Pre Order New Model TomTom GO 550 LIVE @ £208.20 @ satnaveasy.co.uk
Pre Order New Model TomTom GO 550 LIVE @ £208.20 @ satnaveasy.co.uk

Pre Order New Model TomTom GO 550 LIVE @ £208.20 @ satnaveasy.co.uk

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TomTom GO 550 LIVE combine TomTom's leading IQ Routes technology, stylish design and powerful route calculation with a completely optimised user interface. Full attention has been paid to the integration of TomTom's routing technologies into the user interface of the device, making it more intuitive and easier to operate.

Powerful performance
The new TomTom GO 550 Live calculates a route faster than ever before and ensures drivers are ready to go within seconds. It uses the world's largest collection of historical speed profiles. This ever-growing database now includes over 800 billion historic speed measurements of 15 million road kilometres in 24 European countries.

Once on the road, the device is constantly checking if there is faster route, taking changing road conditions into account by using a combination of IQ Routes technology and RDS-TMC information.

Optimised user interface enhances functionality
Full attention has been paid to the integration of TomToms routing technologies into the user interface of the device. This makes it more intuitive and easier to operate; giving drivers all the information they need about their journey before they set off, at a glance. HD Traffic, safety alerts and fuel prices are all clearly displayed on the screen via the new LIVE snapshot. Once on the road, drivers automatically receive real-time updates on whats ahead, so they remain informed throughout their journey.

On top of this, new menus including a frequent destinations menu have been added to calculate a route to a frequently visited destination easier and faster. Finally, an Eco Routes option has been added to the route options menu, so drivers can select the most fuel-efficient route to help reduce their impact on the environment.

The TomTom GO 550 LIVE comes with an Active Dock with integrated RDS-TMC Traffic information. This means drivers always receive traffic information on their journey; even when abroad, without the need to connect additional cables. This allows them to plan their journeys better.
RDS-TMC traffic information is currently available in: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. RDS-TMC traffic information is also available in selected regions in the US, Canada and Australia.

On top of this, new menus including a frequent destinations menu have been added to calculate a route to a frequently visited destination easier and faster. Finally, an Eco Routes option has been added to the route options menu, so drivers can select the most fuel-efficient route to help reduce their impact on the environment.

Enriched Points of Interests database

In selected European countries, the new TomTom GO 550 has been enriched with third party Points of Interest (POI's) content, including Yellow Pages in Denmark, Merian Scout in Germany and Guia Campsa in Spain.

Increased map coverage

The TomTom GO 550 features more maps than ever before, including Malta, Greece and Turkey for the first time. In addition, all devices offer TomTom's unique Map Share technology which allows users to make instant changes to the map and share these with others through TomTom HOME, TomTom's free desktop application.

TomTom GO 550 features maps of a UK and Ireland.
TomTom IQ Routes
TomTom IQ Routes applies the historical travel time experience of millions of drivers to calculate the fastest route possible. The technology is based on historical speed measurements for every time of day, one for every road segment, from large motorways to small local roads. In up to 35% of all cases, the use of IQ Routes results in driving a faster route, saving significant travel time as well as money and fuel.
LIVE Services

Live services are available on subscription basis for a flat fee of £7.99 per month with no hidden costs. LIVE Services are only available in the UK. The first three months of the LIVE subscription are free, after which you can extend this at a monthly cost. Subscriptions can be cancelled with one month's notice from the end of any month.
TomTom High Definition Traffic
According to recent research, 49% of Britons say that traffic jams are the most frustrating and stressful part of their day*. The TomTom GO 550 LIVE models automatically connect to TomToms exclusive High Definition (HD) Traffic service for the most accurate and detailed live traffic information, which is updated every three minutes. If the measured traffic conditions differ from the expected traffic flow, the TomTom GO 550 LIVE will automatically calculate a better, alternative route if one is available. The expected time of arrival will also be adjusted accordingly.

TomTom Safety Alerts with mobile camera data from Road Angel
With an average of £60 in camera fines received per driver in the UK every year, accurate safety camera data is becoming more and more vital. As well as a comprehensive fixed safety camera database, users will have access to the most accurate mobile camera data, supplied in partnership with Road Angel (UK only). In addition, the service will include real-time safety camera reporting and sharing, meaning users can keep each other informed about mobile safety cameras. Drivers will also receive warnings about unmanned railway crossings, schools, places of worship, and other potential accident blackspots.

TomTom Fuel Price Search
With 66% of Britons concerned about the cost of fuel more than any other modern-day issue, including the failing economy and knife crime*, TomTom has included one of the most useful features for drivers today a fuel price search to allow users to locate up-to-date pricing information from 12,000 fuel stations across the UK, and guide them to the cheapest fuel stations along their route or in their local area. TomTom has calculated that high mileage drivers can save up to £250 per year in fuel costs using this service**. As well as saving money with the Fuel Price Search function, TomTom customers in the UK will also benefit from a free fuel card included with each purchase*.

Local Search with Google
Google Search gives TomTom users access to information and location details of more than 11 million businesses and turns search results into a destination with the press of a button. Results show the location name, a user-generated rating (if available) and phone number, so drivers can call ahead to book a restaurant or hotel of their choice, for example.

TomTom Weather
The TomTom GO 550 LIVE devices also provide five-day weather reports in the local area, or for the chosen destination, allowing users to plan their journey according to road conditions.

TomTom QuickGPSFix
Allows drivers to begin their journey immediately, by locating satellite information now updated live, rather than via TomTom HOME.

TomTom Buddies
With Buddies, drivers can link their TomTom device to those of their friends so they can locate each other on the map, share favourite locations, as well as exchanging and sharing location information and messages.

TomToms HD Traffic service is based on the anonymous measurements of ordinary mobile phones moving through the network. A significant proportion of mobile phones on the move are in cars. Analysis of these results gives accurate traffic information for all major and secondary roads. The HD Traffic service is further enhanced with information from TomTom users who wish to share their travel time information anonymously with other users. This contributes to the accuracy and granularity of this unique service. It gives a much more accurate traffic information resource than traditional systems and for much larger territories.

TomTom GO 550 Technical Specification:

* GPRS connectivity inside, including 3 months LIVE services in the United Kingdom
* 4.3" widescreen 16:9 format LCD (WQVGA: 480 x 272 pixels)
* 1GB internal flash memory
* microSD card socket compatible with microSD cards
* High sensitivity GPS receiver
* Bluetooth®
* Battery (up to 3 hours autonomous operation)
* Optimised integrated microphone and speaker for hands-free functionality
* Dimensions: 127x85x23mm
* Weight: 224 grams


Any idea how good satnaveasy are ? Hoping to get a new sat nav by Friday of this week

other GO x50 pre-order prices also competitive...

Thanks, just ordered mine. Everywhere else seems to be £229.99 + poss del. No stock in shops yet.
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