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Powerhouse-fitness mega Black Friday sale now Live. Upto 50% off. 0% Finance also available for orders over £250
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017

@DanteAngelus Can you get that at last years Black Friday price anywhere now? Each year is different and financial situations/economy changes - assuming its a quality product still then I think it’s decent :)


Cold. Prices are more expensive than their last black friday offer - for instance they are selling the BodyMax 25kg DB pair for £245 but have previously sold it for £199.99. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bodymax-25kg-selectabell-dumbbells-pair-save-120-for-black-friday-2335583


Woah, this one has caught my eye! £348 off! http://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/get-fit-be-strong I don’t normally come up with offers but I wanted to put together an affordable package for people who want a full-body workout at home. Even the Powerhouse staff think its a great deal. :)

BODYMAX 100KG OLYMPIC CAST  BARBELL 7FT BAR £165 @ Powerhouse Fitness
Found 20th Jul 2017Found 20th Jul 2017
Decent price for an olympic bar bell and weight discs totalling 100kg - don't think you can find anything cheaper online Promo Code Event Use discount code 'catch5' for a 5% dis… Read more

I ordered £2k's worth of stuff (power rack, plates, dumbbells, etc) about 2 years ago and then some more plates a months back and both times they were fine - everything delivered on time and in good condition.


Actually I've given the company a chance and ordered multiple times from there, and each time a bad experience from it being very late, or customer service being non existent, with actual issues with the weights being warped, cracked and incorrectly drilled "2 inch holes". Pointing out a company bad points is a valid point, to inform other's of potential problems. Just because you think giving out advice to other people is irrelavent, doesn't make it correct. "Superb"


Sure but they should be relevant. You voted a deal as cold just because you had one bad order. That doesn't make this a bad deal nor does it mean everyone else will have a bad experience. Based on that logic no deal would be voted hot because there is a chance something could go wrong. This is a good deal regardless of your one single bad purchase. Oh and well done for liking your own comments. Superb.


Ah I get it now. Because YOU had a bad experience that means that everybody will. On every order. Ever. Clearly that is why they have gone out of business. Oh yeah, they haven't. Is that also the reason you have gone on to troll my other comment in a completely different deal? Grow up child.


It's cold because you'll end up regretting buying from the company, not exactly rocket science is it? Ridiculous

Bodymax CF480 Heavy Duty Multi Press Walk-In Squat Rack £199 Powerhouse Fitness
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
Best price for some time for a rack like this which can be used for squats and bench press. Looks to be good quality. Free delivery too.

Now delivered and assembled and it's fantastic quality. Can't really see much difference between this and commercial standard (although I'm sure there must be!) I'm very pleased with my purchase


With relatively minimal skill, and a bit of effort you could build a cage out of wood for this price. There are loads of guides on YouTube, and I've dropped 180kg on the safety rails so safety isn't an issue either.


Can also be used as a clothes horse to share the load held by that chair in your room....


it was, i was quite stunned by it, i sat for about a month checking ebay, there are definately similar deals out there where people are trying to offload full sets of gear


Can anyone recommend a good bench for a home gym please?

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Sci-MX Omni-MX Hardcore 4.35kg Vanilla - £35.98 delivered @ Powerhouse Fitness
Found 24th Mar 2016Found 24th Mar 2016
MASS GAIN PROTEIN TO CARB RATIO: 45g protein, 75g carbohydrates and 530 calories per serving contribute to mass gain. WORKOUT POWER: 2 forms of creatine increase physical performan… Read more

other flavours available for £35.99 using code TENOFF and paying via amazon pay for free delivery, just ordered the 4.35kg chocolate.


Even cheaper if you pay with Amazon pay as you can get free post


protein shakes are unnecessary, but that's just my opinion... lol

Sci-MX Omni-MX Hardcore 4.35kg Vanilla - Powerhouse Fitness (SKU: SNPP6950) -
Found 1st Feb 2016Found 1st Feb 2016
Not a bad price for a renowned brand... Yes we all have our favourite suppliers but a good price nonetheless if this is your preferred brand or not fussed where you get your prote… Read more

Good price for the big tub, shame it's just the Hardcore and not the other two.


