checkout for an extra £100 of any Sony tv over £1000* *Not as good as the previous deal however a good price for someone after a descent 4K LED can ge… Read more

You knew exactly what I meant. You are just being awkward Current LED Tv's are in fact LCDs so I'm rephrase it. LCDs can't advance any futher.


You said LED is not advancing and by you own admission and furious Googling it obviously is. 'LED is getting worse. It isn't, it has just found it's point where the technology cant advance any further'. What has LCD got to do with it :/


And he or she are right


The OP introduced this as a descent 4K TV


Yes they do. Each LED acts as a pixel where a LCD uses LEDs as a back light. What you know s current LED is actually LCD with a LED backlight. As I said for the final time it's a completely different technology. Maybe you need to Google it

SONY XF90 55" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview + 2 free UHD/4K google play movies + 5 years Guarantee - £1,079 @ Powerdirect
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Apply SONY100 at checkout. Guarantee is from sony themselves submit price match to other retailers to force price down if you prefer other retailer. KD55XF9005BU

I like Sony and prefer them over Samsung and LG. That’s my preference. In fact I have owned all those brands and still prefer Sony. If a brand is making the most profit then they must be doing something right. iPhones cost a fortune but people still flock to buy one at a premium, much like Sony TVs


Sorry, I'll be more specific for you if you are struggling. Sony are an also-ran in terms of consumer level/household TVs - I expect the cameras they supply to Hollywood don't run Android (:I There were loads of TV brands in the 70s that don't exist today, that history means little or nothing.


That article basically says they make the largest profits - not make the most TVs. The silly price tags already told us that...


I suggest you get a clue, sony have been making TVs since the 70's and Broadcast equipment including monitors, video recording and editing equipment, cameras... the list goes on. The £30k true RGB OLED broadcast monitor that all TV manufacturers use as a reference is made by Sony. Hardly "also ran" Owners of this Sony generaly accept shortcomings of Android TV but are still happy with it.


Exactly. According this article on Reuters dated May 2018, Sony is No.1 in the premium TV market. Howzatt for an also-ran!

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Sony 55xf9005 55" 4k HDR Smart Android TV £1234.05 with code at  Powerdirect
Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
Cheapest price I can currently find. This is the newest model replacing the xe9005. The closest alternative to LG's OLED B7/C7 HDR HDR10 DOLBY VISION VA PANEL FULL ARRAY LOCAL D… Read more

I hate football (even though my country won the WC) and don't have a TV license. I only use it for DVD/Blu-Ray, Gaming and Netflix/Prime Video. My TV is good enough for everything except dark scenes. It's the only reason why I want a better one. I saw the 55XE8596 in a shop and noticed that the Black's were much deeper than mine. Not like OLED, but still impressive. The 55XF9005 have better contrast, brightness, motion than the 55XE8596, it is direct-led and will receive an update for Dolby Vision this year. But the XE8596 was £800, the XF9005 was £1699. So I decided that £1000 will be my limit for this TV, not one pound more. LED is more likely to stay the same in the next 10 years than an OLED so i'll stick to it.


I think you need to learn what analogy means. :D


Joking aside nice-new, why don't you buy a more sensibly priced 55" LCD, if you are happy to settle for a non-OLED? I have a Samsung 55MU6400 in my bedroom that I bought through here a couple of months ago for around £450 brand new, and it's a really good TV - something like that would be a huge step up from your current set, and probably 90% as good as this Sony, realistically speaking. Just a thought, no worries if you disagree.


Have you bought it? If not, you lose. p.s. Still not under £1000 p.p.s. I’ll tell you what isn’t nice and new, your telly (:I I can’t believe you have just ‘enjoyed’ the 2018 World Cup on that!


As It never fails to amaze me how android fanboys somehow manage to squeeze references of iPhone vs android in totally unrelated discussion :)

SONY KD49XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) £1091.55 with code @ Powerdirect
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Use code DOM5PD for 5% off price. ------------------------------------------------------ *** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD49XF9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2018) 49"… Read more

Rather have decent black levels than brightness that hurts when on max. Didn't know HUKD was a small site :/ You do seem to be a tad upset, suggest you close your eyes and take some deep breaths (y)


Well, you were called out and yet to prove anything. Come on, you wouldn't be lying :/


My Sony XE93 is better than the OLEDs I went to look at. I really don't understand how this is so difficult. What, I went and looked and spent the same money on the second or third best TV I looked at? You enjoy your dull OLED, I'm sure those blacks look fantastic, shame it cannot compete at the bright end. What is the nit rating on the OLED again? You've actually showed your level of knowledge now - apparently the OLED is better because of the number of votes on a deal on a small website. If you say so. Listen, that is me done. There are a few people who assume that once you reach a certain price break they must buy OLED. It isn't always the truth that the most expensive technology is better.


