Pre-owned Sale.. Includes Wii Fit with Board - £30 @ Grainger Games (Instore)

Pre-owned Sale.. Includes Wii Fit with Board - £30 @ Grainger Games (Instore)

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hey guys trying to go for a decent reputation here so here goes:

went into my local grainger games today (sutton-in-ashfield) and stumbled upon their easter sale:

a few prices I can remember off the top of my head:

DS Lite pink... (not in a box) - £45
DSi in a few different colours (none in their box) - £65
Wii fit + Board - £30
New super mario bros DS - £16
Mario Kart DS - £16
Brain training 1 and 2 - £5 each

There were loads more but these were the main ones I noticed


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Oh sorry forgot to say they had several xbox and wii consoles on the sale starting at around £50

anyone know if its in all stores or just this one?


anyone know if its in all stores or just this one?

Pre-owned sale is in all stores but stock dependant

Im guessing its across all stores but pre-owned stuff will obviously vary depending on stock at each store...

My stepson picked up Hawx 2 yesterday for £8 and Skate 3 for £8

Im heading across tomorrow to check the DS side of things


Just received my order from Grainger Games. Ordered four NEW titles from them:
Cass (blu), My Blueberry Nights (blu), All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (blu) and Ocean's Thirteen (blu).

They emailed me to state that they had no stock of Ocean's Thirteen.
I have just received the rest of them and there condition is as follows:
Cass (blu) - opened and showing signs of use.
My Blueberry Nights (blu) - new and sealed.
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (blu) - opened, used and disc physically 'cracked' so unusable.
I have never seen a blu-ray disc in such poor condition!

Called Grainger Games by phone and they claim 'all their lines are busy' and that they are 'not accepting calls until after the bank holidays.'
This is my first order with Grainger Games and I will not be ordering from them again, they have sold me USED blu-rays as NEW, they have yet to refund me for the Ocean's Thirteen they were unable to supply or give me a return and refund for the damaged/used blu-rays I have received.

Instore: Halo3 £3, Fable 2 £5, Bioshock 2 £5.. decent easter sale
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