*PRE ORDER* MSI G210 DDR3 Low Profile NVIDIA Graphics Card - 512MB - £27.43 @ Scan

*PRE ORDER* MSI G210 DDR3 Low Profile NVIDIA Graphics Card - 512MB - £27.43 @ Scan

Found 29th Mar 2011
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Perfect for an HTPC running Linux since Nvidia drivers function a lot better than their AMD-ATI equivalent.

This version uses GDDR3 which is a lot faster than the GDDR2 due to higher memory bandwidth.

I'm not too sure about benchmarks since this GDDR3 version is relatively new?

Please note this is preorder but I have been told to expect stock tomorrow (30th March).

I have preordered one for my HP Microserver using Ubuntu.

If not using Linux you may wish to consider using the ATI HD5450.

Hope this helps some of you!

Here is the MSI link for technical specs:



All the new ATI cards have onboard sound via HDMI 7.1
nvidia cards will be using a separate sound card, in a htcp the ATI would be a better choice
just my 2p's worth
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Yeah I agree, however there are problems with ATI proprietary drivers on Linux. This seems to be the best for power consumption and performance if you want to use Nvidia on a Linux based HTPC. The HD5450 is definitely better...

if anyone has had problems with onboard sound have a look at your adapter ( hdmi ) it may not have all the points

So will this do HD audio over HDMI?

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Yeah it does sound HDMI.

Ok it does "sound", but to be really clear, does it do DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD?

The Radeon 5xxx series, including the 5450, do and the Nvidia GT430 does. Not many cards do though, so what about this one?

EDIT: Looking into this a bit more, it appears to do lossless 7.1 PCM over HDMI. So if your software can decode DTS-HD and Dolby True HD to PCM, then you are laughing. I believe that XBMC can't do this yet.

Please correct me though if you know any more as I am only learning about this now myself.
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I've heard that there are some problems running Natty on a Nvidia graphics card.. is that true?

HellRazer did you get this card?

did it fit in the HP Microserver case? did you have to do any modification?

did it play 1080p without stutter on linux?


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In the end I bought this one (a much better buy I must add, also found by myself)


I have included some instructions on how to configure it for Ubuntu XBMC as well in the deal comments so should help if you get stuck.

In regards to the 1080p playback, no problems at all though I did notice a drop in frames for a like a split second the odd time. This was fixed with an upgrade to 2gigs of RAM on the Microserver though.

The card I bought is no longer being supplied by Scan (unfortunately) however if you buy this one there should not be any problems. Hope this helps!
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