Pre-order Tangled and get a £10 Voucher to Spend in Disney Store
Pre-order Tangled and get a £10 Voucher to Spend in Disney Store

Pre-order Tangled and get a £10 Voucher to Spend in Disney Store

Was browsing the Blurays in the Disney Store in Cardiff when the manager came up to me and started talking about pre-ordering Tangled.

If you pre order it you can get a Rapunzel soft toy for £6.99, which is what's advertised. Then he said if you collect within the first week of release you get a £10 voucher to spend in-store. This is not advertised in store. (I think he was trying to entice me into buying a UK copy, because he said this after I told him I already had it from the US)

Now I don't know the price of the actual DVD/Bluray at release, but the other Blurays in store are £16.99, and DVDs are £12.99. I know this is a little bit more than online retailers, but you do get a £10 voucher to spend. The manager didn't say if this was a nationwide offer, I don't know if anyone on here can confirm it.


was told about it in my local store too, its not advertised about the £10 but the lady who worked there came over and told me when i was looking at it

Hope it's true, Mrs Mike73 pre-ordered Tangled a couple of weeks ago as she was going to buy the Rapunzel doll anyway so decided to pre-order - an extra £10 voucher will be a bonus.

excellent - tha ks for the heads up - is it 10 off a min spend or £10 voucher to buy other stuff? x

Why are all the old Tangled deals now making the front page?! Surely as this was for a pre-order it's now expired?

Not that I have any interest in this DVD but there was a big sign outside the Disney Store at Cribbs in Bristol which said you get the £10.00 voucher when you pre-order but there is a minimum £20.00 spend to get that £10.00 off.

Great little film - my kids love it, actually the DVD is being played now (bought it yesterday)

You cant pre order it now though, surely, because it has already been released?

I pre ordered it from Disney store online @ £14.99 I got the £10 voucher but there is a minimum spend of £30. And as said not sure if offer still on cause film is released ?

I was in the store last night and someone bought it and staff said 10.00 voucher off a 30.00 spend so only good if you want to spend that much.

at cribbs causeway bristol

you may have to hurry before they're sold out because it will be Hair today gone tomorrow......ok im just getting my coat

yeah i heard it was £10 off £30 too..good if u want to spend that much in store

I want get one

I got this yesterday in store, it was advertised. Was about to spend over 30 quid and saw it. Blu ray is 14.99 DVD is 11.99' not sure about the 3d blu ray but tht is also included in the offer. Blu ray ended up costing me 4.99.
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