PoweriZer F40 power stilts jumpers (as seen a while ago on tv) @99.99 delivered -44% off

PoweriZer F40 power stilts jumpers (as seen a while ago on tv) @99.99 delivered -44% off

Found 23rd Feb 2008
I just saw these on play and remembered the tv advert, I remember looking at the price of these a whilke back and they were around £150
Play have them at 44% off from £170 down to less than a hundred, yes a gadget but they do look like fun!!
dont forget 4% via quidco making it 95.99
the below is the description from play
The most fun you can have on two legs!!!
For individuals seeking an extreme alternative to recreation and exercise
For training or for leisure
Ideal for weight loss
Builds up the lower body for skiing or skating
Adult model allows heights of up to six feet to be jumped and to run with strides of up to nine feet in length
The PoweriZer F40 is for users weighing between 77 - 99 lbs / 35 - 45kg / 5.5 - 7 stone


only really for kids then or real skinny/small adults...LOL

shame its not the adult version I really wanted to try these. Not sure why though........

looks like adult version is £129.99 - play.com/Gad…tml but there are a few models for different weights and frame size F appears to be child size and M adult size. Skater style helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads might be a good purchase too.

It could be just the thing for my midlife crisis :oops:

here is an independent forum that has lots of good info about these things if you are considering getting some >>> poweriserpages.com

I'll call the ambulance, some major face damage coming up :whistling:
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