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LG OLED55C8PLA 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV £1,095 @ PRC Direct  (Potential 3% Quidco)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Listen. Think. Answer. A Brilliant Brain, α9, an Intelligent Processor Optimized for OLED TV, LG's exclusive processor allows for clean and sharp images with accurate colour and … Read more

Got Price match on the Crampton and Moore eBay deal as this had expired. £1079 delivered, if that helps


Did anyone manage to get a screenshot of the price?


Showing as £1195 for me?


yes, free delivery


6 year warranty is better, worth the extra £13 or so. Is delivery free? It is on RS

Lg OLED77C8LLA LG OLED77C8LLA 77" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV - £3,699 with 5 Year Warranty at PRC Direct
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Not for everyone i know, but what an amazing piece of tech for this price. TCB does 3.15% cashback too! Ive used PRC before and always found them great

Purchased the 65 yesterday. Moving from a "top of the line 2017 Hisense - H55M7000". Richersounds and 1694 interest free! Cant wait


Thanks, got one for the caravan.


So true. Bought the 65c8 before Xmas for £1575. A steal. Love it. When I had it, it seemed huge replacing 49" lg 4k. But now it looks half the size!


Thanks OP.. Got one for my hamsters cage


I’ve have the 65” of this fantastic TV. Such a massive jump in price from 65” to 75” !!

LG OLED55C8PLA 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV with 5 Year Warranty £1095 @ PRC Direct
Refreshed 13th JulRefreshed 13th Jul
Optimized for OLED TV, LG's exclusive processor allows for clean and sharp images with accurate colour and even more detailed HDR images. Cinematic Imaging at Home LG TV can re… Read more

Gutted i missed this...hopefully someone will spot another deal before long...fingers crossed


Direct response from LG:- Hello, we appreciate you for taking the time to reach out to us about your interest with LG OLED Televisions. It is our pleasure to assist you.  In response to your inquiry, most burn-in cases in televisions are a result of static images or on-screen elements displayed on screen uninterrupted for many hours or days at a time – with brightness typically at peak levels. Even if burn-in does occur from extreme usage, it can usually be mitigated within a short period of time by turning off the display for a while and watching varying contents for a few hours such as standard TV and channel surfing. Additionally, LG OLED TVs come with special features and settings to preserve image quality and prevent burn in and image retention. To reduce burn in, an LG OLED TV has a Compensation Mode setting which attempts to clear panel noise by resetting the pixels to reduce any instances of image retention and to correct any screen uniformity issues. If the TV is on for more than 4 hours, Compensation Mode will run automatically when the TV is powered off. If the same manifestations are present after running the compensation mode, what we can do is create a case and submit it to our OLED Specialist to review appropriate resolution options.  For a list of available LG OLED TV models and others which might suit your preference as well, we also invite you to visit the LG TV product page at:  Thank you very much for your patience and understanding on this. Should you have further inquiries or clarifications, please do let us know and we'll be glad to help out.  We are glad to have an opportunity to assist you. Please inform us how we can provide additional support via Email, Live Chat or by calling the LG Customer Service Toll Free number at 800-243-0000. For repair service, you may visit this link:  Thank you for choosing LG.  Kind regards, 


I spoke to a Sales Person/Expert at Richer Sounds last week about screen burn on the C8 and he told me that it's fine to watch TV shows with a static logo in one place, as long as you also watch a variety of other TV that has no static images. The example he provided was if you watch 2 hours of GMTV in the morning (with the static clock in one place) and then watch other shows in the day/evening, then you won't have a problem. It's only when you only watch the same type of thing with the same static logo most of the time and not much else. .


So yea... basically they know there's an inherent fault with the tech but because they don't wanna have to cover it under warranty, as they/LG should, they try to pass any screen burn off as 'damage' that's the users responsibility. Uh huh...


Reply from "Richer Sounds" on LG OLED burn-in:- Thanks for your email, the OLEDs are beautiful screens but they are not best suited for everybody’s TV usage. For example, watching Good Morning Britain or the news on a regular basis can make a real mess of the screen as can gaming. As screen burn / image sticking is an avoidable issue we do not cover it under our guarantee. You would really need insurance to cover against screen burn as its classed as damage rather than a fault. I hope this helps With kind regards

Samsung UE65MU6220 65'' Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV £499 @ PRC Direct
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
A Curved screen and Auto Depth Enhancer technology surrounds you with a world-class viewing experience. Plus UHD Dimming technology guarantees you stunning colours and exceptional … Read more

Good work my friend.


