Pre-Order FIFA 08 for £34.99 (£31.15 after quidco)
Pre-Order FIFA 08 for £34.99 (£31.15 after quidco)

Pre-Order FIFA 08 for £34.99 (£31.15 after quidco)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£34.99
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Original Price is 39.99 but you can use this voucher to get £5 off the code is: summerfun

Then if you have quidco then you can get 11% cashback which brings it to 31.15, this is the cheapest I've seen anyway.

The above link is to the Xbox 360 game but you can use the code for the PS3 version too.



Wicked !! Dirt Cheap


This deal is wicked, i just pre ordered mine

nice one! bizzarely I am looking forward to this more than pro evo

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Yer thats the same with me, i can't wait looks well good

p.s is it against rules to post links to you tube on here as i have posted some wicked videos off the new fifa

no... youtube is fine.

lucky I just renewed my xbox live membership too so I can kick ass online. 1 month is a long time to wait though tbh but it shall be worth it


I cant wait for the new fifa and pro evo for the 360! Both seem to be going more "next gen" as the last versions where basically ports from the ps2.


Can't wait for the Prov Evo 2008, but no official site about it yet

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I just tried putting the links here for the videos but it seems that they haven't appeared

Im having withdrawal symptoms My xbox has been with manufacturer for last month to fix the 3 red light thingy.

I wanna play it!!!!!!


LOL, Was it the over heating problem

May aswell sell it and buy an elite

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apart from the fact that the elite is 329.99

p.s if im allowed to post links to youtube why wont they show?

Cheers jaysta!

does ne1 know whether you can use this code multiple times, i saw multiple times, but i mean once more lol. assassins creed looks awsum!


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I dunno, maybe, you should try it and let us know if it works

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why is this rated so bad? its a good deal
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