Pre Order Nintendo 3DS with 2 special offers @ Argos
Pre Order Nintendo 3DS with 2 special offers @ Argos

Pre Order Nintendo 3DS with 2 special offers @ Argos

Just had an email about the new Nintendo 3DS on pre order at Argos.

The first deal is the console, plus a free accessory kit (console case, protective game case, in-car charger, headphones, screen wipe, screen protectors, lanyard and 2 extra styli), £60 worth of money off vouchers and a 3DS game for under £30.
This is £259.99.

Second deal is the console, vouchers and accessory kit for £229.99

If you pre order now, it says it will be delivered for 25th March 2011.


I would never buy a bundle which includes one of these ridiculously overpriced accessory kits.

so the 2nd deal is identical to the first, though with the first, you get the 3ds game for under £30, even though you are paying the £30 extra for the deal anyway?

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I have no idea if this is a good price as I haven't seen the new DS being advertised anywhere else. It was just merely a heads up for anyone thinking of pre ordering.

I believe that the 3DS games are more expensive, hence why it is advertised as being under £30.

Launch is some way off so I would wait.

Too exspensive really people must be mad to pay the price.

This has to be cold unless people have no sense. My son wont be getting one im not going to put his eyes at risk.

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Does anyone know how to remove threads?
It may as well get deleted if it's no use to anyone.

over £200 for a handheld console ? WTF

even £150+ is too much for a handheld console for a regionlock handheld console. No thanks

if i spend a bit more I can get another PS3 ... way over priced
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