I was toying with the idea but never did. I was close to ordering but this seemed too cheap to be true, especially when it went from in stock to on order from the manufacturer considering its a relatively older discontinued model.


They sent the TV in one box and the blue ray player in a separate box a few days later. When I checked the blue ray player box it had a receipt inside with no mention of the TV so I tried my luck and they refunded me the full £170 (y) :D (y) :D


No, nothing as yet... did you order also?


I'm waiting for Amazon Prime Day. I'm really itching for a 65 inch. A friend recently blagged a 65 Samsung Ambilight off Sky using their sky protect' insurance. His telly wasn't even 4k and ten ys old, put a screwdriver through it and then took out the insurance and a week later claimed. I didn't think they'd be stupid enough to fall for it (he's done it before) then he cancels the policy after the telly comes. It's unreal, the picture is so good.

Samsung QE55Q8DNA (Apple TV app) Inc 5 Year Warranty - £1099 (with code) @ PRC Direct
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Samsung Q8DNA Great TV for the price. Not far behind its big brother the Q8. This TV has FALD. Will also have the Apple iTunes app. Samsung Product Page -… Read more

I got mine delivered at the weekend. Loving it.


Thanks for this deal. I get mine tomorrow. I was following these last year when they were much more money. Just what I need for pc gaming. The comments were helpful, nice knowing this is the fald version. Samsung doesn't make it easy.


Depends on usage. Some people may want to avoid oled because of burn in. QLED and other LED's are brighter than OLED. The Q8 won't be far in performance behind the Q9. Just has less dimming zones and the one connect box. In terms of the Sony, overpriced at the moment. Best bet is the XF9005.


I would definitely go with OLED if there isn’t much price difference, the blacks are nice and inky which makes the rest of the colours stand out. If one is after an led tv I would recommend the Samsung Q9FN or the Sony XG95


great tv, you will not need to worry about screen rot and light dimming from ageing oled

LG OLED55C8PLA 55" 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV with 5 year warranty  £1199.99 @ PRC Direct
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Usually between £1300-£1400 for this model so thought this was a good price Same price at Peter Tyson and you can probably do the usual price beat with richer sounds to knock anot… Read more

Same here. I want the 65 inch but its pricey now


Dropping like a stone. Great price.Paid £1319 about 2 months ago at RS. Fantastic tv.


Ah, right. Cheers. I know I bought the E7 from a HUKD Black Friday deal in 2017 and the "magic" remote was a different one from the then "lower" models. Debatable whether picture on glass and soundbar is worth extra £200.


The remotes I believe are the same (the E7 upwards had a different design in last years ranges) so it's just the picture on glass and soundbar that are the differences.


OLED55E8P for £1,399 at various incl Crampton & Moore. Not sure what extra you get - believe it's built in sound bar, picture on glass and "magic" remote?

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LG 55SK9500PLA 55" SUPER UHD 4K Smart TV with Full Array Local Dimming - £739 (with code) @ PRC Direct
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Same deal and price for this TV at Selfridges.. But this from PRC includes • Free 5 Year Warranty Nano Cell Display Full Array Local Dimming Alpha 7 Processor Cinema HDR … Read more

i do not think this rgbw only earlier models any one able to confirm this. Any one got one wanted to know about the bloom in dark room. I have looked at lots of Russian videos seems to me it shows up more because its just lighting the object instead of the whole area from top to bottom, Can not make my mind up this or samsung nu8000 or even the costco hisense 58"


RS quoted me 1079 but they only had 1 left and I felt it was still too much...and Ive been comparing the 8500 v the 9500 and theres very little in it..and the only negatives seem to be the panel and I dont think my eyesight is good enough to discern any difference and I wont be playing any games ..if you like I'll message you if I find either at a decent price if you'd be so kind enough to do the same for me..


