Pre-Order - Medal Of Honor (PC) Limited Edition - £23.99 DELIVERED @ Game Collection

Pre-Order - Medal Of Honor (PC) Limited Edition - £23.99 DELIVERED @ Game Collection

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Found 22nd Jul 2010
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This item will be released on Friday 15 October, 2010.


One of the great pioneers in military simulations returns to gaming as the Medal of Honor series depicts modern warfare for the first time, with a harrowing tour of duty in current day Afghanistan.

You'll take control of both ordinary U.S. Army Rangers and Tier 1 Elite Ops Special Forces as you fight enemy insurgents in the most dangerous theatre of war of the modern age. The intense first person combat has been created with input from U.S. military consultants and based on real-life descriptions from veteran soldiers. This allows you to use genuine military tactics and advanced technology including combat drones and targeted air strikes.

Acting as two games in one the multiplayer modes have been created by developer DICE, makers of the Battlefield: Bad Company series. Whether you play against friends online or just experience the intense single player experience this evolves the military shooter to the next level of excitement and realism.

Game Features

Top Tier: The first ever Medal of Honor game to be set in the modern day features U.S. Army Rangers and Tier 1 Elite Ops Special Forces battling insurgents in Afghanistan.
Modern Warfare: Master the state-of-the-art in modern military tactics and weapons as you raid terrorist hideouts, target air strikes and work undercover.
Vehicular Warfare: Make use of a full range of U.S. military vehicles, including quad bikes, Humvees and helicopters.
Authentic Action: Tactics, weapons and equipment are all inspired by real-world accounts and checked by a host of U.S. military consultants.
Good Company: Compete in ground-breaking online combat in a separate multiplayer component created by Battlefield: Bad Company developer DICE.


Shame the game is just a re-skinned BF:BC2, but only worse ... the beta is really bad. They will likely improve it before a release, but being an EA game i won't hold my breath.

^ I have to agree, played the Beta on the PS3 last week and was very disappointed. You have no health whatsover and 1-3 bullets kills you. There's a really annoying lag like freeze at the moment you die and you are constantly re-spawned in the line of fire, again dying immediately. It's absolutely nothing like MW2 (even though it's trying to be) and while similar to Bad Co. 2 in certain areas, that game is streets ahead of this. They have work to do on the multiplayer and although I expect the single player to be epic, I may just give this a miss.

Pre-order gets you one special gun (will allegedly never be released to normal players) and earlier access to the shotguns. Apparently is being retailed at the same price as the normal edition anyway.
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