Really. I believe you ;) Let's compare how much heat this deal has compared to its 'rival' LG OLED...public has spoken. But, but, my comparable priced Sony is better, give it a rest.


Guess what, I had the budget for both and I choose LCD. Zero chance of screen burn and a brighter display was what made my choice for me. Yes I looked at OLED and yes I could afford it, but the dull display and possibility of the set being ruined stopped me. 50 years? Nope, but I expect 5 out of £1300 - £1500, not much to ask really. It's also not an argument if you're just going to be in denial.

SONY KD65XF9005BU 65" 4K-HDR Smart Android TV with FreeviewHD & Youview - £1,809 (with code) @ Powerdirect
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Good price for a great 65" TV using code DOM5PD

It's not Android but Sonys terrible implementation of it with an old and rubbish mediatek Chipset. I have the nvidia shield and quite like android os.


Yeah its the only thing I'm worried about, android. If it's bad it's gonna end up like the b7, going back.


No issues at all with banding or ARC audio issues. Zd9 is a great set. Get a shield tv or something to help you overcome the Sony android os. I couldn't deal with that any longer on my previous Sony TV. Horrendous.


And how is the new one? Is it completely free of banding? I also had a an issue with audio dropping via ARC when watching anything with a Dolby digital + audio track. Anyway, hopefully my search for a TV is over, got a Sony Zd9 coming tomorrow. :)


Apologising in advance for being rude doesn't make it ok. Why exchange something I wasn't happy with.

Samsung UE65MU6400 65" 4K Smart Tv £799.97 Power Direct
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Good price

Hard to say, I suppose around 2ft minus maybe a few inches if leaning in. A curved would have been much better but the total depth was too large for my particular mounting method.


Qled tvs please


Would’ve bought if the price was correct. £800 would’ve been a bargain ;(


It's not the TV that has problems. The app developers often update for features and bug fixes that then require the TV to update to maintain compatibility. It's sadly a necessary evil of "Smart" TV tech.


Out of interest how far do you sit from the desk? Thinking of getting a large monitor myself.

SAMSUNG SWA9000S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit (2017 Models) £127.97 @ Powerdirect
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Product features 6 speakers with dialogue enhancement Supports High-Resolution Audio Built-in subwoofer for deep bass Part of the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Smart Sound system … Read more

How much was the bundle?


Original deal was this plus the speaker bundle. Was removed as seller want allowed on here.


This is for someone who have MS series sound bar and need wireless rear speakers.


£119.99 was £89.99 yesterday when I ordered yesterday https://www.applianceelectronics.co.uk/viewproduct/13525/samsung-swa-9000s-rear-channel-speakers—wireless—black


Bought these yesterday for £89.99 from appliance electronics. They have gone up over night but still cheaper then this £119.

LG C8 LGOLED55C8PLA OLED (2018 Model) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £2,699 (after £300 Lg Cashback offer) @powerdirect.co.uk
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
LG C8 OLED55C8PLA (New 2018 Model) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with Freeview Play/Freesat HD, Dolby Atmos. £2,999 - £2,699 (after £300 Lg Cashback offer) as advertised on th… Read more

If this is anything like the OLED55B7V or OLED55C7V it will have a stunning picture but it’s twice the price! If you want a good deal shop around for a bargain 2017 model. It may have 120Hz frame rate, HDR+, improves voice control and even different pixel structure but I seriously doubt they are very significant improvements. The 2016/2017 LG OLEDs offer pretty much the ultimate picture quality already and it’s not worth buying double for some questionable benefits.


Check the picture i just posted and watch the link


Picture of the difference in sub pixel structures in 2017 and 2018 panels Here is a link about the C8 / 2018 OLED models - skip to 11 minutes where he talks about screen burn


LOL,how can the same panels have a different pixel structure ???? And they are measuring more NITS on the new panels ,take a look at the AVS forum


Lol that doesn't mean it's a different panel. Go watch LG interview on avforums youtube channel and the LG engineer himself says that it's the same panel. This is why no difference in brightness and colour gamut this year compared with 2017 models. Just because the pixels are arranged differently does not mean a new panel. When LG use a new oled panel it will be using top-bottom emission panel to improve brightness by 20% which likely will be released next year.

