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DIONO QUANTUM PUSHCHAIR Red & Black in description £159.00 Free Delivery @ PreciousLittleOne
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Code is for black one *provided by LoozR* Suitable from birth, the Unique 3 in 1 XL smart seat… Read more

Good find, heat added.


I've added it thank you.


It reduces the price of the black one from £500 to £159.99


What does code do I will add it to post xx


Thank you Matzi2000. I ordered the black one from Prescious Little One using the bounty code DQP22 to get it for £159.99. For anyone ordering from Northern Ireland the delivery charge is only £10.00.

iSafe ISOFIX Duo Trio Group 1-2-3 Plus Car Seat (Mocha) £99.95 PreciousLittleOne
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Great offer at Precious Little Ones. RRP £289.95

we have one for our little one and i have to say it is a great car seat, i paid the same price for the "leather" version and am not dissapointed at all. great car seat for a reasonable amount of money, not like some of the other options out there! heat!


It looks good, but the name of the product is simply too annoying for me. Cold-vote


Never been £289 always around this price, don't be lured in by a fake RRP

Diono Quantum Pushchair (Teal) FREE footmuff worth£85 free Delivery @ PreciousLittleOne
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Suitable from birth, the Unique 3 in 1 XL smart seat can be used from birth as a bassinet then converts to a toddler seat as your precious little one grows. Baby can be parent faci… Read more
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Many thanks for pointing it out - will definitely go for the free footmuff ;) heat added


No but originally only Teal was on sale the others went on sale later and this one comes with free footmuff xx


Hi quick question: just wanted to understand if I am missing something – is there a difference between the Teal (blue) that has been posted v the black and red in terms of features or is it only the colour? thanks


Cheers buddy!


I don't know my friend watched a YouTube video on net mum's and knew she wanted it the car seat doesn't come with this though it is just the pushchair.

Mamas and papas xt2 travel system - £599.95 using code @ Precious Little One
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Unsure how long this offer is on for. Couldn’t find it any cheaper.

it's odd isn't it! on m&p own site the difference in cost between the non Isize cybex car seat the the isize one is £10. For £15 more they have the isize maxi cosi rock. (cabriofix update) . Maybe it's a way of flogging older stock?


You make a fair point. I wonder why that is. I had to buy the Urbo2 pram and carry cot separately because I wanted the Pebble a d Family fix. Alway a assumed it was a cost thing


The pebble plus with base in blue is on offer for £250 at the moment. The cabriofix and base is generally £199 anyway. It's not much extra but the pebble plus seat can be used for longer, passes stricter crash tests and the base can be reused with the next size seat the two way pearl.


The bundle without the car seat. Thanks! The pushchair adapters for the maxi cosi seat are the same for besafe, Cybex and joie at least possibly other brands too. Great option for anyone looking to add an Isize seat for a bit extra. They all do one :)


But the cost for the isize base and seat is no less than £275. In fact the older pebble and family fit goes for £200 on a very good day. Good price for the set though.

Hauck Shopper Trio Set (Pooh Tidy Time) @ preciouslittlethings £129
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
great hauck set here.absolute lowest price,and free delivery.The ideal companion set to go shopping. The Shopper Trio Set from Disney includes carry cot, car seat and Shopper bug… Read more
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thanks for your comments. (unicorn)


Good pram, well built and easy to steer. Only gripe would be that it folds in half and still is rather bulky. I had to detach the wheels so it would fit in the boot of our car. Good value for money.

KinderKraft Minky Swing Bouncer RRP £139.99 - £40.95 / £44.90 delivered @ Precious little one
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
Available in 2 colours for boys or girls. This bouncer also swings as well as plays music so is a really good offer as swinging bouncers generally cost a fair bit more. This is £13… Read more

Is it only for dec delivery?


We all wish we’d thought of it first!


they're the company that your hospital sells your details to without your permission in exchange for some bags of leaflets and samples. They also have photographers going around the hospital taking pictures of your babies after you've given birth and try to sell them to you.


Nice find


This product comes from a Polish company. In Poland, the non-discounted price is around £61 and the discounted price is around £47. Compared to other options, £41 is a pretty decent price for a motorised rocker.