I've just looked at the product and done the sums and in 4.35KG there's only enough for the recommended does for 15 days!

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Bodymax 25kg Selectabell Dumbbells - Pair. Save £120 for Black Friday
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Great price on adjustable dumbbells , bought them over the phone and apparently the deal lasts online until Sunday at midnight. Really good for saving space and mess in the gym.

Awesome deal! Great piece of kit


Decent deal, not amazing but decent - anyone voting cold doesn't know what these cost normally, I sold a set similar but unbranded second hand for £150 a couple of months ago


I just bought the bodymax 5-32.5kg £180 for the pair brand new in box off someone dodgy obviously lol but i have to say what a phenom piece of kit just make sure they are clicked in i started my first set and two discs flew out had no problem since tho. Very steep but if you go to gumtree see if anyone has heavier ones even if slightly dearer than this


still wouldnt pay £200


They have a dial on the side so that they are adjustable. You can select different weights from 2kg up to 25kg. It's like having a gyms worth of dumbells in the space of 1 set.

100kg Olympic Weights & 6ft Bar - £125.00 + Free Del @ Powerhouse-Fitness - Flash Sale
Found 21st Nov 2015Found 21st Nov 2015
This is yet another "Pre Black Friday deal" and is due to expire in a few days so be quick if you're interested. Yes I know most of you curl 100kg but for us mere mortals 100kg is… Read more

was a good deal but now closer to £200 better to wait till the New Year sales


Where do you type the promo code as I can't see it when I try to pay as a guest..


Anyone else noticed the prices change recently? was looking at the 145kg 7' barbell a few days ago on sale @ 199.99 and then it jumped to 249.99. Gonna hang fire to see if the prices jump back down on black friday!


No problem Monks.....


Good deal and good kit,heat added...Thanks psiron for posting this up for us.8)

Powerhouse Fitness T6 Fat Burner £24.99 free delivery
Found 18th Jun 2014Found 18th Jun 2014
I used these to lose weight for a wedding. They totally work were £29.99 now in Sale for £24.99. After being away for 3 holidays so far this year I am ordering again. PHRM5 code f… Read more

Having tried a few burners these are by far the most effective. They also have their pros n cons. Pros being they do raise your core temperature which speeds up your metabolic rate and burns off calories quicker than usual. They are so effective you have to remind yourself to eat! Bad points are when you do excercise I found myself sweating more than usual. Also always take with food not just drink as you may feel a burn or tingle for a few mins. They certainly do work, and I defo reccommend them to anyone wanting to shift a few pounds quickly.. However doesn't mean you can eat what you want and expect miracles.


You'll sweat?


theres plenty of evidence available. it's not rocket science to work out for youself anyway. if you raise your body temperature slightly, what do you think will happen???


Thermogenics do work but they're no miracle pill .. You need to eat healthy and exercise as well ... these will give you that little extra in terms of results as long as you put some effort into the other more important aspects of weight loss... i.e. Diet and Excercise


T6? Lol It's an ECA Stack you want ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin! FFS guys, do some research.

Functional Trainer with Free weight bench worth £438 from Powerhouse £949.05
Found 31st Jan 2014Found 31st Jan 2014
Bodymax CF820 Dual Adjustable Hi-Low pulley/Cable Crossover is a real breakthrough in terms of quality and price. Multiple Position pullies 2 x 160lb/72Kg Cast weight Stacks Built-… Read more
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Why wouldn't you just get a power rack and some olympic weights


Unfortunately not, but there is a mixed sauna and steam room


Great but how the hell do you see the TV around this ;-))


Mixed showers sounds good.


hundreds of pieces of equipment, hot showers and nice ass....I want to join. Where's your gym and whats their monthly rate?

