Pre-order Madworld - Nintendo Wii - £26.90 - Today only @ SendIt

Pre-order Madworld - Nintendo Wii - £26.90 - Today only @ SendIt

Found 20th Feb 2009
Pre-order the Wii's next big game of the year for core gamers, Madworld, for only £26.90 at SendIt. Today only.

Due for release March 20th.

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Set in a stylish, monochromatic black and white world, Madworld is a game that mixes the look of graphic novels with fully realised, next-gen environments.

And Varrigan City is where the game takes place. It's a city that has been seized by terrorists and turned into their own sporting arena; where "kill or be killed" is the only rule. Welcome to Death Watch.... As players battle enemies they must master the use of various weapons and items found within their environment, such as a chainsaws and street signs, and compete in minigames designed to push the players over the edge. With its irreverent humor and over-the-top violence Madworld delivers a visceral gaming experience that will be an instant classic on the Wii.

Killer looks: Unique and stunning black and white stylised graphics based upon comic book graphic novels.
Exciting, instinctual gameplay: Fast, visceral, arcade-style gameplay with brutal finishing moves delivered by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
Over-the-top violence: Vast array of murderous moves, exaggerated characters and monstrous bosses presented in an irreverent style.
Multiplayer minigames: Variety of Wii party-games presented with an ultra-violent twist that can be played hotseat against friends.


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I've had a Wii for a while but haven't really kept up with any new games coming out for it (most are pretty dire...) but this looks a bit more interesting!

Thanks for the post

Ive seen a preview for this already and it looks like it would hurt your eyes after abit
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