Sony Bravia KD-55XE9005 - Power Direct - £999 John Lewis will Price Match!
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
John Lewis will price match PowerDirect. I matched mine after Christmas with them for £1049. I know this went up recently with the co-operative but for anyone who wanted to purchas… Read more
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This is the same price at John Lewis. Price match not required. https://www.johnlewis.com/sony-bravia-kd55xe9005-led-hdr-4k-ultra-hd-smart-android-tv-55-with-freeview-hd-youview-black/p3158932?sku=236805784&s_kwcid=2dx92700024307468166&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=Cj0KCQjwibDXBRCyARIsAFHp4frm5weEcR-E54qrr2axq-7C6aoAfSXYPAJHSBzc1bYCHKG4bjUXXCkaAiiwEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds


The only problem with clearance stock sales is that once it’s gone, it’s gone. This one is one of Sony’s best selling tv’s from their 2017 range so might be a bit risky. Guess it’s just how much you want to play the odds. I got it instead of waiting because I didn’t want to miss out on it - otherwise, it’s another year of waiting again to get it with a big discount. For some people the trade off of saving an extra £100 or so for the sake of losing out on it isn’t worth it, it’s already £700/ 800 cheaper than it was on release which is pretty decent.


Buying a TV now is insane with the 2018 models just around the corner and the inevitable clearance sales to come on old stock, but that is just my humble sensible opinion, good luck on your new TV purchase if anyone takes a punt. Voted hot!


Definitely this over the 58ex700. I owned the 58ex750 which is better but it still wasnt as good as this 9005. As for the Android platform, it doesn't seem as bad as people say. I've used it without issue. Granted, it is not the fastest platform I've used but it's not painfully slow. I use my Xbox X for every thing now so I don't really use the TVs smart features anymore.


Back to £999 so I requested that this deal be unexpired. Voted hot.

SONY KD65A1BU 65" OLED 4K-HDR TV with ACOUSTIC SURFACE - £3,299 @ Powerdirect
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
***** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ************ SONY KD65A1BU 65" OLED TV with ACOUSTIC SURFACE Super High Quality 65" Screen Size Flat OLED Panel SMART Android Technology and Andro… Read more

You get £18.02 Cash Back if paying by Debit Card or Bank Transfer (highfive)


This has been £2799 previously so not the best deal. It is curretly the best deal around at the moment that RS and JL will price match.


In all seriousness though, I could never spend this much on a TV without JL, RS or Costco type warranty.


3003.02 with VAT. Can you find a discount code for £3.03? If so I’m in (y)


£2984.83 any good ?

SONY KD65XE9005BU 65" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED Android TV £1399.99 @ Powerdirect.co.uk
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Fantastic tv with direct-lit LED with full-array local dimming (FALD) 5 year warranty included

Its currently £1449.00 at Powerdirect


yes just bought one for £1500 for a brilliant picture and sound....you go to ASDA and buy one Polaroid for 450!! and then try to watch football or motor racing....crap and cheap colours....pay for good things and you will never regret!!!!


Anyone knows how it's compared with KD65XE7003. Seen it in JL for £899


Dropped again to 1399,weekend only.


Now it actually is back to £1529.99 again. Won't expire just yet incase it drops again.

Sony KD-65XE9305 65" 4K-HDR SMART-Android FreeviewHD/Youview XR-1000Hz - £1699 @ Power Direct
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Best price around for this TV at the moment and matches the best ever price for this as a new TV, John Lewis will price match. Seems deal ends midnight tonight.
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People may be, rightly or wrongly, basing their vote on this in comparison to the OLED TV's available for a similar price albeit in the region of 10" smaller... Voted hot. Good TV at a good price!


Great price and nice reviews... really surprised with cold here!!!


Great price!


Off topic but is the 65xe7002 worth £999.99?


Me Neither!?!

SONY KD75XE8596BU 75" 4K-HDR SMART-Android FreeviewHD/Youview XR-1000Hz £1997.99 @ Power Direct
LocalLocalFound 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
SEEN IT CHEAPER - CALL 08444 818 820 £1,997.99 Retail Price: £3,499.99 You Save: £1,502.00 **** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE **** SONY KD75XE8596BU ULTRA-HD 4K-HDR LED TV 75” 4K-… Read more
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No i priced matched with rgb direct but online using the following link https://www.johnlewis.com/never-knowingly-undersold From memory when i ordered they only had 3 in stock.


