Pre-owned: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess £6.99 at Argos

Pre-owned: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess £6.99 at Argos



cex sell for 12.00 so bargain

stunning price

I was looking to buy this for under a tenner for ages, before giving in and spending £14 the other day Wish i waited. Heat added

Heated. Awesome game. Already had it or would of bought it at this price.

great price, no stock locally

not readily available though


not readily available though

Its available for Home Delivery

Brilliant game - HOT price

out of stock


Its available for Home Delivery


Roadie........are you in here? X)

i should be getting mine 2morrow

Great game. Amazing dungeons and huge world map, let down by easy bosses though.

i really want this game

Out of stock for delivery to Brighton.

nice, just managed to get last one in my area


voted cold , picked this up at a carboot for a fiver
oh wait thats not the same as pre-owned is it

out of stock as expected.;)

got this when it came out and was a great game then used it to play homebrew games on my wii so can have some retro duck hunt etc ..classic game and good price

Zelda games always seem to be high priced

Mother duck, paid double that last week.

Ahoy there me heartys, this be a great game for them thar pirates

still in stock, Why is it expired?

In Shewsbury and Aldershot

lol- i didnt get it, i just logged on!

i got one from my local game station hesitantly paid 18 for it
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