Pre-order Harry Potter and get Leapster TV console for £13.61 delivered

Pre-order Harry Potter and get Leapster TV console for £13.61 delivered

Found 17th May 2007
Pre-order Harry and save over £150 worth of Gift Certificates on selected products

Pre-order Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows childrens, adult or special edition today, wait a magical 7 days and come back to redeem over £150 on selected items across our site. The offer includes money off selected Books, CDs, Video Games, Toys and Electronics. Check out the full selection of qualifying items below.

All you need to do to take up our fantastic offer is to pre-order one of these editions of Harry Potter. Wait... make a potion or two, wait a little longer, whilst watching it brew! Then fly back to this page in 7 days and order any (or all) of the products below, checkout, and we'll automatically deduct the additional savings from your order.

The best buy is the leapster console for £13.61- the voucher appears at checkout.

Please forgive any errors this is my first deal!


Link not working

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Sorry- looks like the link I entered doesnt want to work! God I didnt realise how hard it was to submit a deal- dont be too harsh!!!


Don't expect the prices to be the same in 7 days though.....

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ITs in the amazon homepage on the right as welll now i think, and under Harry Potter- £150 gift vouchers- the best deal is £25 off a toy deal- that takes you to the Leapster Tv console. I bought one yesterday- (tried to submit the deal yesterday too and mucked it up- sorry. Ill have to try harder next time !!!)

Link fixed in OP

Leapster images :-

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Thanks Edi- think I need a crash course!!!

Great find, I used a 5 gift voucher as well, so got this for £8.61, thanks, heat & rep added
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