Multi functional ab bar £12.99 @ Powerhouse Fitness
Found 2nd Jan 2013Found 2nd Jan 2013
Great piece of equipment for working out and burning off the new year flab.
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Voted cold as no predictable meathead comments as yet


£11.69 Alternative for those of you who do not want to pre order. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Iron-Total-Upper-Body-Workout/dp/B002GHBRWA/ref=pd_cp_sg_0


Its a pre order so they don't even have them available so best to avoid cold.


These bars always make me think of You've been framed home videos!



Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates - 2 x 25kg / WTSW0013 £ 70.46 @ PowerHouse Fitness
Found 18th Jun 2011Found 18th Jun 2011
Description: Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates - 2 x 25kg. 1 inch holes, not suitable for Olympic bars. Bodymax Standard Hammertone Weight Plates - 2 x 25kg. 1 inch holes, … Read more

Post the deal then matey. Where's your proof?


wat aload a crap,what kinda deal is this!!not olympic so why so much,tesco can match this and for about £50 less.cold cold cold

Bodymax 100kg Olympic Cast Iron Kit for Home Gym £159.20 @ Powerhouse Fitness
Found 23rd May 2010Found 23rd May 2010
Powerhouse Fitness recently reduced their 100kg Olympic Cast Iron kit from 200 to about 160 quid. Have placed my order today, should receive it soon. Description says: Consists o… Read more

Aaah, shame, will make sure to do that next time.


This is a better option in my opinion. £149.99 for 105kg tri-grip set with free delivery. http://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk/olympic_weight_sets/bodypower_105kg_trigrip_olympic_weight_set_/12268_p.html If you are going to order from powerhouse fitness, make sure you ring them with your order as they are usually open to a bit of haggling.


Good price.

Bodymax CF375 Powercage £139.99 @ Powerhouse fitness
Found 14th Nov 2009Found 14th Nov 2009
Best price I could find for a power rack. Ideal for doing squats, bench press etc safely at home without a spotter. Bodymax CF375 Power Rack is an ideal piece of equipment for … Read more

Recieved mine today. I'm very happy with it goes perfectly with the olympic weight set I bought https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/528362/140kg-olympic-weight-set-at-decathl . Assembled easily taking roughly an hour.


i squat 200kg


What offer did you get from them?


ring and haggle, i got a great deal


Well can't see me getting to 180kg squats or bench press too soon so will certainly help a lot with my workouts. Looking forward to recieving mine on Wednesday.

20% off all Bodymax Products this Weekend at Powerhouse Fitness (Weights, benchs, power racks etc)
Found 30th Aug 2009Found 30th Aug 2009
Add the discount code BODYMAX to your shopping basket to receive an additional 20% off all Bodymax fitness equipment. Free Delivery over £200 I've ordered: Bodymax CF375 Power R… Read more
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Good store. i buy a lot from here. This deal comes up frequently but others may not be aware. Some good savings.

Bodymax CF360 Deluxe Power Tower - £110.19 delivered @ Powerhouse Fitness
Found 26th Jan 2009Found 26th Jan 2009
I've been looking for a Power Tower recently and this is the cheapest I've found one, if you use the attached voucher. Unfortunately, this is a little too tall for my gym, but migh… Read more

Good find, voted hot


I've looked, they're around £80-£100 for second hand, so £110 for brandnew is pretty good!


why not buy it 2nd hand must be loads around :whistling:


lol, how can someone vote cold less than a minute after posting? :roll:

Bodymax CF616 Deluxe Roman Chair £49.98 Delivered
Found 16th Sep 2007Found 16th Sep 2007
Reduced from £119.99 to £39.99 = £49.99 Delivered I have been looking for about 6 months for one of these and this is about £100 cheaper than anywhere I looked. Features: > A… Read more

A similar model is £189 on this site!!!! http://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk/back_machines/bodysolid_commercial_roman_chair_back_hyper_extension/7102_p.html