Pre-owned: Pro Evo Soccer 2010  £10.99 @ Argos

Pre-owned: Pro Evo Soccer 2010 £10.99 @ Argos


Seems a good price. I guess it's been voted cold because it's a rubbish game and you can pick up the better PES09 or Fifa 09 for only 2 or 3 quid.

Heat added, regardless to finding other games for less in previous years this is still a good price for this title.

PES 10 worse than 09

Don't understand that tbh.

But PES 10 was 22.99 in Gamestation last week, so this is a good buy.

I assume Fifa fans voting cold.

FIFA 10 is the far superior game this year but this is an excellent price, head added!

heat added

great price for this game

people should only vote cold if they can find it cheaper anywhere else !!!!
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