Pre-order Micro 8GB MP3 Player (Black) - £29.99 delivered @!

Pre-order Micro 8GB MP3 Player (Black) - £29.99 delivered @!

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Pre-order this Micro 8GB MP3 Player (Black)f for just £29.99 delivered @!

Listen to your tunes with maximum portability with this tiny MP3 player. Around half the size of a matchbox, but enough room to cram around 8000 of your favourite tracks.

* Micro Size: 55 x 33 x 9mm
* Very Light Weight: 19g
* Rechargable Battery


8000 tracks is wishful thinking!

Yeah 8000 is a bit of very wishfull thinking!! Your realistically only looking at around 2000 tracks at best for this. Still, even so, for the price, this is well worth it

not bad at all

Careful with these I find with some of the cheaper MP3 players at high bit rate MP3's you get very little battery life per charge.

THis may be a good deal but nowhere does it say how long the battery lasts. I went for a cheaper one and only got one and half hours beofre it ran out. Playing 320kbps mp3's. WHile naother £20 got me nearly 8 hours between charges.

could be a bargain, but without knowing anything about the sound quality I would not risk it myself

I have one similar and they suck tbh.
But I suppose it does what it says on the tin - it plays mp3's.


Agree with the previous 2 posts. I would like to know more about the sound quality and battery life.

One other thing I'd like to know - how easy is it to navigate? No point in having 8,000 tracks if it takes you forever to find the one you want.

Most mp3 players sound excellent its all down to the headphones supplied. **** headphones equals **** sound. Put a pair of sennheisers like the PX100s on a cheap £3 mp3 player and it sounds great.

That looks like a tidy little player, and a nice price to boot. Definitely something for gym use.

All I need to know now is

a) battery type
b) battery life
c) rechargeable off USB cable

That looks like those unbranded ones you get on ebay from China.

sorry but hardly any info on a product doesnt make it a bargain play obviously have summit they aint sure about, i,e, make etc i wouldnt invest in any product i cant find elsewhere, they dont even tell u if u get any headphones with it.

Battery life is the issue here - I bet it's very low.

I got a Zen Mosaic 8GB from argos for £55 the other day.

Battery lasts up to 35 hours on audio. Also plays video. And it has a good speaker built-in. Plus a whole bunch of extra features - worth the higher price IMO.

LOL @ this music player.
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