[Pre-order] The Chronicles Of Riddick / Pitch Black (DVD Steelbook) - just £3.43 @ The Hut !

[Pre-order] The Chronicles Of Riddick / Pitch Black (DVD Steelbook) - just £3.43 @ The Hut !

Found 30th Nov 2008
Possible misprice .. worth a punt

Release Date: 05 January 2009

Pitch Black The daylight can burn you, but the darkness will kill you! Experience the psychological terror when a group of marooned passengers must face a pack of terrifying creatures whose only weakness is the light. With little power and dwindling numbers, the doomed passengers turn to a vicious convict (Vin Diesel) with an appetite for destruction and eerie eyes that can guide them through the darkness...

The Chronicles Of Riddick The wanted criminal Riddick arrives in Helion Prime and finds himself against the invading Necromongers, an army that plans to convert or kill all humans...


Great Price.. but can't find any others that have that release date. Worth pre-ordering anyway.. 2005 seems to be the dates.

Thanks x

Ordered cheers, hot for me, wkd films at sweet price (hopefully) :thumbsup:

Great stuff - hot from me!!!

Hot deal, 2 great films! Pitch black is great!

I paid £15 for the triple box set (comes with the Dark Fury anime) so £3.43 is stunning value!


jus ordered one

Hot :thumbsup:

Thanks for the post, probably a ms price but worth a go.

Looks like it was a mistake it's now £8.93 (thehut.com/hut…uct) but there's a better deal for 3 movies including Pitch Black+Doom+Chronicles Of Riddick for the same price (thehut.com/hut…uct)

yes I ordered one and a mistake because I just got an email cancelling the order... shame would have been a great price..
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