*Pre-Owned* Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (PSP) - £2.99 Delivered @ Game

*Pre-Owned* Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake (PSP) - £2.99 Delivered @ Game

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Your slim princess has been kidnapped and imprisoned in your enemy's castle to be fed on a diet of cake, cake and more cake - your slim princess is fast becoming a fat princess, and the longer you take to rescue her from her custardy custody, the heavier she'll get.

But with your enemy's slim princess captured and incarcerated in your own castle, and being supersized up a few dress sizes by your own troops, you are giving your enemies a taste of their own medicine.

As time waits for no man, you must quickly rise through the ranks of the royal army and organise your loyal workers, warriors, archers and mages into an efficient rescue team. Collect resources to build new weapons, defend your castle, upgrade your army, attack the enemy and finally rescue your princess.

* Play Single Player Mode missions then go online via Infrastructure Mode for manic multiplayer carnage for up to eight players
* Combine real-time strategy, close quarters combat and attacking or defensive strategies to rescue your princess
* Control one of six skilled character classes to infiltrate your enemy's fortress and carry your princess back to your castle


excellent game!

Ooh, might be one to add to the pile Heated.

Bargain! Ordered, thanks

My psp no longer works online, I liked the PS3 version, is the psp version worth it for only single player play?

thanks for this
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