Same here, £1099 seems to be the best deal at the moment. Hoping for it to drop a bit more. The new SM9500 gets pretty much the same review so great savings by going for the 2018 version.


so very nearly there, I want the 65 incher ....


Thanks for posting @TomT (highfive) Love the LGs for their WebOS if nothing else (cheeky)

Samsung UE65NU7020 65" Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV £549 @ PRC Direct
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
No idea if this company is allowed, but this is the same TV I posted earlier that went Oos very quickly, well this is the same price delivered, enjoy. 65" Ultra HD certified H… Read more

I'd like to know too as that's why I want it


Thought samasung was ok for apps to watch iptv


How does this compare with the Hisense 65 inch one posted on here that I had my eye on?


Mother's Day!


Did I read it right that you buy LCDs to gift? I am ok with mid-range gift 🤭

Samsung UE50NU7400 50" Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV £419 delivered at PRC Direct
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
50" Dynamic Crystal Colour Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV Discover exceptional Ultra HD certified picture quality with our NU7400 Dynamic Crystal Colour TV. The NU7400 prov… Read more

Freeview HD tuner on this or TV Plus?


Mine arrived earlier! Watched the fitba on it...mind blown. Well worth the 450 (y) unlucky Leeds 😜 😜Camera on phone doesn't do the picture quality justice!


Yep, this has put me off this model. Had the same thing with an early Samsung Galaxy phone.


Check the reviews for Samsung 7000 series - they do not have enough internal storage for updates,


55'' is £449.00 at Richer Sounds with 6 year guarantee. Helpful if you don't have a John Lewis near you.

LG 70UK6500PLA 70" 4K Ultra-HD Smart LED TV - Silver £745 @ PRC Direct
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Screen Size 70" Screen resolution 3840x2160 WiFi Built In HDMi Ports 4 USB Ports 2 Optical Output Yes Ethernet Port Yes Speaker Output Power 20W 2.0ch Refresh Rate TM100 (Refresh R… Read more

I dont always use it. Only turn on during a family movie session. Last year I probably watched 5 movies on it. I don't normally have time to watch TV. Most things I watch on my laptop on the train journeys. Kids play games on TV and watch Netflix. Lamps do run for a long time of you leave on eco mode. Eco looks good in totally dark room. It only looks bad if you turn it off and back on as you know how much brighter it is on normal. But your eyes get used to it. The epson is very bright anyway as its 3d so they need it for dark 3d glasses.


lol Try 1400 watts I have free leccie so i dont think about it!


At that size I'd be more worried about the electricity bill in imagine it uses at least 800 w, hope they gave you shares in your local electric company for that price (lol) . It would probably be wise to sell it and buy something like this, in 2 years the savings on the electricity alone will pay for the TV, that's what I did with my old Panasonic plasma TV it consumed 350 vs my new nu8000 which is 120w, with how much TV we watch it will pay for itself in 3 years and the nu8000 blows the plasma out of the water for image quality it's literally like watching a different show almost even though both play the same recording.


Wow thats some price beats buying a new telly lol How many bulbs do you go through though?


This looks like a good bet. I love Panasonic's but they are very expensive new. These have gmvery good contrast. Black levels. Connections.

LG OLED55B7V  55 inch 4K Ultra HD, HDR £939. 5 years guarantee,free 4K HDMI cable. Use code. at PRC Direct
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
A fantastic well reviewed OLED TV. Whathifi scored it 5 stars. Use code 19APR50 to get £50 off . OUR VERDICT The B7 (along with its twin, the C7) is the sweetest spot of LG's 20… Read more

Confirmed by email that they can/will supply the B8SLC instead of the B7. The agents will amend the order after it's placed. They also said that the code doesn't apply to either TV. So I don't know where OP got the idea that this code is supposed to work.


If anyone has doubts then all they have to do is call them and ask, as someone above already did.


I'm sure you're right but what if somebody was unlucky enough to receive old stock?


Just in case people didn't notice this new thread...£989 from Richer Sounds...


Did anyone manage to get this to work? Seems silly that it's marked hot when it's a non existent deal.

