Pre-Owned Nintendo DS Lite (NDS) £24.99 at Grainger Games

Pre-Owned Nintendo DS Lite (NDS) £24.99 at Grainger Games

Found 27th Mar
Might help keep the kids amused during the holidays ....
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Bought the dsi xl the other week. Turned up in decent condition.
DS lite is still pretty great, the only issue is half the good games are more expensive than the console
Don’t buy anything from this company it’s about to go into Administration
Anyone know the phone number for customer service? Bought a 3ds and want to send back (poor condition)
If you can get this in store then great but DO NOT BUY ONLINE.

They're not shipping anything since the middle of last week, not responding on social media or email to the scores of complaints and refund requests and only refunding paypal purchases for unshipped items when you raise a dispute.

And yes, this is based on personal experience not at the behest of Amazon
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Have you seen their mobile phone stock, practically none existent, avoid buying from grainger games, as they are clearly getting rid of all of their stock.
I would in all honesty avoid Grainger for the time being.

I went to trade some consoles and games with them last week on the day the news broke about there credit troubles, they are not accepting console trades, only accepting certain high value games as low value games have been wiped from their trade-in system and you can't get cash only credit that you have to use on same day visit.

There was a guy there also trying to return a phone he bought that was faulty but they are not doing returns, only exchanges.

Save yourself a headache and shop elsewhere for now.
I've been waiting two weeks for them to ship the Switch deal. I first contacted them over a week ago, and still no response. Like others have said, if you order online, don't expect anything to show up. Looks like there is a good chance I'll have to claim on my credit card. As you can see this is not an isolated experience, so for that reason I'm voting cold.
JattboyzSikh1 h, 10 m ago

I have used this company several times .. yes are a bit of a pain .. but …I have used this company several times .. yes are a bit of a pain .. but hey .. they give good deal for the quid. So unless it’s official stop working on behalf of Amazon and spread false rumours

You go ahead and buy then!…ced
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