Predator, Predator2, AVP, AVP2 Requiem - BluRay - around £9.91 Each @ BlahDVD

Predator, Predator2, AVP, AVP2 Requiem - BluRay - around £9.91 Each @ BlahDVD

Found 22nd Feb 2009
One for All You Pred + Alien Fans!!

BluRay Disc:-

In the remote jungle of a Central American country an elite group of commandos led by Major Dutch Schaeffer embarks on a CIA mission to clear out a guerrilla stronghold and rescue the remaining hostages. However the hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent otherwordly being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutchs team.

Predator 2:
Sequel to PREDATOR which finds the police force of 1997 Los Angeles losing the battle against the drug lords and the gangs of thugs which control the streets. Suddenly the killers are the victims of an alien being...

When audiences caught a glimpse of an alien skull mounted in the trophy cabinet of a Predator in the 1990 film PREDATOR 2 it seemed a franchise was about to be born. Sure enough comic book artists immediately seized on the possibilities suggested by the brief scene and a number of skirmishes between the deadly foes were played out on the printed page. Fans have had to endure a lengthy wait for a cinematic match-up but writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson (EVENT HORIZON) has finally delivered the blood-splattered goods in ALIEN VS. PREDATOR. Set in the near future a team of archaeologists lead by Charles Wiedland (Lance Henriksen returning for more ALIEN action after appearances in the second and third films) ventures towards an inexplicable hot zone detected in Antarctica. Joined by Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) and the requisite amount of human fodder for the otherworldly creatures to feast on Wiedland and his cohorts discover a sizeable underground pyramid. Chaos ensues as they awake the Queen alien from her blissful slumber causing face-hugging and chest-bursting scenes aplenty. But the ailing crew has a further quandary to grapple with in the shape of some fearsome Predators who are using the aliens as bait for their offspring to brawl with in an ancient initiation ritual. With the human team trapped in the labyrinth-like pyramid the battle evolves into a nail-biting three-way tussle between the archaeologists and their extraterrestrial adversaries. Fans of both the ALIEN and PREDATOR movies should find much to satiate their appetites here and with an ending suggesting further hostilities between the pernicious coupling this one looks set to run and run.

AVP2 Requiem:
A Predator on a homebound spacecraft has a baby alien/Predator hybrid burst from his chest, causing the ship to crash in the Colorado woods. Several facehugger specimens escape, planting eggs down the throats of a hunter and his son. The dead Predator's home planet receives a transmission of the alien outbreak, and a fellow denizen of his world is dispatched to clean up the multiplying aliens.
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Great movies and hot from me.

Excellent prices but the transfer quality on Predator aint too great.

Still voted hot though.

Thanks for all the cold votes - 'ugly muthas':?
These items were contained in my post a few days ago but not techniclly a repost so i voted HOT…st-
hot from me although have got AVP and its bad quality hope predator 2 looks better:thumbsup:

hot from me although have got AVP and its bad quality hope predator 2 … hot from me although have got AVP and its bad quality hope predator 2 looks better:thumbsup:

You have to be realistic & not expect a hd demo picture from predator 2 as it's quite an old film, Theres very few old films that look fantastic on bluray such as godfather trilogy or 2001.
Prices backup again to £14.91 apart from AVP 2.....

[SIZE="3"]BUT[/SIZE] ... the first 3 are available in the buy 2 for £18.00 deal now :thumbsup:
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