Pre-Owned PS2 games 99p or less @ GAME Instore
Pre-Owned PS2 games 99p or less @ GAME Instore

Pre-Owned PS2 games 99p or less @ GAME Instore

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Only certain ones of course but when I was in picking up the great pre-owned xbox for £20 deal I noticed about 20 various PS2 games for 99p or less each, not sure if they we're pre-owned but they could be useful for adding to consoles if you're selling them or a time filler if you're ever bored. Can't remember any exact games but they all seemed to be sport ones like Rugby, Football Manager type ones, etc


Chances are they'll be the launch titles or first couple of itterations of sports titles, I know when I used to work for GAME we had hundreds of early Fifa's and Wrestling games and tiger woods, but put them out at 99p and someone will buy them.

As an interesting aside look under the sticker and if they have a code on them 76** it will indicate how much the game was traded in for when they didn't use a barcode system, for example 7602 the game would have been traded in for £2 7618 the game would have been traded in for £18 all the consoles had different starting numbers but the last two always referred to the price given for trade in : )

Anywho enough of a history lesson, nice deal. Xbox and PS2 games preowned are a bit of a bargain now as the companys are becoming scarred of being left with loads of unsaleable stock.

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Thanks for the odd history lesson Yeh, theyre not always amazing but if you're selling your PS2 or something it's worth picking a few of them up as each one will probably add double their cost to the console if not more, always a good selling point having plenty of games Some people might like them too though! I think LMA and EA's Rugby was in there, can't remember which versions though, some might be worth a laught with mates occasionally.

I dont think Game dont use the code system on p/o software anymore.....

Haven't game always done this, hardly a deal IMO


Haven't game always done this, hardly a deal IMO

Aye like another person said, its usually the football games of which there are bucket loads (think FIFA '02)

Although I would probably buy a golf game for 99p. I don't like golf but the computer versions are strangely fun.....



Although this is old news, these games can be bought to take advantage of the "When Bought With" offers in-store, some of which save you 50% or so on the product.

e.g. Buy 97p PS2 game and get Xbox 360 Official Play & Charge kit for £9.99. Total cost £10.96

Play & Charge Kit's retail at £14.99. Saving of £4.:thumbsup:

Ive checked this already, its titles such as fifa series 2005 and under also pro evo 1 and 2, and this is football 2003 and 2004.

Hardly a very good deal. Sometimes you can get good deals like Pro Evo 5 for 98p, but its gone up to £1.98 now.

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I'm surprised people donm't think 99p or less is a good deal, they're great for when/if you're selling a PS2 too

Disgusting Greggs pasty or an obsolete PS2 game? I know which i'd buy... neither.
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