Pre-order Avatar on DVD - £9.99 delivered from!

Pre-order Avatar on DVD - £9.99 delivered from!

Found 16th Mar 2010
Due for release on 26/04/2010. Don't forget quidco/topcashback!

Promising revolutionary digital effects and an epic storyline, the hugely anticipated Avatar sees the director of Titanic and Terminator, James Cameron, returns to breathe new life into the sci-fi genre.

Winner of the BAFTA Awards for Best Production Design and Special Visual Effects.

Winner of the Academy Awards for Best Art Direction, Best Visual Effects & Best Cinematography.

Featuring Terminator Salvation's Sam Worthington, Star Trek's Zoe Saldana and James Cameron's Aliens star, Sigourney Weaver, Avatar tells of a future conflict between resource-guzzling humans and the indigenous inhabitants of the planet Pandora: the Na'vi. Humans can't breathe Pandoran air, so paraplegic marine Jake volunteers to become an Avatar: a genetically engineered half human/half Na'vi controlled via a mental link. Sent to scout out the `enemy`, Jake falls for the Na'vi princess, Neytir, forcing him to choose sides when the conflict escalates into full-blown war.


how long until the death of the cinema do you reckon?

Or will they start doing everything in 3d while the prices for the tvs are expensive

Things are coming out on DVD a lot quicker but cinemas will live on ... better than holding hands at your parents house !!

Anyhow the cashback rates (if you're a member of either of these sites) are:
Quidco: 4% Total Cost = £9.59
TopCashBack: 5% Total Cost = £9.49
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