[PRE-ORDER] XCOM: The Board Game £38.25 @ Firestorm Games or Chaos Cards

[PRE-ORDER] XCOM: The Board Game £38.25 @ Firestorm Games or Chaos Cards

Found 26th Nov 2014
A chance to pre-order this board game for a decent price.

Note: the game requires use of a companion app or online tool using a phone/tablet/laptop etc.

Game overview:
* A co-operative board game of global defense for 1-4 players based on the award-winning video game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown
* A free and innovative digital app coordinates the escalating alien invasion, teaches you the game, and serves as your rules reference
* Players assume four distinct roles, each of which is vital to XCOM's success: Commander, Chief Scientist, Central Offlcer, and Squad Leader
* A push-your-luck dice mechanic partners with the use of the app to heighten the game's tension and drama
* Contents: 1 Game board, 12 XCOM soldiers, 8 Interceptors, 24 UFOs, 5 Custom dice, More than 200 cards and tokens.
Chaos Cards:


Game description on Fantasy Flight Games:

Estimated Release Date | Vendor | Price
31/01/2015 | Firestorm Games | £38.25
31/12/2014 | Chaos Cards | £38.25
10/01/2015 | Amazon | £49.99
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would like a review or see how it plays before forking that amount out, but heat
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