Baby Travel BuddyJet Footmuff - Black/Plum (£13.90 inc p&p - free p&p over £49.99) @ Precious Little One
Found 6th Oct 2018Found 6th Oct 2018
**Use voucher code OBY50 at the checkout to get the discount)** Keeping your precious little one warm and cosy during the colder months. Deeply padded with an innovative large kic… Read more

I got this from amazon for £4 and it’s very short. Was too short in the leg for my daughter to use so just chucked in the cupboard


Strangely enough just returning a similar one purchased in April, I think the zips are made of cheese. Do them up and just pop back open. Pretty much all of them on amazon are this brand, hard to find others.


ignore the RRP this is normal price -


heat added. Has really good range of strap height options and two waist width options. Some "universal" ones only have one or two height options so don't often align well. It looks quite thick so may be more suitable for a pushchair. an umbrella stroller won't clip closed with a thick one if you need it to.


£40 rrp?! Yeah right!! (shock)

Hauck Viper SLX Trio Set (Caviar/Grey) with free rain cover and free delivery £182.99 sold by precious little one
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
A trio set with the "wow" factor. For all parents who enjoy a splash of colour and want one piece of equipment to meet all of their child's needs from birth until preschool age. Wi… Read more
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Fantastic set. I had this for my daughter. It lasted 3 years (until she was too old to use it) and went everywhere (off road) including up a mountain in the Lake District! I loved the pushchair. The car seat was a bit fiddly but great for when they’re very small.


Ace, heat with thanks OP. We're expecting in Jan and feel this meets our needs and budget so have bought - how exciting!!!


thank you :D


Nice find OP.. Heat added


thanks you just discovered this website.some good offers on there (highfive)

KinderKraft Unimo 5 in 1 Cradle (Yellow) £69.95 @ Precious little one
Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Nice one
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Thank you for posting this, I’d not seen them before. I’ve ordered a pink one for our upcoming arrival, there is a blue one too of mustard isn’t your thing. We decided that by the time we’d brought a bouncer and a Moses basket for downstairs we’d have spent more than £70 so this seems like a good deal. The mosquito net will be useful to keep her safe from the cat too (y)


Not sure if this is value for money as it's not so practical. its very low to the ground in moses basket mode for transferring a sleeping infant from your shoulder to it. In chair mode the sides are deep instead of open like a bouncer so it limits baby's view. Some might not like the chair mode as most are nosey by the time they are in a bouncy chair.


I bought it from Groupon for £65. A must for the new born.. Very handy.. .love it.


I dont need one, and I dont need anymore grandchildren, but this is so lovely, heat from me. (y)



KinderKraft Comfort Up Group 1,2,3 Car Seat - £32.95 @ PreciousLittleOne (C&C)
Found 7th Aug 2018Found 7th Aug 2018
First post, but thought this might be of use to someone I've ordered one for myself and my partner, seems to have good reviews and looks good for the price and the saving as should… Read more

Sorry, I assumed you were being serious - there's usually some hippie ready to tell you how they get around in a cardboard box powered by potato peelings and don't need to vaccinate their kids because they don't allow them to stray more than 3ft away from the back door (as well as the fact that the "common" viruses aren't intelligent enough to infect them or their little darlings).


Thank you for your reasonable reply to my massively facetious post


Not really the same though is it, being able to buy a forward or rear facing seat is a realistic tangible choice (probably one without too much of a cost implication), whereas for the majority I'd assume it's not an option for their child to avoid travelling by road at some point before the age of 2/3. Like everything else, it's one of those topics where people will try to guilt or judge others (along with breast feeding or not, using dummies, methods of potty training, whether or not to use the "perfect prep" machine and a million other things). As far as I'm aware, however, rear facing is statistically considered safer therefore it's understandable that (if fortunate enough to be able to afford whatever seat you desire) you might be inclined to pay more for a statistically safer seat, who knows though, if your child is forward facing and your vehicle is hit at speed from the rear, the outcome might be better than if the child was rear facing.


You could try never taking them out in a car - a lot safer!


Yep, should definitely try in car before buying.

Massive savings to be made on prams, monitors, toys etc @ Precious Little One
Found 9th Jun 2018Found 9th Jun 2018
Massive savings to be made on prams, monitors, toys etc @ Precious Little One
Some really good deals here for babies/children’s things. Prams, monitors, toys, they also do bundles including travel systems and bed side cribs etc. Save yourself some pennies!! … Read more

You’re welcome guys :)


Heat added for the monitor alone! Some great prices on some quality products on that thread. Good spot OP!