LG 70UK6500 70" Tv £749 @ PRCdirect
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Sounds cheap for such a large screen ;)

I wouldn't buy anything from PRC Direct. Prices are great but customer service is non existent. Had a prob with a large TV 9 months in and all they wanted to do was fob off onto manufacturer. Avoid.


Does anyone know if this tv is compatible with tv sound connect?.... currently got a Samsung tv connected wirelessly to my Samsung soundbar with sound connect option, just wondering if I could still do the same with this LG model or is this just something only on Samsung's?? Thanks for any info :)


They normally give TCB around 6% but in this instance maybe not as there is a £50 promotion code ..... ....worth giving a try


Good Price @pavel76 (highfive)

LG 55UK6300PLB 55" Ultra HD 4K Active HDR Smart TV £359 @ PRC
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
This is the cheapest I've seen for this model and for a 55"er.

It's just a shame that it's only 1 years warranty otherwise I'd snap this up.


You can get this for the same price, with free delivery from AO on eBay! Save the £20 I was quoted for deliver! Use the 10% off code PRO10.


Sometimes it’s only the colour of the tv,don’t be put off by the price this is a great deal .


It uses an RGBW panel, therefore it's not a real 4k screen. More like 2.8k. For this price, obviously not expecting HDR10 or OLED, but at least it should be real 4k. You get what you pay for I guess.


12 month warranty I would say.

Samsung UE65NU7400 65" Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV £699 with code at PRC Direct
Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Samsung UE65NU7400 65" Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV £699 with code at PRC Direct
65" Dynamic Crystal Colour Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV Discover exceptional Ultra HD certified picture quality with our NU7400 Dynamic Crystal Colour TV. The NU7400 provid… Read more

John(athon) Lewis have increased their price to £789. Still knowingly undersold. Lowest price on 26 Mar 2019 was £524.75 and lowest price-match was £566.39 (I got it - amazing, relatives will be happy). Now it will be rejected as the price match store increased the price.


John(athon) Lewis have finally reduced their price to £699. Still knowingly undersold.


Thanks for letting us know about the picture quality, shame about the size, wanted a 65 but thinking maybe the 55 will suffice. 5 years warranty, you’d think they would take it right back without any major flaff, considering you’ve only had it an afternoon. Might try with richer sounds and see if they price match.


Boxed up ready for return to John Lewis. I have to say their customer service is not what is used to be. They refused return on 2 calls saying it was used and can't be returned. One rep was downright rude. Think I will avoid them future.


It arrived. Picture quality is superb. Great blacks for an lcd. No dirty screen effect and no light bleed that I can see. Only problem is its just too big for where I want to put it so a bit gutted as love it especially for the money. Just won't fit on my current unit as stand is massive. May have to try 55 inch but wanted massive lol

*** FURTHER REDUCED***  LG 70" ULTRA HD 4K Active HDR Smart TV £849 with code
Refreshed 16th MarRefreshed 16th Mar
*** FURTHER REDUCED*** LG 70" ULTRA HD 4K Active HDR Smart TV £849 with code
Good price for a 70" TV. Use code 19MAR20 for £20 off. *** FURTHER REDUCED***

Sorry. Forgot to say decent XD


Yep. It's black, 5 inches bigger and can keep the missus entertained all evening. Got to be a bargain. See you down the pub then?


Just underpin the living room walls, what's lightweight!


75'' for £699


Waiting for 75 to this kind of price. Got a 55 inch tv and tv can easily go another 10 inch on each corner (y)

Buy a LG OLED55B7V but get a free upgrade to 2018 OLED55B8 55 inch model instead, Premium 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV £949 @ PRC Direct
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Buy a LG OLED55B7V but get a free upgrade to 2018 OLED55B8 55 inch model instead, Premium 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV £949 @ PRC Direct
Just purchased the B7 model (the 2017) from prc but they are out of stock, with no more on order. For a limited time they are offering a free upgrade for the same price. I even got… Read more

Is that worth it?


Another deal here if not...


Does anyone know if they are still offering this upgrade?


Yes I got the 5 year warranty after I registered it. Apparently it’s 1 year with LG and 4 years with Domestic and General so LG told me when I enquired.


OP here. To update. The warranty came through today. 5 years by domestix&general.

