Practise the full driving theory tests online with Theory Test Pro via your local library

Practise the full driving theory tests online with Theory Test Pro via your local library

Found 8th Apr 2013
Pass first time!

Pass the UK driving theory test online, first time with Theory Test Pro - fully licensed from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

Practice online for your driving theory tests with full access to all the licensed DSA test material
The full test question bank, hazard perception video clips and online Highway Code
Pass first time with visual aids to guide your learning
Adaptive learning tracks where you are struggling and develops a programme of future practice questions to test your knowledge

Official licensed content for car, motorcycle, passenger carrying vehicles and large goods vehicles
Get unlimited access to all the official licensed DSA study materials
Full and short testing available. Focus on trouble areas with test by topic

If you are not registered with a library or don't want to sign up with one, you can still register and create an Theory Test Pro account with this link:…9ba
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I noticed this on our local libraries website. Very handy for people who are learning to drive and I don't think a lot of people realise they can access it. So heat added.
I didn't know about this either thanks OP
Failed again
thanks.really very helpful for me
thanks. really very helpful for me
Thanks for the info OP didn't know about this really needed it too good timing
I used this a couple of years ago and passed my theory with 100%.
OH has just sent off for his Provisional,many thanks for this OP.
Just passed my theory a few weeks ago and payed for the app this looks really good for anyone trying to pass. Shame we cant get any discount on the test itself, 30 odd quid for pretty much an internet cafe setting, I never understood how it's so expensive...
I failed my theory about a month ago after using this, I got 48 out of 50 on the multiple choice part but on hazard perception after one of the videos on the website gave me 0 out of 5 for seeing a hazard too early, I just went on a mad clicking spree and failed it by two marks.. bad times, giving it another go next week though
Carlos Tevez needs a copy of this. I do not understand why he has not had the sense to take his test in Spain & then just change the license for a UK one.
Eh, no Durham libraries?
Excellent this will come in really useful!
this is a great site. I used it and passed 1st time
Thanks OP! I didn't know about this.
Cos Tevez is a dumb fu?k! Look at his gormless look on his face he wears all the time!
Anyone know if there is any links to N.Ireland libraries offering this service
I don't know how half them pass nowadays to be honest, maybe this is why, i also heard there is a app you can download, and most of the questions on there, along with the answers are the ones they have on the test paper!.
Thanks for this, my daughter has just started driving lesons & I can do without her having to take her theory test half a dozen times at ridiculous cost!
Nice theory tests.. added more heat.
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