Pre-order Final Fantasy Dissidia Limited Edition PSP £27.73 at The Hut

Pre-order Final Fantasy Dissidia Limited Edition PSP £27.73 at The Hut

Found 29th Aug 2009
Use the Code BANK20 to get it at this great price.

Reports in today that Dissidia has piicked up an 8 in Edge which sounds promising. Some places have stopped taking pre-orders for the ltd edition version which makes this an even more tempting deal! :-)

Limited Collector's Edition contents:
Dissidia: Final Fantasy game
Dissidia: Final Fantasy Original Sound Selection Mini-CD - includes a selection of music tracks from the game that are especially chosen by composer Takeharu Ishimoto.
"The Art of Dissidia: Final Fantasy" - 48-page hardback artwork featuring character artwork and CG rendered artwork from across the game production.
Brady Games Official Miniguide - 32-page game guide printed in full colour, with character artwork, descriptions and walkthrough information to help you win the battle.
Exclusive Lithograph Prints - two exclusive Lithograph prints, inside a unique Dissidia: Final Fantasy branded bandwrap, featuring artwork not used to promote the original Japanese version of the game.
Game features:
Exhilarating 3D battles - An exciting system lets your character run up walls, fly across the sky and unleash hardware-defying attacks all with intuitive operation.
Genre-defining customisation - As your character grows, a vast range of actions, abilities and equipment become more available. Customised characters can be taken online for a wide variety of play experiences.
Dramatic story contents - Why have the warriors been gathered? A sumptuous tale awaits, presented with stunning event scenes and voice acting.
User community - Challenge other players via ad hoc or online play. Trade Friend Cards, create items and share AI characters with other players and even engage in virtual AI battles made possible by the PSP system Ad-Hoc Mode.
New features not in the Japanese version - New features include an additional Arcade Mode, improved gameplay balancing, new play tutorials, additional event scenes and more.


Hmm I dunno if I want to pay an extra £10 for the special edition, the extras look nice and all but meh.
I'll probably go with the £17.95 zavvi version.

Good price, pre-ordered mine from amazon for £30 but it is now at £38, if you want the special edition you hve to pre-order when you se prices like these!
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