Pre Order Wii Fit £59.99 + Free Delivery @ Zavvidirect
Pre Order Wii Fit £59.99 + Free Delivery @ Zavvidirect

Pre Order Wii Fit £59.99 + Free Delivery @ Zavvidirect

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Wii Fit comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board, an accessory developed exclusively for the Wii console that will have a far-reaching impact for all who use it. Its innovative, exciting and most of all fun and simple for all to use. It is a pressure sensitive, wireless balance board that goes on the floor so someone can stand on it in front of the TV. It senses weight and shift in balance in any direction and therefore by standing on the Wii Balance Board during activities allows players to follow along to movements ensuring they have full control of the on-screen activities. This allows personal improvement goals to be set to effectively help you and your family to train and stay fit.

NOTICE: Delivery usually within 21 days, maybe sooner subject to stock


Voted HOT, I used to be a FAT MESS, used wii fit now im just a FAT COW. (see left)

note, this doesnt appear at all related to zavvi (the big name site). It's not on wayback machine and i cant be bothered to look up the domain details.... can anyone confirm they are ok?

A bit scary that they have such a similar name and are discounting a highly sought after game by so much.
They seem to have quite a few blank pages (FAQs, customer reviews). How can we check them out?


Is this store related to the highstreet store named Zavvi (previously known as Virgin Megastores)?

I ask this because Zavvi already have a website, why would they make another one?

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Your right its registered to a sole trader!

ive just ordered one,please dont tell me ive been ripped off ;-(

mark halsall;2258428

ive just ordered one,please dont tell me ive been ripped off ;-(

How did you pay? Credit card?


its showing a list price of £129.99 aswell - where has that come from?

I wouldn't touch this with a bargepole -

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I ordered one too :-( Sorry guys!

The site was only registered in January and seems a bit dodgy to me

Domain name:

paul clayton

Registrant type:
UK Sole Trader

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 26-Jan-2008
Renewal date: 26-Jan-2010
Last updated: 27-Feb-2008


Seems a rip off of zavvi to me. stay clear


We accept payments by cheque and accept postal orders. We have added a … We accept payments by cheque and accept postal orders. We have added a new method BANK TRANSFER, this can be done with ease for those of you who have Internet banking. If you use this method, please ensure you enter your 5 digit order number in the bank transfer reference box when making your payment.



How did you pay? Credit card?

with my debit card through protx :x

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Ive called protx and explained this and they are sending the retailer my concerns and they advised that they usually get a response.

Good luck. Hopefully you'll get a good deal and we'll all be kicking ourselves.

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Ive asked for a refund and theyve emailed me saying they will refund me. Ive been duped before so I got worried!! The guy is maybe legit however id rather just get my cash back and not take the risk. Sorry to all for putting this on... I honestly thought it was the same company!

I went for this 'deal' also, who did you mail, and when are they refunding ?


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I emailed every address on there in panic! lol but then I called protx on 08451114455 and explained that I was worried and they said they would contact them on my behalf and within 10 mins I had a missed call and an email saying my refund would be put through.

Hi i just got an email back from zavvi saying they will give me a refund seems ok to me if they were dodgy i wouldn't think they would get back to me each to their own, but they def said they were refunding me...

Guys, i just purchased something from this site also, didnt think to check it out first. looks very fishy especially if you go o down to zavvisports.co.uk who have same numbers adresses etc..

phoned my bank they said to wait and see if i dont recieve anything they will investigate and protx told me to contact zavvidirect (phone constantly engaged... again very fishy):?

All, I am the online marketing manager at zavvi.co.uk. We were previously branded as Virgin Megastores. I just wanted to confirm that Zavvi Direct is nothing to do with zavvi.co.uk and we are currently investigating their use of our brand name.

Out of curiosity, has anyone had any joy with a refund from zavvidirect.com? Or conversely, has anyone actually taken successful delivery of an item from them?

Ordered 2 before i read this link. Contacted credit card company... etc and asked for refund from ZavviDirect. To be fair, the refund has now come through so these might not be a scam after all.


[FONT="Tahoma"]saw the deal, grabbed my virgin card (10% discount) and paid as fast as I could ..... only to see this thread later !!! called up virgin, protx and wanted to check what is wrong with this web site!![/FONT]

anyone had any success in getting stuff or refunds from these people ?

Hi all, i bought a Wii Fit from them a few days ago and got an email saying my order was successful but when i tried to log in to check delivery etc, the site has shut down!
Today i received a warning email from a Wii Fit stock checker saying the following.....

Zavvi Direct are not part of Zavvi
We've had a lot of emails about Zavvi Direct and we thought we should just clarify this for everyone - Zavvi Direct are in no way associated with Zavvi the high street retailer. We cannot comment on the reliability of this website, but we can tell you that they are currently being investigated by Zavvi.

Zavvi have posted their own statement about Zavvi Direct in their news section. You can read what they have to say about Zavvi Direct here.

The Wii-Consoles Team
wii-consoles.co.uk, PO Box 567. Gloucester. UK

AAARGH!!!! Has anybody either received goods from them or been given a refund?

Hi Guys
I have also ordered a Wii Fit from them and when I emailed them last Saturday asking when it would be despatched I received a reply within the hour advising they would contact me on the Monday. Sure enough I received a phone call from them advising that they would be receiving them back in stock on the 20th June and I would receive it 3-5 days after which would be within the 21 days quoted on their website or if I wished I could have a refund. I also received an email confirming this.
I've decided to hang fire and see if it comes. I figured that if they were dodgy they wouldn't email me let alone call me as they have my money.
Hopefully it will turn out ok :-)

you should be fine they are a few shops reporting that stock should roll in at the end of June :thumbsup:

Just to update you - uk192.com are the company who apparantly designed and hosted zavviedirect.com on behalf of the "company".

I too am very suspicious of the addresses they have provided as they seem to be registered to other companies so I e-mailed uk192.com to ask for the owners contact details as if they had designed and hosted their site they must have been in regular contact.

This is the response:

Hi Gavin,

Dont panic! We got a solicitors letter advising us that Zavvi Direct were breaking copyright laws so had to close the site immediatly. The owner of the site has been in touch and tomorrow the site will be relaunched under a new (legal) name, all orders are safe and will be honoured.


The fact the owner is making an effort to bring the site back I can only hope is good news, and the fact a uk192 which seems a decent enough company has backed them.

I still have a lot of doubt, as it does not explain why Zavvidirect won't answer any of my e-mails or give the refund I have requested a number of times.

Does anyone have any further information on this issue?

Has anyone had any joy with a refund from zavvidirect.com? Or has anyone actually taken successful delivery of an item from them?

Also, does anyone know the new name that they're trading under?

I wonder if spamberler got his refund that he referrs to in post #20...


I wonder if spamberler got his refund that he referrs to in post #20...

Hmmm... Interesting...
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