Pre-Order Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3 from ShopTo for £32.99 Delivered!
Pre-Order Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3 from ShopTo for £32.99 Delivered!

Pre-Order Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3 from ShopTo for £32.99 Delivered!

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Pre-Order Ninja Gaiden Sigma from ShopTo.Net for £32.99

The ultimate ninja is back - more challenging and more beautiful than ever. Ninja Gaiden, the game that Gamespot called "about so close to perfection as action games get", is making its debut on the Playstation 3.

Play as Ryu Hayabusa, a young master ninja who seeks vengeance against those who attacked his village and stole the Dark Dragon Blade. Featuring exclusive new features including dual wielding weapons, deadly new enemies, and the ability to play as Rachel.

New playable character and missions: Play as Rachel and discover three new exclusive chapters for the PS3

New weapons: Double swords and others. Be sure to try 'Burst' (Ninpo), specially designed and prepared for Rachel.

New enemy characters: Approx.10 different types are added. Be careful with their AI that have become more advanced and merciless

New actions that allow players to perform wide range of skills and attacks

Six-axis function: By shaking controller hard, (1) the power of Ninpo (Ninja Magic) can be increased and (2) players characters can escape from hands of an enemy when he/she is grabbed


double post

There's a 10% code for Asda at the moment as well as Quidco of 3%.

Quidco doesn't track on Shopto preorders so at £32.27, it's actually a little bit cheaper to go with Asda. I'm gonna wait a bit and probably order at shopto when it's out (so I get Quidco), as I played it on my Xbox a couple of years ago and got loads to play at the moment.

Edit: not sure if it is actually a code or not?



Just added the title to a basket on the Asda site & it did drop 10%:

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Games PS3

Pre-order - Will be despatched as soon as it becomes available from the manufacturer

Discount: 10% off when you spend £30 or over 1 -£3.70

Free Delivery on all items
Total: £33.27



I have just ordered a two-disc "Collector's Edition" of "Ninja Gaiden Sigma" from GameStop.com (US-based supplier) [69.99 USDs + shipping].

[ gamestop.com/pro…708 ]

This version does not currently have a release scheduled for the UK market.
(GameStop are also offering a free T-Shirt with the standard single disc version).

European (UK) PS3 consoles (and Japanese consoles, for that matter) can play US PS3 game titles as the discs are not region-locked.

(However, PS2 games are; so, for example, you cannot play US PS2 games on a UK PS3 console)


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