Pre-order Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii £29.99 delivered at amazon

Pre-order Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii £29.99 delivered at amazon

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This item will be released on December 3, 2010.

Great reviews so far on IGN and others.

Manufacturer's Description
The king of swing is back and he's hungry for adventure (and bananas)! A new 2D platformer in the mould of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have to battle the evil Tikis in order to restore peace to DK Island.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are back in action
The 2D platformer returns with more co-op action
Fight giant enemies to get back your stolen bananas
Even the classic mine cart chases return
Donkey Kong plays a bit rougher than Mario though, so as well as jumping on bad guys' heads you'll also be able to use his signature ground pound to disorientate your enemies. All the other classic elements of the original games are back too, including mine cart levels and vine swinging.

The game's no pushover, so it's a good job you can call on Diddy to help you. If you're playing on your own you get to use his jetpack to help you, but if you've a friend to hand they can take control and then ride on Donkey Kong's back if they get to a tricky bit.


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Key Features
Gorilla Games: The classic Donkey Kong Country series returns with all-new 2D action and all the platform action and cartoon fun you'd expect of Mario's oldest ally.
Uncle and Nephew: Find a special barrel and you can bring Diddy Kong into the story and use his jetpack to reach the places Donkey Kong cannot go.
Buried Treasure: Help feed DK's hunger for stolen bananas, as well as mountains of secret extras, including whole new levels and hidden KONG letters.
Co-op Kapers: Play on your own or let a friend take control of Diddy Kong when he's around. Both can play at once or Diddy can take a time out if things get tough.
Monkey Magic: Two separate control systems for veterans and beginners - play the whole game with just a single remote or add in the nuchuck for extra control.

Really looking forward to this - loved the original trilogy and the reviews have been positive for this. Definite day 1 purchase for me.

Hope this is as good as epic mikey, wii has had some fantastic exclusives this Xmas in goldeneye, epic mikey, donkey kong,

Just recently finished the snes original, man that game was good, and seriously hard in places. Can't wait for this

Its quite good, graphics are typical Wii but gameplay is good if not a bit repetitive. Little un played it for quite a while when I first got it but prefers Epic Mickey so I guess its not blown him away?!? I'd say wiat, not worth £30 IMHO.


Just recently finished the snes original, man that game was good, and … Just recently finished the snes original, man that game was good, and seriously hard in places. Can't wait for this

I totally agree, the SNES version seemed to push the console beyond its commonly perceived limits. I was in awe of the game as a kid and I am sure it is one of the few 16bit console games that would still look acceptable today.

I remember the original SNES version cost about £60 when released (and came with an audio CD), expensive even by todays standards, but honestly worth it in my opinion... happy days!

Almost makes me want a Wii!... second thoughts, tell Nintendo to stop being so mean and release for all Formats!!!.... alas its never going to happen I guess.

My snes was a donkey kong bundle console that I got for Christmas. My dad got it for me, he picked me up in the car to drive to his house and for some reason let me open it in the car, that was the longest 2 hour car journey of my life!!!

I played the game for days and days

If you have a preference for HMV, they also have it up for £29.99.…s/ . The RRP seems a bit high at £44.99! This is a remake after all, it cannot have anywhere near the same dev costs as something like Black Ops.

Now £32.91.

Marked as 'Expired'.



Now £34.46! Not good, Amazon
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