Pre-owned Spiderman 3 Xbox360  £1.99 Conditions apply (spend over £5)

Pre-owned Spiderman 3 Xbox360 £1.99 Conditions apply (spend over £5)

Found 23rd Dec 2007Made hot 23rd Dec 2007
Starts Tomorrow as part of they daily deals

Gotta buy a xbox 360 game over (£5)


Says pre-owned in image. Perhaps post should be updated to reflect that fact.


Bigger image:

Is this spiderman 3 the DVD?

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No Game xbox 360 only i think

anyone notice the spelling mistake? (Whan!):santa:

Another offer has that spelling error (…jpg)
maybe they have a special meaning for it in the T&C to get out of it :whistling:

Title needs to specify what it is! Could be game (on different platforms?) or DVD.


No Game xbox 360 only i think

You posted this deal and you don't know what it is??????

it shouldnt matter - its a great deal wether it be game or dvd.

but common sense would say that if you have to buy an xbox 360 game to qualify, it would be an xbox 360 game.

Reported so that the correct price can be put in the title.

Starts Tomorrow as part of "they" daily deals

Here's another spelling mistake :thinking:

bit lost on this, it says 7.99 on the website for new ones cant see preowned anywhere on the daily offers, and thats 7.99 on PC, 12.99 on other formats?

Yer I cant see this on their page at all? :?
Id personally like to see GH3 for forty notes! That would be a good deal! But I expect it wont happen, and ill have to part with my beautiful cash monies :cry:

is this from 9am tomorrow or midnight tonight?

Midnight tonight

might see if i can blag one then, not a very good game, but worth 1.99! was thinking of buying blue dragon anyway be ok for a pre owned one wont it, as long as its over a fiver?

I've got this at my house as a rental.

Swinging around NY is pretty cool but the fighting is terrible... and when you have to go inside/underground (sewers) it's absolutely AWFUL. The camera is a joke.

Swafe... get Blue Dragon from Comet for £9.99, I did yesterday! Was very pleased.

all sold out by me tho ! gutted

Reckon a quick charge kit would count as a game?

they should hurry up and put the offer live, i want to go to bed! lol

Seems to be working - its advertised in special offers lists under games. Havent tried with hardware but it says "when you spend £5 on the Xbox 360" so should do. Just trying to find the cheapest thing it works with

Update: Appears to work with new and preowned games but not the cheapest ones - only the two for £20 discount comes off. Tried a couple of hardware items and the £11 discount didnt come off with these either

fusion frenzy and spiderman £9,98

prey also

nice one - ordered crackdown (new only works) and spiderman 3 for £17.98 inc delivery - as prey and fusion look a bit naff

condemned (new only) also works and would be £2 cheaper...from what ive heard/seen looks pretty scary and violent though..makes RE4 on the Wii look like as scary as a child's fairground!

When i add to basket no discount is applied wtf

is this online only or can u get it in store?


is this online only or can u get it in store?

online only.

cheeky i know is there any free postage promo codes?…352

go there, add that to your basket then add another game
and there should be a discount of £11

Went in the store and they told me this is a web only offer


Went in the store and they told me this is a web only offer

' Web only ' offer,thats funny !.:)


' Web only ' offer,thats funny !.:)

Have I missed something ??? What's funny about that ???


Have I missed something ??? What's funny about that ???

'Web only' offer and its like a Spiderman game !.:)

Got this with mass effect today. £23 the pair delivered.

has anyone actualy recieved there copy of spiderman yet? it bought it on the 24th and still not got it!!!
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