Pre-owned WWE Smackdown! Vs. RAW (360)- 2007 £1.98, 2008 £2.99, 2009 £4.99 incl. delivery @ Gamestation
Pre-owned WWE Smackdown! Vs. RAW (360)- 2007 £1.98, 2008 £2.99, 2009 £4.99 incl. delivery @ Gamestation

Pre-owned WWE Smackdown! Vs. RAW (360)- 2007 £1.98, 2008 £2.99, 2009 £4.99 incl. delivery @ Gamestation

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Pre-owned WWE Smackdown! Vs. RAW (360) games for cheap:
2007 £1.98,
2008 £2.99,
2009 £4.99

2009: http://www.gamestation.co.uk/Games/Xbox-360/Fighting-Wrestling/WWE-Smackdown-vs-Raw-2009/~r409028/?s=WWE+Smackdown
There's something terrifyingly addictive about the world of the WWE, depending on where your area of interest directly lies, maybe you like the storylines, maybe you like the simulated violence or maybe you?re into big sweaty men (or women) in spandex, whatever your area. There?s no doubting that this series of games is the pinnacle of simulated wrestling. Once again THQ comes up with the goods to fulfill your WWE needs. Upholding the commitment to providing wrestling lovers with the definitive simulation of live WWE programming, THQ?s latest installment Features added depth and realism, along with an all time first for videogames, A co-op storyline: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 enables you to experience the virtual world of the WWE both on your own and together.

2008: http://www.gamestation.co.uk/Games/Xbox-360/Fighting-Wrestling/WWE-Smackdown-Vs-RAW-2008-Featuring-ECW/~r406532/?d=1z13fwhZ1z13fwmZ68g
Wrestling, it's just a bunch of big men in pants brushing and touching each other isn't it? Er, and slamming each other into tables. Well, however hardcore and manly it is, it still commands a lot of respect worldwide - the WWE Smackdown series has seen great success since its debut on the PlayStation all those years ago, and although we're no longer treated to the likes of Kurt Angle and The Rock, many love to sit and watch the drama unfold on the canvas and play the latest games.

There are closer ties with the WWE corporation itself for the game this time around, with writers for the TV shows creating various scripts for the game and wrestling stars getting involved with motion capture and representation of their personalities on screen. There is the introduction of 'fighting styles' too - a list of eight personalities and attributes, one of which is given to each wrestler to feel different from each other. Before there wasn't much call between playing as Rey Mysterio or Big Show - now the two feel like worlds apart.

Wrestlers designated as 'High Flyers' have a lot of speed and agility, allowing for your character to roll out of tight situations, use the ropes more effectively and to set a 'pin trap' which will reverse any pin made by your opponent. On the other hand, a 'Powerhouse' style will always rely on strength - if a wrestler's arms aren't damaged, they can always break out of a pin, allowing for some strategic play against different fighting styles. 'Powerhouses' also have a Rampage meter, which allows the fighter to become invincible and deal extra damage when full.

Oiled up men, tiny pants and oodles of body slamming. What's not to love?

WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2007 is the third game in the best-selling wrestling franchise published by THQ. This version offers many new features, amazing graphics and highly realistic wrestling action.

Naturally, this version of the SmackDown! Vs. RAW series is the most extensive to date. The game uses a completely new Analog Control System that makes the action in the ring much more lifelike, with new elements of control and intuitive movement. An improved Season Mode provides gamers with unprecedented levels of player choice and multiple branching storylines, which should add considerably to the longevity of the game. With countless WWE superstars to choose from, including Kane, Triple H, King Booker T and John Bradshaw Layfield, fans of the sport will be anything but disappointed.

In and out of the ring, countless user-controlled environmental hotspots enable gamers to take full advantage of anything at their disposal to help ensure they kick some bottom. It is also possible to experience the intensity of WWE fans in a brand new, interactive fighting area. Players can grab weapons, such as baseball bats, chairs and piping, as well as signs from the crowd. Another new addition is the new high impact combination moves that let players take the power of WWE Superstars into their own hands.

Other features include lovingly-rendered graphics, an improved version of the much-loved General Manager Mode and updated rosters for both SmackDown and RAW. If all that isn't enough, you and your mates can piledrive the living daylights out of each other using the online multiplayer facility.

The latest game in THQ's WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW series is most definitely the nearest you'll get to the real action, but without wearing tight lurex outfits and grappling with big, sweaty men!

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