Pre-Owned Call Of Duty - Black Ops XBOX360 Instore - £30.00
Pre-Owned Call Of Duty - Black Ops XBOX360 Instore - £30.00

Pre-Owned Call Of Duty - Black Ops XBOX360 Instore - £30.00

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This is my first post so please be kind!

Saw this in the West Bridgford branch of Asda, Black Ops for £30.00
I couldn't believe my eyes at first and neither could the store assistant at the checkout.
I've been holding out for a cheaper pre-owned copy but the pre-owned prices are all still hovering around the £36.99 region. So I picked it up straight away thinking what a great deal I had.
Popped into Asda again last night to look around and saw another copy there for £30.

If you've been waiting for the price to drop, I don't think you'll find it this cheap anywhere else at the moment as Gamestation and Game still have it at 36.99 preowned. Likewise with HMV and other entertainment stores. As all Asda's have the same prices for pre-owned titles, this should be a nationwide price but I stand to be corrected.


good price heat added poor game for me though

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A slightly bigger picture

I can only assume this has gone cold as stock is likely to be extremely limited, but a great deal if you can find it.

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yes, thats the only shame with these is you've got to be slightly lucky to catch it. but if any more do appear, you can be assured that they'll be £30 which is great. something else to look for if you're doing the weekly shop lol

This is a deal, so shouldnt be voted cold just because you cant get it in your local store!

Heat added.

its prob cold as it's 1p cheaper at blockbuster pmsl

its cold because Blockbuster have been selling it at £29.95 for almost 2 weeks ! and their is plenty of stock in most blockbuster stores i've been to, also av selling price on ebay at the mo is around £30.

First place to be putting out this game bellow the £25 mark new or preowened will get heat... until then Its guna be COLD

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