Thanks. some very good deals. Just on a time… heat added (y)

Kinderkraft full travel system only £199.95 & free delivery! @ Precious little one
Found 9th Jun 2018Found 9th Jun 2018
Kinderkraft full travel system only £199.95 & free delivery! @ Precious little one
£199.95£499.9960%PreciousLittleOne Deals
I purchased this travel system in January and I LOVE it! It’s difficult choosing your pram/travel system as a first time parent so thought this would help some mummies and daddies … Read more

Think it depends how it’s used. I use it casually not daily and have had no problems :) if it’s for daily use I’d invest a bit more for a better pram


Great price but the reviews on amazon aren't great


Yes I thought the same however their customer service is fantastic


Till 9kg, my little one is nearly five months old and is still very comfortable in the seat :) probably will upgrade to a bigger seat when he’s around 7-8 months old and sitting up himself


Good price but lots of reviews online complaining about wheel issues.

Clair de Lune White Wicker Moses Basket & Deluxe Rocking Stand £53.90 Del with code @ PreciousLittleOne
Found 31st May 2018Found 31st May 2018
Clair de Lune White Wicker Moses Basket & Deluxe Rocking Stand £53.90 Del with code @ PreciousLittleOne
My first post so take it easy on me .. Bought one seems like a bargain as it comes with a rocker stand etc Many other moses baskets available on the website and code can be used f… Read more

We got both, thinking being that the carrycot is all well and good but doesn’t have a stand. Yes you could keep it on pushchair but I didn’t really want a muddy pushchair wheeling all around the house if I could avoid it. I’d get both for sake of £50


I've bought the rocker moses basket to use downstairs in the living room and have the Next2me crib upstairs...Expensive kids but worth every penny !!


You don’t need one as you can use the carry cot from your pram in the sitting room but you may choose to get one if you do not want your pram in there


Thanks for the advise - but wouldn’t the pram baby attachment (image above) do the same job as the Moses basket?


Well worth having in addition to the 'next to me' crib. Especially in the first month as more portable and she def slept better because of it.

Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table £27.95 free c&c to local asda @ Preciouslittleone
Found 15th Apr 2018Found 15th Apr 2018
Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table £27.95 free c&c to local asda @ Preciouslittleone
£27.95£39.9930%PreciousLittleOne Deals
Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table, please note there is a delivery charge £3.95 but still works out cheaper than the next lowest They seem to have a few little tikes thing … Read more


Zeta Citi Twin stroller down from £160 - £81.95 FREE delivery @ Precious little one
Found 4th Apr 2018Found 4th Apr 2018
Zeta Citi Twin stroller down from £160 - £81.95 FREE delivery @ Precious little one
Good price for a handy stroller. I have just bought one as going on holiday with the two bambino's and was the cheapest with free delivery I could see. Range of colours available … Read more

Vooom model is far superior tho the double is a lot more expensive


Totally agree...we have a single vooom and love it but we now need a double ;( (lol)


heat added the extra panel on the hood on this makes a big difference to keeping the sun out of their eyes.


the wheels on these don't last long at all ... the zeta vooom is fab though

Isafe sail pushchair with free delivery, footmuff and raincover (was £219) at Precious Little One for £69.95
Found 25th Mar 2018Found 25th Mar 2018
Isafe sail pushchair with free delivery, footmuff and raincover (was £219) at Precious Little One for £69.95
Other colours available
Hauck Shopper SLX pram/pushchair Trio Set (Stone/Grey) £154.95 @ Precious little one
Found 12th Mar 2018Found 12th Mar 2018
Hauck Shopper SLX pram/pushchair Trio Set (Stone/Grey) £154.95 @ Precious little one
Just enter voucher code KSF78 at the Checkout to get this item for only £154.95. Normally £259.99 This is for MAY DISPATCH 5-Point padded harness Lockable, swivel front wheels Fu… Read more
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Always worth asking I suppose.


I ordered this few days ago and now it's £5.00 cheaper. Do u reckon they will refund even though its pre order


Depends on what you need from your travel system. The car seat is minimum of safety ratings tested to pass a forward collision at 30mph but not everyone drives and some people are mainly driving in city speed limits. The carrycot only lasts a few weeks after which as baby is only supposed to spend 2 hours at a time in the car seat you will be using the pushchair part forward facing. Some people don't mind this others like baby to face them a bit longer. It's a personal preference. The sun canopy isn't good coverage. It needs to extend downwards to keep the sun out of the baby's eyes. For the price it's compact folding and not heavy to lift up the stairs or into the boot and has a good sized basket.Probably better suited for city and paved parks if it's your main pushchair. Do consider if having a height adjustable handlebar is required as it hasn't one. No pushchair is perfect in all situations anyway.


Also I’m voted hot as the £89.99 was once in a life time price. They used to sell it for £99.99 on clearance


Personally think these are rubbish. Might be better of looking on local Facebook pages or shpock for Travel Systems. Can find them like new and less then this for a better quality. I got a hauck Just for a holiday, was more like a dolls Pram.