Praktica DPix5200 Silver Digital Camera RRP£79.99 Only £37.90 plus Quidco

Praktica DPix5200 Silver Digital Camera RRP£79.99 Only £37.90 plus Quidco

Found 20th Oct 2007
Ideal budget digital camera or one for the kids this Christmas!

Product details...
Case Supplied - NO A bag for your digital camera is the ideal way to protect your investment and store memory cards and batteries
Connection Type USB
Digital Zoom 8 times magnification Digital zoom uses the "electronic brain" within the camera to digitally zoom in, the higher the digital zoom the closer you can get
Exposure compensation YES Adjust the exposure compensation according to the level of brightness or darkness in the image and always get the perfect picture
LCD Screen Size 2 inches Size of the LCD screen measured diagonally across the screen
Memory Type SD
Motion picture recording YES Allows you to record short video footage with audio
Picture Resolution 5 million pixels Resolution refers to the number of pixels (picture elements) that make up an image. The more pixels will mean a better quality of print
Self timer YES Allows you to set up the camera and get into your own photos
Size of Memory Card Included 16 MB The more megabytes (Mb) of memory a card has, the more photos you can store
Type of Battery Included AAA
USB Connection YES These cameras plug directly into a port on your PC with an appropriate USB cable
Video Output YES Allows you to connect from your camera to TV so you can see your pictures on your TV

Use the 5% off voucher and quidco to get this delivered for approx £36!!!

Also available in "Pink" for the ladies!!
- Shiesh


normal price for a **** camera

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Excuse me.....but I have just bought one of these for my son for his birthday today and it really doesn't appear to be anything better than our Sony Cybershot which cost £150 last year (hence I won't let the kids play with it)

This is an ideal camera for kids at a budget price...

It gives good quality video capture including sound + really nice pictures!!

So far I am impressed for £35 including Quidco I think it's a go!!

So don't follow the sheep with all the cold votes!!


It isn't a Vivitar, so voted hot. Good price for a 5mp camera.

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Yeah the 'family camera' is 7MP but this is posted really for the benefit of parents with kids who want a camera of their own!

By all means post links to better cameras at the same/similar price (because I couldn't find any when I looked) but I beg you not to vote cold on the strength that the camera is inferior to what is available on the market!

For crying out loud it is only £36 quid after quidco !!!

Ideal for kids !!

Get it?????

I would never buy another digital camera that doesn't have rechargable batteries. Not even for the kids, as digital cameras just eat batteries.

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Without appearing aggressive can someone post a link to a camera worth buying at this price.....before voting cold???

As I say I own a perfectly decent Sony Cybershot DSC-P200 but won't let the kids use it as it cost a fair amount of cash!

This is a budget camera for use by 10 year olds!!!

Not a bad price to give them what they want.... to be fair I can't see them saving all the pics their take - it's just the 'moment' thing!


No optical zoom, sorry but this deal is ice!

Sorry had to vote cold. I would never buy a digital camera that doesnt have optical zoom. Even for the kids i would pick up a decent camera from ebay for £30ish before buying this.


[*]Megapixels: 6
[*]LCD screen: 2.5"
[*]Optical zoom: 3x
[*]Digital zoom: 5x
[*]Memory card type: SD card[/LIST]
At £49.99, not quite as cheap as the Praktica, but this Samsung from Comet provides a big improvement in features for not much more.

Still just within the price range for the kids I think.

No optical zoom means no matter how cheap and good a deal it is, it resigned to being sub-par quality photo's.

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