Pre-lit Christmas Tree - 6 feet for £10, 6 feet white for £5 at Asda Living Coventry
Price reduced for pre-lit 6 feet tree to 10 pounds (35 pounds)

416 tips
120 warm white lights
With hinged branches
With metal stand

There were white trees for £5 and other 6 feet black tree for £5
There were about 10 left when I was there in the store today afternoon.

There were loads Christmas tree decorations reduced too for like 50p or 75p


Cor, that's cheap.

Voted HOT, HOT, HOT!

I only wonder if it's national?

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It was in the store deal.

Also, any ideas how do I upload another picture of the price tag in here in the comment? I can't see any upload option.

Heat for the photo !!

Thanks picked up the last pr-lit tree. They had 3 other (no lights)6ft trees left at £10 each.
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