Precision Screwdrivers And Glasses Repair Kit in Poundland £1

Precision Screwdrivers And Glasses Repair Kit in Poundland £1

Found 28th Oct 2012
Why not get your Precision Screwdrivers and glasses repair kit here at Poundland. The pack includes 10 precision screwdrivers, 1 pair of tweezers and a glasses repair kit. All for just £1 at Poundland.


Very good price but is this a 'deal'? I have seen this price for this item at Poundland for a good number of years!

Great price! Needing one of these and a lot more expensive other places!

It is a good deal since, when you need a new set of cheapies, they are nowhere to be found.

Or you can only find the crappier plastic ones or whatever.

If a precision screw is overtightened, these can easily damage the screw head. I've had a few of these break on me. These Draper ones aren't as cheap as they have been, but the heads are much higher quality, and the selection warrants the extra money:

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Terrible price.

I've seen them in the 99p Shop for um, 99p.
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