Samsung UE75NU7100 75 inch 4K HDR TV - £999 with code @ PRC Direct
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Samsung UE75NU7100 75 inch 4K HDR TV - £999 with code @ PRC Direct
Finally sub £1k for a new Samsung 75" HDR TV. Use code 19MAR100 for £100 discount. Don't forget TCB for a further 6% saving. Potentially £939.06

Would never buy anything from this crowd again, no intention of adhering to the Consumer Rights Act, only interested in taking your cash, had to get my credit card company involved.


How's this for gaming? A lot of reviews say its not good for games or sports due to ghosting. Also does anyone know if this has freeview apps such as iplayer, itv player and 4od?


Only with ones that have special offer in red writting at the bottom of the item description. Example: QE75Q900, UE50NU7400,


Is this promo code only applicable to this specific model? I did try it on a couple of £1000+ Samsung and Sony models but it didn't work. Couldn't find any reference to T&C's of the code.


Ordered it for my toilet hope it isn't to small (embarrassed)

LG 65UK6300PLB 65" ULTRA HD 4K Active HDR Smart TV £649 @ PRC Direct
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
LG 65UK6300PLB 65" ULTRA HD 4K Active HDR Smart TV £649 @ PRC Direct
LG make some of the best TVs. Good price for a 65 inch 4k HDR model. Smart model, Google Assistant & Alexa

not certified and missing 'the' logo.


Is this also true of their OLED TVs?


What do you mean? It does say 4K.


Thank you


Not 4k panel do not waste your money.

LG OLED55B8S 55" OLED TV  £1094 delivered w/code + 5 Year Warranty @ PRC Direct
Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
LG OLED55B8S 55" OLED TV £1094 delivered w/code + 5 Year Warranty @ PRC Direct
LG OLED55B8S 55" OLED TV for £1094 using code WINTER100 and includes a 5 year warranty. I checked other providers including Richer Sounds but looks like the £100 code has expired… Read more
Butters That bracket sounds like what you need, it claims to do what your saying but I havent used it myself to confirm.


God of war is so good in 4k HDR


I have a HD Homerun running Channels on a Shield TV for timeshift and recording freeview TV, and use Plex on either the Shield or the TV app for watching Blu-rays from Plex. It handles standard HD broadcasts really well, standard def is, well as good as standard def could be :D The boy plays a bit of PS4 Pro on it but it’s via a FullHD distribution unit (the PS4 is in a another room) so only supersampled 1080p and it looks good. Haven’t hooked the PS4 up to it to see ‘4K’ on it yet, but I can imagine it would look pretty nice. 4K YouTube via the inbuilt app looks wonderful, even as compressed as it is, so disc based 4K would be even better. Currently deciding on an Xbox One X for a 4K player and to play Red Dead 2 on it though. Have Ready Player One on 4K disc to watch on it but nothing to play it with !


I got the 55 version of this over Xmas, and upgraded from a Panasonic 42" 1080 Plasma, and I am very happy with it and have no regrets at all. We are about 10ft away from it, and the jump from 42 to 55 was initially quite jarring. Letter boxed movies and football were immediately excellent, but normal TV felt a bit 'in your face' with peoples faces being so much bigger! But you do quickly get used to it, and a few weeks on, I don't even think about it now. I would personally not fancy a 65 as that feels like it would be too big, but ask me in a few months and I might have changed my mind :) We are 'only' watching mostly 1080 content on it and even with that, I am regularly thinking - wow, that looks amazing - it is definitely a quality/detail improvement over the Plasma. The dark scenes and contrast between dark and light are fantastic. The only minor downside so far is that SD looks a bit worse at times, but I think this is mainly the difference in size exposing the problems more clearly. Also had some issues getting only stereo with ARC, but after messing with the audio output format settings on the TV, this fixed itself. Gaming also looks great so far, although this has been pretty much limited to FIFA. I am aware of the burn in issues of the TV, enough to decide to remove the score/playername overlays as I don't need them anyway...but I am not obsessing over it. What will be will be. Hoping that as long as we are sensible then all should be well. Hope that might help someone. Don't suppose anyone can recommend a bracket that will swivel this thing 90 degrees to the wall? Struggling to find anything that's definitely going to do that...


Code expired.