Not sure why, but when reading this my brain didn't see the word 'pacific'. (shock)


Was this in store the websites been out of stock so I've not been able to do a price match on the few stores that have it at £1699 Richer sounds said their waiting on stock from Samsung


It was that price when i posted it. Days price match on top. So they must've changed it since


It’s £2299 in John Lewis

SONY KD65XE9005BU 65" 4K-HDR Smart TV £1479 @ Power Direct
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Cheapest this amazing TV has been. If you're on the lookout for a big Tele and can't afford OLED, look no further! 5 year warranty included. I've ordered from Powerdirect before, … Read more
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this tv is bigger than my house. heat added.


Watch out this TV hasnt got Dolby Vision which is a HDR feature http://www.avsforum.com/dolby-vision-update-coming-to-sony-tvs-in-january/


I have the xe93 version amazing set of tv's!


I'm quite happy with them finally having agreed to replace it, didn't really fancy doing another couple of grand on a telly six months after buying one so that was one excuse I definitely didn't need (lol)


I had a 55" tv with one midge in it - excuse to get larger set !

Sony KD65XE9005BU  £1497.99 PRC Direct 65" TV
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Cheapest it has been on HKUD I believe. *** FREE 5 YEARS SONY GUARANTEE ***** SONY KD65XE9005BU Ultra-HD 4K-HDR (New for 2017) 65" SONY 4K-HDR Ultra-HD SLIM LED TV Dynamic image… Read more

This deal is back on by the look of it


I've had confirmation from John Lewis that they will price match this. Also, once you have your price match confirmation, it is valid for 28 days so you can wait to see if it goes any cheaper knowing that you have locked in your price.


I have used them 3 or 4 times perhaps over the last 10 years, never an issue personally. Like anything, always pay by credit card.for the extra protection it gives you. Also you can always go for the John Lewis price match


Is this a reputable website? I've never heard of it before. But I am tempted by this TV.


It seems it’s just Android TV models that play Blue Planet 😏

 SONY KD65XE9005BU 65" 4K-HDR £1549 @ Power Direct
Found 11th Dec 2017Found 11th Dec 2017
Cheapest this amazing TV has been since BF. 5 year warranty included. If unsure of the retailer, get a quick price match with John Lewis!
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There's a forum for that.... https://www.avforums.com/threads/storm-flies-thunder-bugs-in-sony-40w4500.1478314/ Never heard of thunder flies, with a name like that I should have.


Alright fair enough, I'll take your word for it. It's hardly surprising I'm a tad sensitive about this issue, the telly was up at two n half grand when we got it though we paid around £1800 for it in a special partner promo. It's a lot of dough to weigh out for a nature reserve in your front room and having done untold research trying to sort the matter it seems quite a common problem with this year's range especially. By Sony point blank refusing to acknowledge it is a quality/production issue and taking it even one step further saying it voids the warranty if it happens there's absolutely no record of them having addressed the issue with more recently produced models. Just got to hope they have modified fittings around the vents or wherever else these critters are getting in during more recent manufacturing. I realise I'm in the minority with having had this happen to my set to such an extent but it's a very real issue and I'm letting every prospective buyer know if they buy one and it happens to their new pride n joy Sony will refuse to do anything about it.


I had the same initial problem but it was clear from the reviews this was a standard affair. As with all my tvs I look for calibration settings on the net and lone behold someone has professionally calibrated this TV. I know everyone says every panel is slightly different and thus one size fits all settings can not be applied but I have input them and it certainly transforms the picture. Just a note, the optimum brightness was set to a really low figure which in my opinion looked really dull, I changed that but it is a factor which does not tinker with the settings what have been input. Here's is the link, hope it helps. https://www.avforums.com/video/sony-kd-65xe9005-best-tv-picture-settings.13459


Seems to be back up to £1699. Shame - wanted to pull trigger.


Jesus, calm down. I assume you thought i was making a joke when i say "unless the files comes the TV". What i meant the flies egg got in side the TV during manufauring and hatched when the TV switch on and turn warm. And i wasnt making any comment on the stat your house. Its normal to have problems with bugs in the the house in summer. i am just saying bugs like flies and cockroach like warm place and build their nest in warm place like electronic, so its not exactly the fault of the TV for the bugs problem since they could have gotten into any electronic like pc or consoles My god,people are so easily sensitive and offended these day